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Frontier is a very open and accepting school. There are many different classes and lots of clubs and after school activities. It is quite small, and location is ery rural.
I enjoyed my time at Frontier Regional High School. I was a 3 sport athlete for most years. The education I received was good and the teachers truly cared about everyone. Everyone was very encouraging and for the most part positive. I would like to see the food change. It wasn’t bad for high school food though. Overall, it’s a pretty good school.
There's a lot of really great things about Frontier. All of the teachers are kind and dedicated to their work. The students, for the most part, are open minded and friendly. It's easy to find a group of friends that suits you. One way or another, you can find support from adults or peers whenever you need it. Any problems I've experienced have been dealt with really quickly.
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I have had a very good experience at Frontier Regional. The teachers have always been fantastic and willing to help, the drama club puts on great shows every year, and the sports teams always seem to be on a winning streak. All Frontier really needs is more funding to upgrade some of its facilities and equipment.
It was academically challenging, the only thing I would change is how School Choice students are treated. I was in the top 5th percentile of my class and never won an academic award. The other stuidents who won, were not as high academically as I was. Yet, the school advertises for School Choice students.
Frontier Regional High School is an excellent school that has many different experiences that all students can live. However there are some downsides, like the face that not all the students share the same vision, and can bring other students down.
Frontier has some really great teachers who truly care about the subjects they are teaching. Unfortunately, there are plenty of under qualified, under trained teachers with little passion for learning left, which makes it hard to find learning exciting. Plus, there is too strong a focus on athletics, and not enough care for academics.
Have had a great six years here. Teachers are wonderful, and it is a very inclusive school for genders and sexualities overall. 500ish students in the high school. The integration of middle-high school was easy because they are in the same building.
Aside from usual high school issues and drama, Frontier was the high school my mom and her siblings went to. There they were all very good at sports and were recognized for their achievements. Frontier has always had a high competitive level for all sports. It is a very small high school with a lot of talent and high educational standards.
At Frontier, it is all about the sports, with teams winning multiple state championships. Academics are good, but few talented students engage in the arts.
I have loved my 6 years at Frontier. Great academics, athletics, and music! The teachers all connect with the students, making classes a meaningful and personal experience.
Frontier Regional has given me many opportunities, both academic and extracurricular, to find what what I'm good at. The school is full of teachers who want to see their students succeed and students who have strong bonds with one another. Frontier provides a wide variety of clubs and sports to get involved with, and encourages its students to do as many as possible. Frontier also offers absolutely incredible travel opportunities; I've had the opportunity to travel to D.C. through the school twice, as well as go to Europe three times. If the school has one ault, it would be the administration, which refuses to get involved most of the time, but when it does, usually makes the wrong decision. That being said, the student body more than makes up for these shortcomings; if we see injustice, we act. This makes for a healthy and united community, something many students at the school don't even consider when describing their experience here.
A small but united community of very capable and experienced faculty. Very good organization for events.
Frontier was a pretty good place to attend high school, especially as far as high schools in my area go. Yes it had its issues and problems, but they were few and far between. it's just that when controversial issues did strike, they struck the whole community. Otherwise, it was a very warm and comfortable environment and I made many of my closest friends within those halls and some of the teachers are my favorite role models. It provided me with structure, support, and opportunity.
It's alright, wish you could have more one on one time with teachers. But the sports and clubs are cool.
This school has provided me with the opportunity to become whoever I wanted to be. There is not just one path that you can take at Frontier, you can try new things and find your own clique while at the same time be involved with multiple other people of different backgrounds.
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Frontier Regional School focuses intensely on sports. If you play a sport, you will often receive special privelages from faculty and staff. The middle school is run fairly well, and the social science and English departments are very skilled and helpful. It would be great to see more funding put toward science and math departments, as these seem to be struggling to engage students.
As much as students may say they hate school and that they aren't happy with Frontier, when compared to other schools in our area, we get one of the best educations around. Clearly we take what we have here for granted.
Other than a few things that have happened as of late, the community has the school's back and Frontier has a relatively good security system
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