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I graduated from Fremont with honors and I am glad for the teachers that were involved in my high school experience. Considering the size of the school and the area it is in, FHS has a significant number of opportunities. Would I have liked to have more AP classes and honors classes that would have challenged me more? Yes. Am I still pleased with the experience I did have? Yes.
All the staff members care so much about everyone's education and well being. There are so many activities students have a chance to participate in; such as, sports, theater, music, and much more.
One thing about Fremont High School that I like is that the office ladies and teachers are approachable and care about forming relationships with students. One thing I would want to change however, is the number of students that get recognized for good deeds and grades. During my high school career, it was the same students getting recognized for good grades and high achievements even though there were several other students who also deserved it.
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I enjoyed the administration at FHS, and how the staff showed how they cared for the students. I also enjoyed being a part of several groups that allowed me to make friends. I would like to see the strictness of the spirit days lighten.
I like the community at Fremont High School. The teachers love their jobs and are willing to take extra time and help you succeed.
The staff at Fremont High School goes above and beyond to create a safe and healthy learning environment. Not only do teachers dedicate their time to help students learn and succeed, but they also work to build personal relationships with students and get to know them outside of the classroom. There is no tolerance for bullying at Fremont High School, and the FHS population works to ensure that every student is taken care of. The excellent technology at Fremont enhances a student's learning ability and is a main contributor to success within the school. Although there isn't much diversity at Fremont High School, most students are welcoming of peers, and the staff always encourages students to have an open mind.
I really like the teachers at Fremont High School. I like how they have one on one time with us, how they interact with us, and how they go out of their way to help us pass their class. I also like the new phone policy I feel it has really helped us a lot. I would like to see change the tardy rule. I don’t think it’s fair if you’re late for one minute you get at 30 minute tardy block.
I really like that we have an orchestra and a theatre program. What I would like to see change is to put more focus on other areas, not just sports.
At this school you are given so many opportunities to expand your knowledge and to succeed. Teachers will work with you day and night to help you pass or with something you are struggling with in your personal life. It is a easy atmosphere to get along with.
The building, administration, food, everything on that end, is absolutely wonderful. There's many opportunities for students to grab on to, such as clubs and internship programs. I'm a little sad to see the lack of funding toward things besides sports, but schools aren't funded enough as it is so I won't even go down that road. The student body by itself seems alright, but there is lots and lots of bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism that goes seemingly unnoticed. We have many anti-bullying programs, we have diverse speakers come to the school, we have a wonderful special ed program, and students of all financial situations are treated with respect by the teachers. The issue comes from the parents of students who teach them that being a minority or being differently abled or being under privileged is okay to make fun of. That's just not right.
I loved growing up in Fremont! Making friends was super easy there is a ton of extracurriculars offered! The only thing I would like to changed is how closed minded Fremont is. Fremont typically doesn't want to change or isnt open to new things or ideas.
Its Great! It is a new school full of technology, full of nice teachers who want you to succeed. The food isn't bad either!
I have enjoyed my experience so far. I have had great teachers for the most part. The athletics are great. We have a good student section at most of our sporting events.
I think that Fremont is a high quality school with advances technology and great architecture. I am proud to be apart of a school that has exceptional academics that will take me comfortably into college. I have had many different opportunities with being apart FHS compared to other schools I have heard of, and because of that, I am proud.
I liked the fact that my senior year I can actually do stuff that is useful to furthering my career such as my internship at SHGM, and attending classes at VOC. What I would like to see change is the favoritism towards athletes.
There is nothing that I would change about my high school. We have a beautiful building, wonderful teachers, and great administration. My school defies the stereotypical high school model.
I've attended Fremont Public schools my entire life, and I have no complaints. Many teachers have gone above and beyond to help shape me into the young woman I am today. They have helped with school work and personal problems. The quality of my teachers is absolutely 9/10. Of course I've had a few bumps here and there with very few teachers. No teacher is perfect but they have all tried their hardest to be. My teachers are fun and relatable but can maintain control of their classrooms and have valuable teachings. I've loved my school, I would change nothing about it.
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Everyone is very committed to what they do extracurricular wise
Fremont is unique because of it music programs that get no funding. The groups bring home most of the awards and pay for it with hard work.
The teachers are very involved and help kids that are struggling. They go above and beyond the requirements of a teacher.
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