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Great school overall really helped me get ready for college, the administration is good, they really try to have a relationship with the students. The teachers are overall pretty good, some of they, are new and just need more time to adjust to the curriculum. Everyone here is like a family and I’ve grown very close to all the students. It’s a very small school so everyone is very close to one another.
I love Garces because it has provided me with a tightly knit community that really has developed into a family. The experience at Garces, is unlike any other. I never walk through the halls and see a face that is new, everyone knows everyone. This means that from students, to teachers, to parents and coaches, everyone cares. Sometimes this closeness can provide issues in that much of the funding is directed to specific programs, instead of being spread widely through the school.
Horrible school. Unprofessional staff, corrupt administration, entitled students. Claims to be faith-based, but focuses on material wealth. It is not like it was in the past. I will never send another child to this school!
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I have loved every minute of my time at Garces! The teachers and staff put so much effort and time into their jobs and always have Christ-like attitudes. Each and every student is connected with the community and urged to follow in the image of God. As an Apple Certified School, students have access to personal iPads year round. The uniforms keep us professional and get us ready for having a full-time career. It’s easy to tell that Garces Memorial High School is an incredible school as soon as you walk into campus!
I had an awesome experience at Garces. The school has everything from quality academics to multiple sports, clubs, etc. The teachers are all great and are more than happy to assist students in and outside the classroom. It is a relatively small school considering it has a little over 500 students, but this creates a sense of unity among the student body. You really will feel like you’re a part of a giant family when you step on campus, you’ll walk down the halls and always see a familiar face. Another perk of Garces is that it has a small but nice campus, making it easy to find classes. Lastly, the final part of Garces that makes it an elite college preparatory school is it’s Catholic tradition. I myself am not Catholic, but I still felt very welcome on campus, and I cannot stress enough how enjoyable the last four years have been.
Academics are excellent. Teachers are top notch. Plenty of clubs and activities for your high school student to choose from. Overall this is a very good school. The only thing they need are newer facilities.
I like the way Garces Memorial High School has taught me college-readiness skills, and really pushed me to meet my goals. Also I like having peers who are academically competitive which motivates me personally to try even harder to get better grades.
I like that the school is small and easy to get comfortable in, however the teachers aren’t very good.
I love the small student body and how close teachers and students are. We as students are able to have a personal relation with the faculty, and this makes it easier for many of us to ask questions. If I could change one thing about Garces it would be a little bit more focus in the foreign language program.
At Garces Memorial High School, there are many opportunities that wouldn’t be available at any other school in Bakersfield. This includes the ability to express your Catholic faithfulness, stand out in sports, and dip your foot into all the different extracurriculars provided (both academic and artistic).
My experience was mediocre. Their commercials hype the school up with false hope. The administration is polite except for the dean, AJ Gass. If you want to meet a man who does not respect anyone except himself, go find Gass. The curriculum was challenging which led me to be accepted to many top tiered schools, but the students made it hard to pay attention.
It is hard to imagine my life without receiving a Catholic education; however, it is easy for me to say I am thankful to attend Garces High School. I will be forever in debt to my parents who has given me the chance to attend a Catholic school. My Catholic education has become my entire life because it has helped me become who I am. My Catholic education has shaped my values and faith, preparing me for whatever the future holds. What I like to see change? Better lunch options to students
I like the school because of its family environment. Everyone really looks out for each other. The administration is always looking for ways to improve the school. The counselors are available at all times to talk with and are more than happy and excited to help their students prepare for college. The teachers are very helpful in helping the students achieve their goals. The rest of the staff including substitute teachers, coaches, and others are always very helpful and out the students first. The school is fabulous.
The last 4 years at Garces have been overall a good experience. If you are looking for a place to learn about and exercise your faith, this is the place. Classes are more challenging than courses at public schools in the area, but it will translate better with colleges. However, if you aren't related to people who are connected with Garces, you will probably be pushed behind in the social pack. Everybody knows everybody, so make sure to start off strong and get to know the people as they tend to shut themselves into their own friend group. Get involved in clubs and sports, go to volleyball and football games, have school spirit and your experience will be pretty great.
I really enjoyed being in the family of Garces. It was a great exoerience to learn and grow academically and spiritually. Teachers were very repsonsible and created a great atmosphere for studying. Students are all united together.
Garces is a very good private catholic high the area. It may be competitive in Bakersfield, but cannot compete with other private high schooos in the area. The best in Bakersfield maybe..but definitely not the best in California.
Garces is a very community based and prideful school on their tradition and family aspects. It works hard to give students of all backgrounds a chance at a solid Catholic Education without a requirement of being catholic yourself. When college season came around they were so so helful through all processes. The community itself is very nice and the improvements around campus make it more and more beautiful
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Great school to come to everyday. I've meet great people and the stuff is amazing! Everyone truly cares about each other! GO RAMS!!!!!
My favorite part about Garces Memorial High School is that it is a Catholic school that encourages students to live out their faith both on and off campus. I also enjoyed attending a relatively small school. It allows us, students, to grow as friends in a strong community in faith. The work is very challenging, but the teacher to student ratio is very good. I would say that the only thing I dislike about this school is the cost. It is very expensive, and not everyone that deserves to go there is able to afford it.
I absolutely love the Garces community. Everyone was so loving and welcoming. Wouldn't transfer to any other school .
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