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My experience with Freedom High School was ok. They had the best classes but lacked teachers that were willing to teach right, instead work was just thrown at us. The resources for a counselor to help me with situations like scholarship opportunities was terrible they were barely wanting to see students. I can say this much it was hard trying to get help. The safety was great I know that I was safe at all times they were on top of that.
I liked that Freedom High School offered a lot of extracurriculars for the students to choose from based on student interests. I also liked that the school's student government is always thinking of ways to improve the school and make it a better place for students. I would like the school to be more open of dress code for girls and the strict phone policy, I think the school should allow phones during lunch.
I liked the music program, for its enormous involvement with the student's lives. To the point on helping the "MVP" students, that need special monetary sustainment, by giving a special Christmas concert titled Prism.
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I liked that Freedom High School offered both AP Classes and Dual Enrollment classes. Through taking these classes, I feel very prepared for my college experience as I was able to handle the rigor of an AP Class.
It was really good, since I moved to Florida and I started in this high school, it make me feel comfortable and free to show my skills
I liked the AP teachers and the variety of classes we were able to take, but I hated the disorganization and how hard it was for communication to happen, mostly among counselors and students. Also, the students in the school are out of control, most of them are caught vaping in the bathroom and nothing happens. SGA people and AP students are mostly the people that I hang out with, but I heard about a lot of people doing drugs and other bad things.
I love the different events we have at our school and the spirit weeks! I am in the performing arts and we have an annual show called Prism that everyone gets together for a good cause. All the money goes towards our VIPs, so students in our school are able to have food with their families for Christmas.
I like how every teacher that I’ve had has taught me everything I need to know to be successful. The only thing I don’t like about the school is the administrators and deans, and also the food choices they offer.
I like that freedom high school offers challenging academics and also challenges their students to be the best. And they offer help along the way.
If I was in a tough situation and my life was in the hands of Freedom’s guidance counselors, I wouldn’t be here.
Freedom High school here in Orlando is a very diverse school with many races and ethnicity. But it is a little crowded because of Florida's booming in population. The teachers here are amazing and with promising students as well.
Over the last four years, I was fortunate to be taught by amazing teachers and was supported by caring administrators. While there was a strong emphasis on a rigorous academic program, we were afforded the opportunity to participate in various clubs and organizations that were of interest. Freedom High School is one of the most inclusive schools I know. Every student belongs and that's an incredible feat for any school to accomplish.
What I like about Freedom High School is how they prepare you and how they try their best to help to prepare for college. They help by giving links and telling us about scholarships we should apply to.
What I like about Freedom High school is that it really helped me grow as a person. It gives everyone a chance to communicate and help each other grow together. I would change the food, because I am a very healthy person, and they do not give very healthy options.
Provides a great amount of AP classes and the AP teachers are great! However, there is a vast amount of students who aren’t motivated or do not put much effort into their classes.
Freedom is a good school, it pushes its students to do well with challenging classes and good teachers. There’s many programs like seminar, theater, aerospace and even internships with companies that freedom high school offers to its students that are very beneficial. The current principal has been worked there since it opened. She truly knows the school and it’s students and has done a great job to improve in the school. However, guidance counselors are overwhelmed and find it hard to do their job. Many make it complicated for students to switch their classes. Students are unable to switch out of classes they don’t desire to take or may be too difficult for them. Their tardy policy is also too strict. Only three tardies per year, and with so many students, causing so much foot traffic it may be difficult for them to get them into class on time. Regardless, I have had many great teachers who have cared about me inside and outside the classroom that have made my time here great.
They school really doesn’t take anything seriously, they don’t really care for the sports. They just want the money for it. Most of the teachers don’t really care and try to have a relationship with the students. The faculty does what’s best for them rather than the students. There’s not an effort the really make it the best for their students
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What I liked about freedom high school is that there is a lot of people there that will/can help you with anything you need , wether it be college or maybe you’re going through something emotionally . There will always be someone there to help you . Something by I would like to see change in my school is for there to be more space . There’s a lot of kids at my school and it’s very crowded sometimes it gets hard to get to class on time . Also for there to be more alternative classes , so instead of pre calc honors for there to be a regular pre calc .
What I like about FHS is that there are a lot of fun and good teachers. What they still need to change is that they should put the mirrors back in the bathroom.
My experience at Freedom High School has been very diverse these past two years.My First Year at Freedom,I hated it.I hated the fact of school itself.I felt lost and alone but but two months passed and I decided to join the theatre department.Ever since I joined,I began to love high school.I feel so enlightened and always look forward to coming to school.My confidence has gone up and I always find myself surrounded by people who love me.I definitely appreciate Freedom so much more now and find myself super active with after-school activities.I have never felt racially discriminated at Freedom.The diversity is huge and I love it!
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