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My Ganado Hornet experience was honestly fun due to my charisma personality the school was boring but I was always on the go always working out so much time that I convinced 2 freshman and a sophomore to workout I tried to motivate them and telling them a bit about reality of now society.
One thing I'm proud about is that how I form a club called "weightlifting club"
Where the club would keep going through the years ahead.
I like whenever Eugene Begaye from Talent Search he would provide useful information for my college years. He was there from 5th grade - Senior year especially my junior year summer California trip exploring 8 colleges all through San Diego.
A change I would suggest is provide more of food to students because within 8 minutes the food is put away rarely there is seconds, but there was way too much leftovers to throw away . I try to tell someone but no luck I had end up getting food from peers who don't like the school food basically the school major attention
I've been to this high school for four years and was very intrigued on my first day. The best part was socializing with the friends you've made and figuring out what you want for your next career. The student's parents need to learn how to raise them right because I disliked the students I graduated with.
Ganado has wide variety of classes which are all entitled to the students' learning. Their CTE programs allows participants to compete in national competitions. The athletic program rewards the athletes based off multiple criterias, so that each athlete os acknowledged.

The only change I would like to see is the eradication of their attendance policy. The fact that students are entitled to nine excused absences-- throughout the entire academic school year-- is just not right.
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My experience at Ganado was one of the greatest. Before, I was never around a lot of other Native Americans in other schools. But being there gave me the opportunity to see more of my culture and explore the different aspects of it. I am grateful that I had the chance to understand and adapt to the curriculum.
The school's teachers are great, but they way the schools are structured is not the best. However, the school, especially the teachers, does it's best to be a good school.
What I like about Ganado is that the students love to dress up traditional or participate in school spirit week. The students like going to extracurricular activities and clubs that are hosted after school. Senior year most students are taking college courses, getting prepared for college. The teachers are always encouraging/motivating students to do their work for them to graduate.
As a senior at Ganado High School, I’ve experienced a lot within my years there. I like the way the teachers push the students to become better, academic wise, and if you’re a student-athlete, they encourage the students to be on top of their work first then be an athlete next. They provide tutoring for the athletes who need help and for the rest of the students.
Ganado High School shows students how to be ready for life with career exploration courses. Being able to explore all the options I have.
I as a Parent do think that G.H.S. has Spirit. A lot of it. Also in my Experience the Councilors do need to put yourselves in Students shoes. And they need to Care for our Students.Our students go to see them for what to look forward to in Career choices, bullying and give them that right options and not put" there thought", negative to students.If you love what u do in wking with G.H.S.Do it Right!
Ganado is a good school overall, although it may need minor improvements. The restrooms are in need of renovation, as well as the gym and a few classrooms. The diversity is very poor considering that for the most part on Native Americans attend school here. Although the teachers are mostly Anglo rather than Native American.
In Ganado, there are mostly dirt roads that go to the student's homes, and don't have electricity or running water. Some of us haul water and chop wood during the winter. In my perspective, it teaches young people like me how to be resourceful rather than having to flip a switch when we need something. It also teaches hard work and patience. After I graduate from Ganado High, I feel confident about what I'm going to do with my life because Ganado has taught me things I wouldn't learn anywhere else. What I want to see change in my hometown is Navajo people not being afraid of leaving the reservation because of homesickness or things outside of the rez is so different.
My experience at Ganado High School is one to remember with all the activities I do with friends/classmates. Our teachers are friendly, caring, and well-hearted. Overall, Ganado High School is a fun, academic, drug-free school, that you should attend with throwing pies at teachers during prep-rallies, and pulling pranks on the school.
Very helpful in knowing about the opportunities in life. Teachers are also helpful in assisting the students in choosing what kind of career they want to pursue. Lots of resources for picking what kind of college is good to attend.
What I like about this school is that there are some very dedicated and loving teacher who really want to see the students improve and they believe in us the most, what I can see them improve in is some the events or ideas to be more planned out.
My experience at Ganado High School average. Like any other reservation school, the teachers and staff made sure we always put our education first before any sports, clubs, or events that go on in the community. Ganado has taught me life isn’t always going to hand everything to you but you have to hand life what you have to offer yourself. My former teacher Mrs. Garcia,Senior AP English teacher and Ms. Yazzie, Senior AP Calculus teacher both influenced me to strive for my dream and keep moving forward in my education. With that I carried on their teaching in college and used their teaching to better myself in courses that related to their lessons. Now a undergrad graduate. I thank Ganado High School for preparing me and teaching me what I know today to go forth into graduate school. A’hé’héé (Thank You)
What I liked about Ganado High School, was how the teachers pushed you on doing so much better than you are doing. They don't give up on you. I owe them because they improved me on a lot of things, that I should've done better when I was a high school student. What I like to improve, is hardly anything. The school was a great school. And, still is a great school.
Ganado is a nice school. They treat each others with respect. Their students are nice and welcoming when you first move there.
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I started here when I was a freshman. Right away, I knew I wanted to stay. Now I'm in my sophomore year here at Ganado. The classes are great. You get a great hands on learning experience from all the staff members. Everyone is nice and they teach even when they aren't teachers. The principal, Mr. Gover, wants to ensure that every student gets the education they need in order to continue their lives as a striving person.
My experience at Ganado was not great, but was good. The counselors are very nice and concerned for your grade. For seniors, they do anything in their ability to have you walk. Overall, the staff is nice and respectful. policies that should change is lunch, they should let us student be active and allow us to be in the gym during lunch. Another is testing, student take way too much test in one school year. Even AP Language and Composition teacher has the same opinion. Also the district should use all of their facilities to its full capability. Ganado has an aquatics that isn't open. During home basketball games, they only use 3/4 of the pavilion. The main one is food. They need more quality and quantity in their food. Throughout the High school compound there are prairie dogs that could have diseases. That disease could cause a student to get sick. when it could have been prevented if the school exterminated them.
Ganado is a very well established school I feel that I'm ready to take on the real world like: i know how to apply for a job, understand the stockmarket and how to do my taxes. This is all thanks to all the caring teachers and staff of ganado, so yes I believe I'm ready for whats beyond high school.
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