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I had a great experience with French settlement high school! The students are very kind and fun for the most part. The school inst very big which is great because in the classroom, each student gets a lot of one on one time with the teacher to help them further understand the information. I would recommend French settlement to anyone who is looking for a small town, little population, and very friendly place to be.
I have been attending French Settlement schools for a long time. I grew up less than a mile away from the school so I really didn't have a choice where I wanted to go. I wouldn't have rather any other school to attend for 13 years other than French Settlement. I have created so many memories with my friends and also the teachers that I had while growing up.
I am a big baseball fan so I've grown up playing it for a long time and I've made most of my unforgettable memories on the baseball field like hitting a go ahead home run in the second round of the playoffs. All the memories from the crazy games and hard practices will be with me forever. With all these good things the one thing I wish I could change with the school was to have more dual enrollment classes to help give more opportunity for college credits.
My whole life life I have attended French Settlement. I have developed some great relationships with people over the years and to me that is one of the most important things that goes into your high school experience. Other than the average classrooms and the above average 2A Louisiana education I've received. The one thing that will stick with me is the memories I created with the people that I plan to take into my future beyond high school.
My advice to future FSHS students is to make the most out of your high school experience because it doesn't last forever. I am greatful to have parents that help support me and push me to be the student-athlete I am today.
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Above average for a rural school. However, I feel that it struggles in comparison to more populous schools such as Denham Springs High or Live Oak High. But Advanced Placement courses and CLEP tests have began to be offered quite regularly. I was able to get 4 AP classes my senior year.
My favorite part of French Settlement is the community atmosphere that surrounds everyone. This is extremely encouraging especially when it comes to sporting events or celebrations. I would definitely like to see a change in the pressure that is put on students to succeed. Teens are under enough stress as it is, the added stress of expectation hinders a students ability.
High Schoo is getting better with new principal making good changes, behind because of being a small school in Livingston parish, the parish focuses on the larger schools in Denham Springs, Walker, Waston area.
School could have an Arts, Dance programs, also Football, Hopefully in the future they will see the great talent at this school an provide them with more!
I love this school especially because of its relatively low number of students. In class, this allows for more one-on-one between teachers and students and allows for more interactive class discussions. Food is average with not many choices available. This is a blue-ribbon school, and it certainly shows in our test scores. The teachers, for the most part, are excellent and care very much about the success of their students. French Settlement's basketball program certainly stands out over the few other sports it offers, with the girls' basketball team making the playoffs in 2017. The school has begun incorporating more AP and honors courses this year, an upgrade from nearly no college preparedness courses available in years past. Overall, this school is much better in person than on paper.
French Settlement High is a good high school. The students to teacher ratio is around 20:1 which is good, meaning the class is small so the teachers can help the students individually and try to get to know their students. School spirit is fairly decent, and there are a variety of clubs you can join. FSHS only offers basketball, softball and baseball, and track.
We are a small school so we get more one on one with teachers. This can also be a bad thing though because most colleges do not provide one on one. We will be in bigger rooms with a lot more students.
It’s a great community with teachers who care about their student’s education and overall well-being. However, it is extremely small and does not offer as many opportunities as other schools.
I grew up in French Settlement which meant I grew up with the students at French Settlement High School. Our Principal, Mr. Lee Hawkins, made our school a welcoming school for all students. With the help of a grant, our school was given to opportunity to add AP classes of all kinds. We have a very great sports selection and amazing coaches that not only connect with the students on the court but also with students in the classroom. When you arrive at French Settlement it may not look like much, it's a small school in the countryside, but on the inside, it's full of teachers who are doing everything they can do to help us succeed in everything we do. With the help of our school board our school is one of the best in the parish and you can deffiantly tell by our academics, teachers, and the resources provided
Generally, it's a fairly average school, but it offers very few scholarship opportunities for the students. The administration is lacking except for the assistant principal, who seems to be the most concerned with students' wellbeing. There are some exceptional teachers, but a lot of teachers' potential is stifled by poor leadership. There is also quite a lot of fundraising, and a relatively low amount of improvement when compared to money raised. Teachers are often coming and going or being shifted around to different positions, which can be disorienting to students. They are working to implement more club activities, and most are entertaining and well-managed.
Very accommodating for people with disabilities. Very qualified teachers and decent opportunities for clubs, athletics, and the like for such a small school.
French Settlement High is located in the small town of French Settlement. The school has a great environment, everyone is very friendly. The school itself is very small and homey there are not a whole lot of students (we have a graduating class of 70) that is not allot at all compared to other schools. Our school does not even have a football team but we major in baseball and softball as our main sports. The teachers are very encouraging and boost school spirit. Although our school is not perfect by all means everyone tries to make everyday a great day to be a lion.
I really like that all of the students know eachother and get along. I also like that the teachers treat us fairly.
My experience at French Settlement is an unforgettable one. I became a French Settlement lion my sophomore year of high school. I transferred to this school in hopes to escape the constant bullying and harassment I experienced at my other schools. As soon as I stepped on campus my first day I knew this was it, I'm finally where I need to be. I was welcomed with open arms, smiles and constant support. The faculty, teachers and students helped me gain my confidence back, they not only made me feel worthy but important. Not only did my class nominate me for 'Most beautiful' but the whole school nominated me for Homecoming Queen. They welcomed me into their family, something I will forever be grateful for. I believe that if I would not have transferred from the toxic environment I was in, I can't say I would still be here today. This school is like no other, I truly believe that. I love French Settlement and I will forever be grateful for being the school that ever school should be.
French Settlement High School has been a great experience for my 3 daughters. High test scores rank it as one of the BEST in the state. I ❤️ the new principal, Mr. Hawkins, and the fun positive changes he has made. The students seem more involved in activities now.
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French Settlement may be smaller than most schools and have less courses to chose from, but it is truly an amazing place. The faculty and staff are understanding and strive to give all of their students a fair chances to succeed and the other students were nice to me even though I was the new kid my freshman year. I have made closer connections to others at FSHS than I have at my other school that I went to for 9 years of my life. Highly recommended if big schools aren't your thing as well.
French Settlement is a good school overall, especially after we got our new principal who has been upgrading the school throughout the year. Students aren't judged by race, or money and the teachers are all very nice and most of them have been at the school for a while. One of my biggest complaints is the fact that after your done eating in the cafeteria you have to go outside to the commons(they don't have an enclosed area for in the mornings either).
French Settlement High School has provided me with the best four years of my life. The teachers care more about your success than their paycheck. They treat you as if you were one of their own. The community is very small but very supportive. The Village of French Settlement is so small that if you blink you would miss the entire village. The school is probably the oldest building in the village. The original building is over one hundred years old, and my great-grandmother graduated from there in the early nineteen-hundreds. In the present, I played baseball and basketball all of the four years I was there.
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