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Gaffney High is clean. The faculty and staff within the school are always willing to help with any problem you have.
I love Gaffney High School because of the clean and friendly environment that welcomes you everyday into the building.
Overall, Gaffney High School has done an okay job at giving me the classes I need for my future career. I have had some trouble in the past, but it's been resolved. I feel like the school worries about appeareance more than academics, so a kid couldn't come to class just because their jeans ripped a small hole. I have had some intimidating teachers that didn't really care about the child's future but just if they pass or fail. If a student is having a problem with other students, it was most likely not dealt with.
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I loved every year, some years were most definitely harder than the previous year but the educators I had on my side made it worth everything. The educators this school provides will become much more than educators but inspiring.
I have been with Gaffney High School since my freshman year. I have loved it. The teachers I have had over the years had been wonderful. I learned so much from them. On the other hand, the student body can be challenging sometimes.
Gaffney High school is no ordinary school. The teachers care about grades but most importantly they care about their students. Unlike most schools Gaffney High has a variety of classes to take, one for every interest. Gaffney High offers AP classes and they also partner with SCC to help all students prepare for college life and possible careers. They provide a way for students to get experience in all fields whether the students take classes at the Institute of Innovation or SCC. Not only are their academics up to par, but the athletics teams and clubs are also something to look into. With open tryouts for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, Chess club, French club, Book club and more there's a place for everyone to fit in. I would rate my overall experience with this School a 10/10 because it has been nothing but phenomenal. The four years that I have spent at this school with the staff and my amazing teachers have prepared me for the real world and all of its advantages.
I currently attend Gaffney High, im a rising senior and i hate it here 99% of us hate it here. The food is disgusting lacks diversity in meal choices and temperature. We have the most basic clubs ever. The teachers can barely teacher not all of them but some act like they dont care. If i had another option of school choice then I wouldn’t attend. A pro considering what i said is the elective choices but thats all i have in pros.
What I like about my school was the teachers and administers that tried to help you be successful. They didn't have too but some do help you to be better person. I think the lunch food could been better especially when we are studying and working all day to be successful. It shouldn't feel like a jail.
Gaffney is a town that feels like you went back one hundred years, as does their focuses. So inevitably the high school also reflects this way of life: debutants and all. They are sports-focused, rather than focusing on academics. While the overall experience of Gaffney senior high school is bad, there are a few high lights such as the dual enrollment program and a few of the AP classes.
It is a good local high school. The facility and environment is a good place for students to get their everyday location. Sports are a main thing in our school, which causes us to come together as one.
Some of the staff at this school are absolutely amazing but others, not so much. The teachers here are definitely set on preparing their students for a bright future, and I can’t give enough thanks to the teachers and guidance counselors that helped me get through my high school years. It definitely hasn’t been perfect, but if I had to do it all over again, I would. High school has taught me valuable lessons that I’ll never forget and will carry with me for the rest of my life.
I'd like to see more student involvement in school activities and more interactive teaching. I think that our sports programs are great,but the arts definitely need more funding and attention.
Personally, i think we can do better when it comes to lunch. We need to provide a healthier lunch. Not only that but the school has mold and a lot of roaches. The environment is not safe especially to kids who are sensitive to the air. We only have 1 or 2 security guards which i think should be more than 1 or 2 because the school is a decent size.
Gaffney High School is somewhat an adventure. You never know what the day has in store for you. Gaffney high teachers and staff always find a way to keep the school active and exciting.
During my time at Gaffney High School, I have had the pleasure of knowing a few passionate teachers and counselors, who hope to see students become successful in life and their respective careers. The culture is highly traditional and there is enough school spirit in the student body to fuel the entire state, at least when it comes to football. There are many generic clubs and activities for one to do. The incentives for academic excellence are up to par, of course. Who would reject the privilege to purchase a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich for working diligently all quarter or all semester.?
I spent a short semester at Gaffney High School during my freshman year, before I decided to attend an arts boarding school. My experience was average because the academics were not particularly challenging, the food was not satisfying or healthy, and the staff did not make much of an effort to welcome new students like myself.
There is nothing more than having that Indian pride. From Friday night lights, weekday basketball rivalries, and early Monday mornings at Gaffney High School. Once You're an Indian you're always an Indian. It is home to many people, they take the Gaffney tradition with them throughout their lives, as well as I do. I will always thank Gaffney High and their staff for all the memories that were made there, and every smile placed upon everyone face.
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My experience in high school was very challenging in grades 9th-12 due to the fact I am diagnosed with ADHD and as each subject got harder and harder. So, I decided to join the junior ROTC to help me overcome my fears, which taught me about leadership, discipline, and respect. Not only that my mother got involved with all my teachers which they were very supportive of me, due to my condition which allowed me to focus, not afraid to ask questions in class, and maintain a good grade point average . If there is one thing I change about the school is offer fast food vendors to the school where you have a more selection offer if what to eat.
My experience at Gaffney High School have been pretty good my last 3 years going here have been amazing however I feel as if they should be more organized.
Gaffney High School is an excellent school and provides an extremely positive environment for academics. Gaffney High allows all students to gain equal opportunities to be involved in various clubs, groups, and organizations. The school strives to influence students to become the best versions of themselves before their time there ends. Students at Gaffney High are pushed to do their best and pursue a successful life for themselves. Gaffney High School could improve in certain areas. They should look into more curriculum to give students more advanced opportunities. They have recently started offering more college courses at local colleges and I believe that is something that should have happened long ago.
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