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I loved Freedom. It gave me many opportunities to grow and flourish academically as well as socially. If I were to change one thing it would be to allow students pick more of the classes they want. In addition I wish that all guidance counselors were as caring and helpful as mine was.
Super school that is definitely better than Liberty. Sports are better than Liberty. Liberty is really bad at everything(lots of dumb kids)
I wished that the students were nicer and there was more of a sense of community. I also think that the way schedules are arranged could have more urgency. I wanted to have a portfolio before I graduated, but because I was not allowed into Art 1 until my senior year, I did not get to complete as many projects
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Overall experience with this school was average. Academics are lacking but school programs and activities are wonderful.
I enjoyed all the activities and community opportunities that were given throughout my high school career. The guidance counselors need to be trained better but the rest of the staff is wonderful. The teachers are very involved and care about the students who care about school.
The scheduling and variety of electives available allow you to try out different areas of interests. I do not like being forced to take swimming.
I liked how we got to choose our electives that interested us instead of being forced to take electives that we hated and I also liked how their was study hall for students to get homework done at school. I didn't like how we had to take classes that we knew weren't gonna help us at all in life like Algebra.
At Freedom High School, there is an immense amount of diversity. There are so many different ethnicities and religions and social groups. You have the opportunity to meet and get to know people you may have never talked to before. The teachers were very nice, yet there were few teachers that I thought were amazing at teaching. I loved that Freedom gave students the opportunity to take classes at Northampton Community College. It had prepared me for college more than high school ever could. The academics were good, but school spirit was something that emerged my senior year. There was always slight school spirit, but it was growing throughout my years there. The entire school was a Freedom family.
My time at Freedom has been pretty good over the past 4 years. I moved here my freshman year and I made friends right away. During the last year, they’ve upped their security to make the school safer and ensure the students will be safe while attending. The teachers for the most part are really good, with a few exceptions.
It's a great school for clubs and sports but when it comes to academics it is very lacking. I decided to take a few college courses at the local community college during my time at Freedom High School, and I could for sure tell you that this high school did not prepare me for college at all. I powered through my first few classes and will be graduation high school with already 25 college credits complete. Overall Freedom High School is a great school for activities and for sports, but not so much for academics.
Freedom High School has so many great classes and teachers, but sometimes their priorities don't lie with academics and the arts. Funds tend to lean towards new football fields and sports gear, as well as improvements to the gym... yet the art shows continue to be thrown to the side or put upstairs in the old gym. Some textbooks are beyond damaged and need replacing, but no one seems rushed to fix them. They're improving the school's safety procedures, which is a good step in the right direction. You will definitely meet some amazing people and staff there, who would like to see students succeed.
Freedom High School was average. Depending on what teachers you get, your experience will either be amazing or downright poor. That's pretty much how it goes for any American high school. I had issues with some teachers because they just didn't care about their job; they didn't care about helping the students learn. Favoritism is also another running issue. Overall, Freedom isn't anything special, even though the school district likes to portray it as an all-inclusive school.
It is very diverse and provides a variety of academic opportunities as well as extra carticular activities. Teachers and faculty are very consistent in aiding students with courses, schedules, and future commitments as well. High school can be rough but freedom made my high school experience go smoothly
Had many great times at this school all four years. Th AP and honors programs are taught well for the most part with a few bad teachers here and there
Freedom High School is a really great school in all ways! The teachers are are fantastic, with a few exceptions of course, and the staff in administration are very helpful too! Freedom has so much school spirit and we really are the “freedom family” that we call ourselves. From friday night football games to early morning student government meetings, there is something to get everyone involved and connected. I really love it here, and I know almos everyone else feels the same.
In my opinion, Freedom High School has done more than enough to prepare not only me, but other students for the future as well. Freedom offers a plethora of different electives that touch on just about every career path that currently exists. For example, they offer classes such as Bio-Med, Criminal Justice, and Business law, along with many others. In the school itself, there are many posters and flyers that advertise different clubs and opportunities. The posters can range from the dates of the SAT and ACT to the announcement of clubs like the NAACP club or the Gay-Straight Alliance. What makes Freedom so great is that there's a place for everyone and there's an unlimited amount of opportunities for just about every student.
My 4 year at freed has been really great. once you step in the building you feel like your part of the family. That why we call it freedom family. Everyone there know each other like a big family
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I personally don't even like school to begin with but compared to other schools in the district, it wasn't so bad. The only thing that should change are the teachers. They seem so miserable and unmotivated to teach, besides a couple of my favorites.
It was easy to become involved at Freedom. I was apart of many clubs that always welcomed new-comers, and that type of acceptance was refreshing. I think my involvement made my experience the best it could be because I had the chance to develop closer relationships with friends and teachers. It built the foundation for great experiences and memories. One of the only things I would change about Freedom is the mindset of tradition. In certain areas, change doesn't come easy, but with more persistence, I think we could have achieved our goals. Overall, there is a strong community at Freedom if you're open to it. The people who plan events are able to depict their ideas, and all it takes is for someone else to contribute too if they didn't like the way something was. FHS was open to almost anything but definitely everyone.
Overall, Freedom is a good place. The administrators are huge supporters of the students, in and out of the classroom. They are very willing to accommodate the students and work around the students' schedules to arrange times to help students understand material. In addition, one can often find teachers at football games on Friday nights, or musical performances on weekends. The students, generally, feel very tied to the school, and can be seen sporting t-shirts with the slogan "Freedom Family." Unfortunately, this enthusiasm for inclusivity is not always fostered. One terrible tradition at Freedom is the "freshmen suck" chant, a staple at every pep rally. Usually started by seniors or the school's "Riot Squad," the student spirit section, freshmen are “welcomed” by the words "freshmen suck." The teachers seem to think this is all in good fun, and that may be so, for the most secure students, but it seems likely that this tradition negatively impacts some students at Freedom.
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