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Galeton Area School is a great school, good education with small class sizes. Good community involvement and support. Our sports programs get good participation for such a small school and we are competitive in our league and district. I feel I am prepared to go to college.
Overall disappointed in the support for iep's.
no graduation plan or guidance
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helpfullness and involvment of guidance counselor is seriously lacking. Teachers having tantrums while teaching children are also an issue.
I found it exceptionally easy to receive A's at Galeton. I'm not saying that in a boastful way, but working hard usually gets you an A. If you put any effort into your work, you'll get a B. Going a bit above and beyond will get you that A. My only problem is that the classes are not weighted. Personally, it didn't matter to me because I took mostly art classes. People that don't make art or study it think it's easy. I don't think it's easy, but I'm not going to fight them. For the purpose of this review, we'll assume that art is easy. I took art classes and ended up with higher grades than my genius best friend who took college algebra, advanced biology, advanced chemistry, American government, and physics all in his senior year. He did exceptionally well in every course, but because the classes weren't weighted, he fell out of the running for valedictorian. My class' valedictorian took home ec. classes, which, even though art is easy, are easier. The guidance counselor makes scheduling easy and is sure to meet with everyone before the end of the school year. The workload isn't too much, but it's definitely enough to keep students busy.
Eventually, just like anywhere, students find their place. The acceptance is pretty high, except in the midst of the other members of someone's clique. The cafeteria is probably the most cliquey place of all. There's the populars, teen parents, jocks, idiots, outcasts/nerds, sluts, and social outliers. It's not healthy but those are just the friend groups that develop. Everyone belongs somewhere, not everywhere. For example, toddlers don't belong in bars. Outcasts don't belong with the jocks. That's what high school does to kids. It shows them the limitations of life. College pushes the boundaries a bit, allowing students to make friends outside of their core friend group while still maintaining that initial group. I feel that students at Galeton are afraid of being anything beside heterosexual for fear of judgement. I have an openly gay best friend in college. I could've never had that in high school, not because there weren't any homosexual students but because no one knew that they were. We could've been friends and I would've never known.
The major policy at Galeton High School is about cellphones. Informational packets are frequently sent home to parents about cell phones being used during standardized tests as aids and test material duplicators. I guess students think they're crafty or something if they can use their phones during the PSSAs and get away with it. One student I knew was caught and refused to give his phone up and picked a fight with a teacher.
Clubs used to be a major thing at Galeton. There were a wide variety of clubs that weren't faculty-operated. People from the community would come in and discuss technology, teach trades, etc. For some reason, the school did away with the majority of the clubs. The main ones now are Student Council, NHS (if you get in), and yearbook club. All of which I was a part of. I was even the president of Student Council my senior year, and it hurts me to hear that students are no longer taking initiative in planning events or helping out.
I loved the teachers. They are all very personable and down-to-earth. Some have a more overbearing sort of teaching style, but they do it well. The overbearing ones are the ones that really make you fight for that A. I respect that. Other teachers like to infuse fun with learning, which is the way it should be. Make education enjoyable and something to look forward to. Teachers at Galeton want to do that, but I feel like the students make it so they don't want to. The teachers are driven and very eager to hear about students' post-graduation successes.
I feel that Galeton definitely prepared me for college. After graduation, I was raring to get to Lycoming College and begin my studies. I knew what was going to be expected of me in college and I was more than ready to accept every single responsibility that came along with it. Now that I've been at Lycoming for a year, I can't see myself going anywhere else. I've fallen in love with the campus, the professors, the people, and the overall atmosphere of the college. Quite frankly, if I could live at Lyco year-round, I would.
The only thing I really loved about Galeton High School was the teachers. They are the only reason I ever pass by the school anymore. After hearing so many terrible things about the students who go there now like drugs, teen pregnancy, and cheating, I would never want my future kids to go there. The teachers, though, are really what makes this school run. Sure, Galeton received a bronze standing among national high schools and the reason for it was the students, but I really believe that the teachers' patience and expertise are what makes this school approachable. Every department has either one or two dedicated, preparing teachers at the helm. And after graduation, students want to go back and visit them. They're not just strangers or teachers anymore. They're friends.
I wouldn't necessarily say it's award worthy, but certain security measures are in place. For a good portion of my grade school time, there were no metal detectors. It wasn't until a few kids got busted that they really decided to take action. Nowadays, every student has their backpack checked and pockets emptied. There are no pat-downs but someone will wave a metal detecting wand over everyone. There are no guards because there are only three hundred kids from pre-K through 12th grade. The minority being those in high school. Galeton is a small town with a few heroin addicts and one crime every few years, but I don't think there are any real threats against the well-being of the school. Drug dogs are only ever brought in when there's suspicion of a student selling prescription drugs or marijuana from their locker. The school nurse is probably one of the sweetest people I've ever met. It's just a shame that students take such an advantage of her generosity. They fake illness to get out of classes or just go down to the nurses to steal a few Tylenol.
When I first got into high school, gym class was an intense thing. Everyone was participating and every game was competitive. At the start of my senior year, I saw that only two or three people really cared about gym class. A handful of people chose to take zeros for the day and sit out, others stood on the gym floor talking, and the rest didn't even show up. I mean, there has been a lot of shifting of gym teachers in recent years, so I guess that could be why. Students are frequently being introduced to unfamiliar stand-ins or substitutes, so they don't feel comfortable giving gym class their all.
there is enough for the whole school
they guide you through school
there is a few here and their
they prepare really well for college.
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The administration is good in some spots.
There a few extracurricular activities in this school. There are sports like volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. There are some clubs left, but most are all gone. There is the drama club, yearbook club, technology club, and Student Council. After-school activities include dances mainly. I really enjoy being involved with the drama club and being in the school plays that we put on every year.
I feel like I would not come back to this school if I had the chance to because it does not give me a very good opportunity of learning the subjects I would like to. Going into college in the fall makes me feel like I am not prepared enough on what to expect. The things about this school is that you have small classes so you can have a one on one with your teachers. And if you need help most teachers are there to help you whenever you are having difficulties or trouble.
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