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Fruitdale High School Reviews

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Fruitdale High School is unlike any other school. There, you will find kind people and great strategies on how to help kids learn. If I could change one thing about my school, it would simply be the condition of the buildings. By repairing the establishments into their better form, it will bring assurance to the adults and the kids who are planning to attend Fruitdale High School.
Small school where everybody knows everybody, like having small classes and how the teachers wants to help the students succeed,
My experience at Fruitdale High School has been one to remember. I have been at this school since I was in kindergarten. I have made many memories and everlasting friendships. People are friendly and everyone looks out for one another. Teachers always do whatever he or she can to help their students. What I wish would change at Fruitdale is for students to be more involved. I would like for more students to get involved in clubs, activities, and sports. I would also like students to enjoy going to school and make Fruitdale the best school in the south.
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They are super Stick on the Visitor Sign ins and who can check someone out, but they lack in so many other security measures. I do Feel if a bad situation occured (Which hasnt happened expect once in the entire Time I was there k-12Grade) it would not be able to be controlled well. I think Fruitdale High needs to require a security officer in each part ( k-5th, 6th-9th, 10th-12th) and have metal detectors and lock down systems incase.
Art in not much of a focus but Sports are pretty good.
Great School to be apart of. The school is small so you have a better experience
The Teachers are always involved in Student Life.
There are quite a few here that play sports.
We have good health and safety policies to follow.
They like to talk about there students.
We do not have many extracurricular activities.
they schoool is very clean and the food is healthy
there are a few clubs but its a small school
i moved ti this school this year and it is very diffrent
The teacher here do way more than they have to do.
Well, I moved here in seventh grade. It is okay because their are a few things that this school lacks. There are teachers here that are messy and get in children's business. The lunches here are not good. What I like so much about Fruitdale High School is that the school is so small and the children get more one on one time with the teachers. my experience at Fruitdale has been a success.
Teachers are trained to know what to do if a child has an allergic reaction, but our county does not have enough money to supply us with a nurse on campus constantly.
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I have a few complaints about the building, but the main one is that the floor of the hallway is warped. It has been this way for over eleven years.
In January we are starting many new after school programs, but the cost for them is a little high.
There are very few "stuck-up" students at my school. Most students are very friendly, but some people have a comfort zone they could expand.
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