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One of the first things I noticed upon attending was the open atmosphere that FUHS holds onto; all students and teachers are extremely supportive, and both put in effort in order to make individuals feel included. Secondly, FUHS is considered an art-inclined school, where visual and performing arts are emphasized. (The campus' architecture is beautiful!) I, however, wish the district could view the instrumental arts as an area of importance. Thirdly, several clubs are offered, which ultimately allowed me to easily become involved at school and hold leadership positions for these organizations. Academically, I believe FUHS students have room to improve their work ethics/motivations and grades. It's not the teacher's fault, though. I find that student's have a difficult time prioritizing their academics over leisure. Still, FUHS has been constantly providing education for a little over 125 years--a historical milestone that all take pride in.
Very diverse, I saw people from multiple cultures and never felt like I stuck out. There were many programs and sports offered so there was something for everyone.
The school is an open campus. I really enjoyed the teachers I had throughout my four years. They were very helpful and they cared about one's success.
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The school is very diverse and offers a variety of different classes from AP Psych to American Sign Language. The campus is incredibly beautiful with all of its historical architecture. The teachers care lots for their students as well.
Everything is really good. I think there should be more school activities such as prep rallies, something to get into the school spirit because I didn't see much of it.
I've been involved with the music program for my entire time and it's the only thing that keeps me busy but I'm still rather stressed, even with the outlet.
If you are a student who likes to avoid cliques or the status quo, this school provides a great social environment to do your own thing, compared to the social hierarchies at Troy and Sunny Hills. This is also a great environment if you come from a lower socio-economic background and need guidance and support to apply for college and do better academically, where I feel the other high schools in the area only cater to the wealthy, athletic, and high-performing students.The AP/IB program is fantastic and has really charismatic teachers who make learning difficult subject matter fun, and the english teachers introduce literature outside of the standard material. The arts magnet program is also outstanding, and there is a variety of mediums you can enroll in. One thing I especially liked was the option to take dance for P.E freshman and sophomore years. This brought a lot of students into the higher dance programs who otherwise would have never had dance experience.
Friendly atmosphere with teachers who want their students to succeed. Great extra curricular programs.
Compared to other schools offered in the Fullerton Union High School District, I like the overall atmosphere of FUHS the best. Many of the students here are grateful for an education, and the teachers have the heart to make education interesting. The counselors are awesome too; no matter how small of an issue, they will try their best to assist you. This school makes you feel like apart of a community; the many different pathways (I participated in BEAST) open your eyes to many career options.
My overall experience was good. Taking challenging courses, like AP/IB, and involvement in clubs and sports connected me to amazing teachers, friends, and memories. However, the majority of students being lazy and not involved in extracurriculars dwindled my overall experience. So staying involved led to a good high school experience.
Overall I didn't have an amazing experience or a bad one. I liked the number of elective classes we had to choose from and the many choices. At FUHS there is a lot more option elective wise than the other schools in the FJUHSD district.
I transferred to Fullerton Union High School second semester of freshman year. I was afraid I would not fit in with the new environment and community as I am a very shy person. However, the teachers, faculty, and students were very kind to me. Unable to talk to anyone, I sat alone for lunch until my friend invited me to sit with her. The faculty are easy to talk to and assist students in every way they can. Our school provides variety of programs such as BEAST (Biology Engineering Arts Science Technology), a class that combines science with art. In addition to academics, the school campus is beautiful. This year is the 125th year of Fullerton Union High School, and the open campus features beautiful architectural structure and murals.
Fullerton is very diverse and has a wide amount of class opportunities to choose from. The teachers are very open to discussion and will be there if you are in need of any help.
During graduation, faculty has no idea how to handle their plans so they decide to lock all the seniors during graduation practice in the field because they are disorganized.
I love the atmosphere of Fullerton Union High School. The school is incredibly diverse in both the people and the activities and programs offered here. A student can pursue any kind of career with the courses available. The staff is very helpful, constantly informing students of opportunities to do community service or deadlines for scholarships. In my time here, I've learned how to be able to work with a group of strangers and get the task done. I feel as if I've also learned more about global issues than I would have at other schools because the students and staff are constantly discussing about them.
I mean everything is fine and there really is not much to complain about. The only thing I think that could be better is having a variety of food in the cafeteria.
The majority of the staff there are welcoming and easy to talk to. Classrooms are open at lunch for students to sit and eat and the library is open to those who need it. Counselors are very helpful and easy going.
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The school itself is a wonderful place for students to explore and encounter new interests. There are a variety of clubs, activities, and sports that students can participate in while also receiving a great education. The culture of the school is a collaborative one. Teachers and peers are always willing to help with any goal, situation, or question one may have whether personal or academic.
Fullerton Union High is an amazing school if one chooses to apply themself academically and/or artistically. However, if one doesn't posses some sort of drive they will sadly be ignored and ridiculed by the administration and staff. I've seen some of my peers experience both outcomes. It has an amazing arts program consisting of choir, theatre and dance where some of my peers have gone to USC, DePaul and ASU. And Fullerton students aren't shying away from schools like UCLA, Stanford, Yale and Harvard as a select few of peers have gone there as well.
After four years at Fullerton High, it is easy to say I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The counselors, teachers, and staff are very welcoming, encouraging, and dependable. The environment on campus is great and the school allows you to be involved in extracurriculars while taking rigorous courses if you choose to do so.
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