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Fyffe High School Reviews

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My experience attending Fyffe High School would be described as challenging. I would usually have to compete with other intelligent students. What i would like to see change would be the attitudes.
I have loved being a part of Fyffe School and the community. I could have asked for a better place to go to school
This was a school that offered little opportunities and no growth. There were no electives and no options for different classes due to poor funding.
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Fyffe is a more laid-back school. The rules are not strict and not always regulated. The High School building could be improved greatly. The heat and air in the hallways does not work. In the main building, there is only one set of bathrooms with only a few stalls. There is only two sinks to use. The bathrooms are way too small. The snack store is exceptional compared to other schools. There is a wide variety of snacks for a low price. I feel like this school could be more serious about college and grades. Considering I have only been at this school for a year, I cannot review the majority of the teachers and staff. There is a lack of clubs and activities. Students are not encouraged to engage. The only "main" activity is football. Football is Fyffe's only culture. Overall, Fyffe High School is an average school. There is not any big issues that involve violence or rule-breaking. I just feel that there could be improvement in the academic and college preparedness area.
Fyffe High School has some amazing teachers. My experience at Fyffe has been a rollercoaster; however, all schools have their ups and downs. Everyone has bad experiences with people; they can either learn from it or run from it. With this in mind, learning and growing from an experience help someone grow as a person. Fyffe High School is a great school to attend and the best part is the football team. The Friday night lights shine brighter than any other. Go Big Red!
Fyffe High School is in a small town and contains a close knit community. Sports are a big deal at Fyffe considering we have two state championships in football. The teachers are amazing and care about the students. They are helping us prepare for college by teaching us different skills. The fellow students are very supportive of each other, and we all want to see one another achieve great things. I'm thankful for all the memories I'm making in high school and know I'll miss it in the future.
I liked that Fyffe had a good athletic system and that helped me become a college level athlete. The food was not very good. Teachers are pretty good and care about the students. They helped us prepare for college by teaching us different skills. The things that I thought was hard in high school are even harder in college. We receive a free ACT prep class my senior year in 2017, and we learned how to conquer the ACT appropriately. I think that everyone should start preparing for college as soon as they enter into junior high school. If I could go back to high school I would have tried to prepare for life outside high school better.
Fyffe is a very small close knit community that supports the school in every way. Fyffe is a small town that takes great pride in their school and sports. Fyffe is a very safe community to be raised in and everyone cares about everyone. You can definitely relay on your neighbor in time of need.
It's okay, could have better teachers.
Teachers at this school do not really care about if you learn anything, they only want to stay on their phones and talk down to some kids. I honestly think there is about three teachers who actually teach and that is Ms, Slaton, Mrs, Cochran, and Mrs. Hilley
This school has a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities for the students
I would absolutely choose to go back to this school if possible! I had an amazing high school experience. The teachers were amazing and I met some lifelong friends at that school. I'll never forget all oif the memories I have in those hallways.
I loved all of my high school teachers. The teachers at this school really try to help the students with any problems or issues their facing.
Been here all my life and have not had any trouble
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