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The entire Freeland community supports the school district, students and teachers. Through volunteer and financial assistance the community is committed to creating a positive influence on the students. With a staff of dedicated teachers and administrators from Pre-K through high school, they strive to create a diversified teaching environment and prepare the students for post-high school academics. Freeland is building future leaders through opportunities available on student council, NHS, Freeland Scholars, sports teams, music programs, early college and the Bay Arenac Skill Center. From an early age students are encouraged to develop their interests and guide their education to become successful adults in any career path that suits their interest. They are encouraged to be themselves and ‘Be The Change’ in the Freeland community school district.
My experience at Freeland High School has been one I will never forget. I am sad to leave, and I have met so many amazing people here. It is a great school that offers a great education.
I really like the athletics at Freeland. All the athletic teams here are very good and go pretty far. Also, most of the teachers are very nice. Some thing that I would like to change is possible offer a class with more of a construction side of things. More of a hands on type of class. I am a female student at this school and I would have liked to taken a construction class if one was offered.
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I like the teacher they are mostly very welcoming. I would like to see some graduation requirements change such as having to take a health class like parent and childhood development or cooking. I think those are very important life skills needed.
The teachers are very hot or miss. They are either very inspiring or extremely in passionate and demotivating. There are a lot of resources available but not everyone is given similar opportunities. Overall if you want to succeeed in the long term you need to do more then the teachers are willing to teach/provide in regard to resources. But there is definitely a good core of teachers that serve as mentors and an inspiratonn These people will challenge you in ways you never new and will help you realize your true potential, and possibilities.
One thing I liked most about Freeland high school was how small the class sizes were so you could really connect with your teachers and peers.
It is a good school but I feel like some teachers could teach better and help students out more. The school has a good set up and is organized but the food is horrible and sometimes sceduale has classes is a mess, but freeland has been the best school I’ve been to so far. Just being in a smaller community changes how things are done and you have less kids in class so there is more focus.
I really like that our community is small and everyone is so friendly. The Teachers are so willing to go the extra mile for all the students, we have a beautiful school and our community makes sure our education comes before anything else. We have a large choice of electives, and they are beneficial and fun at the same time, I also like that we have the opportunity to begin earning college credits our Junior Year. Grateful my parents moved somewhere that was in the best interest of our education.
Freeland High School focuses on success. The teachers are dedicated to their students and work with them to help them succeed. Freeland offers a diverse amount of classes from shop classes, life skills, and core classes as well as fitness. Our school is very safe with teachers looking out for students and having an anti-bullying program. Clubs like Students leading students also help students become aware of the risks of drugs. alcohol, and other problems facing young adults today. The lunches are always fresh and served at a fair price. Everyone is very open at Freeland and most students get along really well, which creates a great environment to learn in. Before large tests like the SAT or ACT the teachers take multiple weeks ahead to give us practice to be ready for these tests. Freeland is a great stepping stone in life for students there. They offer an open minded and safe learning environment allowing students to evolve and move ahead in their academic life.
The teachers were really awesome. They aspired to make us ready for success. Sports is top notch at Freeland High, and I'm grateful for the family atmosphere of the school.
The teachers are fun and most of them do hands on activities that make class time fun instead of reading out of a book. The other kids are generally nice and accepting.
The most popular after school activities at this school are sports. Sports are very popular year-around at this school. Some other after school activities that students participate in are Student Leading Student, Robotics Club, and Spansih Club.
I am happy I chose to go to Freeland High School. One of my favorite experiences is going to all the athletic events. There was always a huge student section and dress up days for the games. It was enjoyable to see everyone go out and support the team.
The teachers try to make sure that everyone understands each lesson by giving plenty of examples and asking questions. The teachers are also available before and after school to help a student if he or she needs more clarification on a lesson taught.
I don't feel like its the worst but it's not the best so it's just ok.
I feel as though the teachers I have worked with dont give me problems but sometimes they will take a long time to grade papers.
The overall support of the sporting events is incredible the community is well involved and i would defiantly do it all over at freeland again
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The teachers try to incorporate as much real world learning as possible and they will come to school early if you need help and they are available
At our school we do have security cameras and you have to buzz in during school hours to enter the school.
At Freeland there are a lot of extracurricular activities and I am involved in a lot of them
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