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Frenship High school is an establishment that cultivates learning and creates a safe space for students to make positive steps towards their future. Frenship staff is involved in the shaping and molding of the upcoming generation while also providing independent opportunities for students to grow and mature at their own pace.
This is my second year attending Frenship High School. Last year, during my junior year, I decided to make the switch from a Christian private school to a public school with a greater population of kids that I had ever seen before. It was a big change let me tell you. However, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere Frenship creates for it's students. Even amidst the diversity among the students, every one of them is able to find their place whether that be academically, clubs, or through sports teams. In my current senior year I find myself cherishing the opportunities I have been given through the school and feel prepared for life beyond graduation.
Frenship is a place where everyone has the chance to thrive. They offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including: sports, language clubs, math and science clubs, National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, and many more. The teachers care about the students on a personal level but also will do whatever they can to help the student succeed academically. They offer so many dual credit courses that can help students get an early start on their college career. One thing I would like to see change is more students creating clubs or organizations for other students to join.
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I love the teachers at our school. They care deeply about every student they meet as well as help each student to the best of their abilities. Although I find pride in my school I wish for a strong change in mental health information as well as providing more resources to help students who are struggling.
Overall, the school is amazing. You will meet lifelong friends and learn an abundance of new material for the future. It indeed does help you get college ready along with provide extra help to the people that actually need it. The kids are friendly and 99 percent of the teachers are beyond cooperative. I definitely would recommend any kid who is trying to succeed in the future to attend Frenship as they have a higher chance of doing that if they come.
Honestly, the school is fine as is. The policies held are lenient enough to allow for a decent amount of student freedom while also remaining professional and cordial.
Frenship High School gave me room to grow into the person I am today while teaching me many life-long lessons. I had amazing teachers guiding me along the way of my educational career. I also had many opportunities to get involved with clubs and organizations throughout my school, which I became very successful in.
The teachers there are respectful, an understanding of every child's educational pathways. They help every student get the best education that they can.
I liked Frenship High Schools theatre program. Good at educating kids to reach there full potential
As a student at Frenship High School, I really enjoy the teachers there. Every teacher I had throughout my high school career always made sure I understood the material they were teaching and they helped their students with no trouble.
I would love a little more time focused on arts, more recognition for the non-athletic organizations.
Overall, I have loved going to Frenship High School. The staff is one of my favorite things about my school because I always feel appreciated and heard. Also, the students around me are so friendly, making me feel like I'm in a safe environment. One thing I would change is the building itself. Some of the classrooms are out of date, and I would like to see some newer features in the school.
I moved to Frenship High School my freshman year. I was nervous, and I didn't know what to expect, because I was coming from a small private school. The atmosphere here is amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful and I wasn't as nervous as I had expected to be. Frenship has made it easy for me to feel prepared for college and they are always providing opportunities for us to get the resources we need for college.
The teachers are always driving kids to do better in the class and outside of the class. We have a safe environment where kids are able to grow and learn.
I like the diversity of clubs and activities we have a FHS. While we do have typical clubs such as Student Council and NHS, we also have others like an E-sports team. However, I would like to to a larger diversity of classes.
I have enjoyed the many classes that Frenship High School offers students. However, I believe that Frenship should put forth a greater effort to help the students make connections with each other.
I’m Ally Policarpio a Senior. I loved my experience at Frenship High School. I loved everything about the school! Everything there is so amazing with all the nice teachers. Especially, the dual credit classes I feel like I’m ready for Oklahoma State University!
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I love how they care about our safety and how they are taking safety precautions to improve our safety even more.
Frenship is a great district with amazing teachers who help a lot. I have made so many friends along the way. I am invoked in FCCLA, Practicum culinary arts, and community service committee in student council.
FHS is an amazing school. The teachers are always willing to work with their students, before and after school. The principal and assistant principals are always willing to listen to everything and hear both sides of a story. The councilors are awesome! They work really hard with every student to help them through anything, work with their schedules and even help with the college process. The whole staff is amazing and are willing to help and be a friend to each and every student they have.
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