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Garden City High School is the public high school of Garden City, New York. Garden City is a dominantly affluent, caucasian community. My experience has been fine, but I have given 4 stars simply because of the high quality education.
My experience has been truly amazing. I made tons of friends and my teachers always make it known that they want you to succeed.
The Garden City High School has intensely prepared me for college with rigorous AP courses, and the help is dedicated teachers always taking time out of their day to help and guide you. At my school I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. School events are always well planned and a great time. I know the school has prepared me well for college, but I'm sad to leave it behind.
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Garden City High School has a lot to offer. Students are able to excel academically with passionate teachers and assisting resources provided including math and writing centers during the school day and extra help before and after school. While students are set up for success in the classroom, Garden City High School refuses to address issues of mental health even after a member of the student body committed suicide. The school avoids issues of mental health and fails to help suffering members of the student body. In many cases where bullying has been reported little action has been taken against it, despite the claim the school made by the school that it is anti-bullying community. Overall the teachers are very committed and the variety courses are rigorous but Garden City High School cares more about the number than they do about the student.
The expectations are very high for students at my school, and this is in part due to some student's parents. People are attending multiple Ivy League institutions each year from our graduating class, and the pressure to join that group is always there. Not all parents put that pressure on their child, but it is definitely noticable
The teachers at Garden City High School are top of the line educators who go above and beyond what is expected of them. I've never had a teacher that I felt wasn't extremely knowledgeable and that I couldn't ask for extra help when I needed it. The teachers are one of the many things that make Garden City High School as great as it is
Theres a large choice of classes so everyone can take the classes the fit them the best. Science classes rage all the way from conceptual, to AP. The harder classes are HARD and you should expect a heavy workload, but in my opinion they're worth it and honestly more fun. Most teachers work hard to help students succeed but there are also lazy ones.
As far as racial diversity theres little to none. Theres only one african american in my grade and id say about 5 in the whole school. Theres more asians but not many. There are very few first generation Americans. Everyones really accepting of the LGBT community, and its definitely a factor in the school were all aware of. Theres very little assimilation of groups, like any school you have your cliques, but don't get me wrong, everyones really nice, just very little diversity.
There are lots of extracurricular activities available to everyone. You're not going to be "popular" if you don't do sports but there are plenty of other clubs to meet lots of really nice people at. All clubs are free, fun, and do some amazing work. Highly recommend joining clubs.
Myself and my family never felt as disrespected as we have the past few years at this school! After learning I had dyslexia IN SOPHOMORE YEAR (the school really screwed up there) they made getting any needed accommodations and help a living hell because my grades were "too good" so basically you get punished for hard work. They definitely show favoritism toward their athletes, and they give some kids, usually the lazy kids, 100s of chances to do well in school, while the treat others very poorly and don't give them as many chances. The school has messed up signing me up for several crucial exams such as SAT's and ACTs. They even lost my final exam!! the actual teachers are great but the principals and the "higher up" staff members are some of the most awful, mean, hypocritical, and simply unfair people I've ever met.
there are so many things to do here
Because the schools population is very affulent, sometimes things are skewed
Most of the teachers go really out of there way to help students, and truly care about them
Majority of the students got involved. There wasn't a lot of peer pressure, but LBQT wasn't seen that much, students were scared to come out because the community was preppy and prestigious. There also wasn't much racial diversity, majority of the students were Caucasian.
I felt very safe attending this school
The school had a lot of options for extracurricular activities whether it was a variety of sports, clubs, or school plays. Anyone had something to choose from.
Garden City High School was a school that was proud of their high academic and athletic ranking. The school had a lot school spirit which made it enjoyable to attend especially the football games. What makes the school so unique would definitely be the school spirit. I would choose this school again because the teachers went out of their way to make sure their students understood the material.
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The teachers were very knowledgeable and relabel, even though I graduated in 2014, I still use the skills they taught me.
In my earlier years, I participated in Gymnastics and Junior Varsity Cheerleading. Both activities were awesome to join. I made many new friends, and we enjoyed it all together by taking road trips to competitions or games . The coaches and teachers that helped out really made my experience enjoyable and made me feel apart of something.
My school has been one of the most amazing outlets for me to really find myself, and grow as a human being. The undivided attention from faculty and staff has had a major affect on me succeeding throughout my four years in my high school. The healthiness in the air of Garden City High School has showed me what I could possibly become or achieve in my near future. I have had my up's and down's as a worried young freshman, but from the boost I received from my peers converted me into a strong individual. From walking through the front doors and being greeted by a sweet man Tom at the front desk to my Italian teacher greeting me with her love and care, my school is my home away from home. My district happens to be in a wealthy town, so our school does everything they can from donating prom dresses to girls in need to holding bake sales almost every week. All of the clubs and organizations are motivated to help the needy and less fortunate, not just to raise the money but with love for society around us.
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