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There are many wonderful teachers at Galesburg High School who are very helpful and will do anything for their students. However, there are also some teachers and administrators who weren't as positive and helpful throughout my high school experience. The school neglects the issue of mental health with their students. The school tolerates a very toxic social environment and doesn't do much to fix it. I have even had a teacher tolerate sexist/racist behavior and become more upset with me for protesting it.
I enjoyed it. I was on the tennis team and I joined my freshman year never playing tennis before and I got a lot better. I enjoyed taking AP classes I just wish there would have been more choices. I didn’t like the 4 block schedule though! I was in marching band and it was very fun but also a lot of commitment. The teachers that I had were absolutely amazing. Especially AP Calc and AP Physics.
I’m a junior now. So , I’ll take you through my high school life as of now . I went to Galesburg high school . At the start of the year , I knew nobody. And I didn’t know how to speak English. Since English is not my first language, I was very shy . Slowly I started barely talking to my teachers , classmates with that bad English that I had, and they were very nice to me. I’m a student council , i play soccer , involved in world language club and fearlessly girls. I do many activities that recommande speech , even though when i didn’t know how to speak English, my friends and teachers were always there to help. Galesburg High School is the best high school, with many immigrants student The teachers are very nice and helpful.
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Galesburg High School is your typical high school. There are great teachers, bad teachers, and average teachers. I was in the advanced classes and was fortunate to have some of the best teachers. They are all helpful and love what they do. the thing I wished they would fix the most is favoritism. There are some teachers who prefer one type of group more than one and would show favoritism. Although I only experienced this one or twice I know a lot of people who ran into this situation multiple times. I think that this issue will be found in every school, and even in the real world. A lot is about to change for this school. They are adding and changing some things about it. This change will better the school and it will be even more enjoyable.
I personally had a great experience during my four years at Galesburg High School. I was a varsity tennis player and a varsity basketball cheerleader. The staff was more like family and I never felt in danger.
GHS has several beloved teachers, but is overall pretty average. Few AP courses are offered, but dual-credit community college courses are available. Athletics are pretty average, and facilities are being renovated currently. Not a bad school but nothing special.
I loved the community involvement and the preparations for college the counselors offered. I loved how big the school was just wish it was more updated!
I would love to see a change in the academic field. I believe that the school is too involved in athletics than the arts.
In high school I loved going every day, it was the same routine and I always got to see and talk to all of my friends. The teachers were there to teach you. They helped out as much as they could because they wanted you to succeed. The administration always put a smile on your face when they would greet you on some mornings.
The last four years at Galesburg High School have been a great experience. I'm glad I got the chance to attend a school large enough so that their are allot of options regarding things like education, clubs, and sports. There is a large diversity of students and I like that. I'm also glad that my school isn't big like in large cities. With the smaller community I feel there are more personal interactions.
I’ve been active all 4 years at GHS in sports (Volleyball, basketball and track and field) and belong to a few other clubs. There is a club for anyone who is interested in being involved. The teachers are very encouraging and helpful. I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to attend any other high school
Galesburg High School is a good high school in central Illinois. Galesburg has good academics and can get students college ready if they choose to push themselves. The teachers that Galesburg offers are very good. The sports at Galesburg High School are above average. Galesburg excels at basketball, baseball, and track. The facilities are top notch at Galesburg with the recent addition of a new football stadium and field house. The food at Galesburg could be improved but it is not terrible. Galesburg has many opportunities to get involved with several clubs and activities. The overall experience at Galesburg High School is very good.
I would say my experience was good at GHS. The teachers created a nice learning environment. And most of the students were nice. Some things I would like to see change is the school getting AC, and maybe not getting rid of the good teachers.
At the time I went to high school, it was the only school in the area. I am certain times have changed and I believe GHS has evolved with the changes. I would have liked more support with bullying. A counselor, or support group would have helped during that period of my life.
Galesburg High School is not the best high school, but the school prides itself for what is has. I liked how some of the teachers were very passionate about their subjects and wanted to leave good impacts on their students' lives. However, there are many things I want to see change. I wish the school would put more money and love into its extracurriculars (I mean clubs other than football and the bigger sports) that do not have much financial backing.
Galesburg High School is the largest high school in it's area with a variety of academics, extra curriculars and sports available. The honors course is rigorous and provides student with the tools they need for college. The staff is friendly and willing to do anything to see that their students succeed. There are a wide range of extra curriculars, and everyone can find something that interests them. Transferring to Galesburg High School was one of the best decisions I made in my life, and I wouldn't be where I am today without the help from the amazing staff!
The administration works hard to maintain a safe environment for the student body and the staff. There is a wide variety of sports for students to become involved in, and modern facilities for student athletes to utilize. Other activities such as music, drama, and the fine arts lack support from the school district, but instructors work hard to provide students with opportunities in these areas.

As a senior involved in the Advanced Placement program at this school, I feel prepared to move forward into my college education. This school provides a wide selection of Advanced Placement classes with dedicated instructors, who are available to aid students when they need it.
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I was able to complete my high school career in 3 1/2 years due to careful planning. I especially enjoyed my biology and vet science teachers.
The education and teachers are great but I don't feel very comfortable walking through the halls because of all of the violence and bullying in our school. This school is very diverse, but it tends to care more about athletics than anything else due to money restraints. The facilities are ok, the food is usually good (if they don't run out) and I feel my school is pretty good at preparing students for college.
Galesburg high school is an excellent school, however every school has its flaws as well as its positives. I've always been an honor student and GHS offers a variety of honors and AP classes that push you to stretch your limits. The teachers at GHS are overall very helpful and encouraging, I have, however had some teachers that didn't do much teaching rather than just reading from a book. There are so many problem students at GHS, so safety wise, I do feel safe, but when I hear that teachers have to do locket searches because of weed or car searches because of guns I start to question, how safe are we really? Athletics have always had a good reputation at GHS for the most part. Our coaches push us to me better athletes, student and overall people.
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