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Gage park high school has a great academic enrichment For you to pursue a career.They notice there students for there accomplishments.But it would be better if Gage park had better after school programs for extra curricular.Our principal change our school to make a difference for our academic approach. But my school is diverse Because we both have African American students and Mexican students and Puerto Rican . Our teachers are outgoing to help there students,
What I liked about Gage Park Is there are a lot of teachers and staff that can really connect one on one with students about issues outside of the classroom. One thing I would love to see change is Gage parks resources and teachers because the school needs to have better learning experiences for us.
Overall it's a good school with a bad rep but it's an improving school that has been getting better every year.
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Gage Park has good teachers. They Help you achieve higher and are always there when you need the help. They make sure you are on track and are on top of all of your achievements.
I personally had a good high school experience. Gage Park wasn’t known as the best around my neighborhood but studying there gave me a different Outlook. I saw unity amongst students and staff, the small school population brings everyone together. Although Gage has had trouble finding teachers, I always see my peers helping each other and working together to get through a problem like if a teacher was there.
I have not had any problems with this school. Its not a bad school the teachers know how to teach and they are not very strict. Everyone can learn different things and there is different kind of classes for what you might be interested in. Also the teachers are helpful with any problems that you might have. There is different people that you can talk to for any problem you might have from attendance to something that might be happening at home.
Gage park is a school where you can get any support you ask for. They are based in getting you ready and helping you focus on whats important for your future. Gage park gives students a better understanding on how education will always be important. Something id change about Gage park is the way students connect with each other.
Gage Park is an alright school if you don't want to be overly challenged. the teachers help students through their work or if a student need help.
Enjoyed every minute of high school at Gage Park. I have been able to work with some important members of the city of Chicago like Father Phleger and Jesse Jackson. I received many opportunities while attending this school. Teachers were heavily involved in students graduating and moving forward on to college.
I transferred to Gage Park my second year of high school. I enojoyed my two years that I spent at Gage Park. I learned alot and met many amazing people.
Gage Park High School is over all a good school. They Help You with your life after college and have a lot of resources for kids to get jobs , and college help. Gage park does need better academics.
I love this High School i had transferred from Kelly high school because no one helped me and i felt lonely as if i didn't fit in but once i came to Gage i felt welcomed and now Im very opend and always active and im very outgoing ive had so many great that id never thought i was going to get the only thing that id love to change is how the lations and non lations are separated
What I like about Gage is that they try to help us in the best way possible . For example we have a Youth Job Center and they try to help us find jobs so we can make money . And they help us with scholarships and make sure our future after high school is great. What they can change is the way they run the school.
I've been at Gage park since freshman year and I'm now completing my senior year and in my opinion it's gotten worse, principle wise and student wise. I've met awesome friends and we are very supportive of each other
Something that I would like to see change is the way that rules are established with students and how they should be open to everyone's ideas and opinions.
I honestly loved Gage park because I learned how I was and met people that I grew to love. The teachers are like family.
Gage park has many strengths in various areas and has much love for the students they hold. The schools sports programs are all run by volunteer staff members and they always show much love and support for the teams.This school is a helpful school when it comes to counselling because we have many resources available for the students in need of help.
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Gage park is a very diverse school. The teachers each have there own special way of teaching that appeal to the students. They also care a lot about the students and help them learn what they need to become successful in the future. The Instructors are also there to help you with any questions you may have about colleges or your future. They also make sure that all students have some type of plan of what they want to do after high school.
I love that my school is up for change, it has a small population of students, it allows you to act as a community when issues occur. That being said, there is still so much that needs to change like more after school programs, more freshmen enrollment, more curricular, and better parent involvement in the school committees.
Gage Park High School wasn't the best school experience I never had a consistent teacher in high school. Yet those few teachers that fought to stay in our lives and make a difference in them got threatened and were forced to be removed by our principal.
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