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We love the safe, nurturing, environment for our student. He looks forward to school and is excelling as a result!
I've already answered this and others more than once. Please let me know if I need to do this again.
The school prepares the students with drills for disaster (violence and otherwise). There is a well known evacuation policy and procedure known by all. They have a well known and we'll covered anti-bullying and anti-sexual harrassment policy in place. In the event if any nearby local police activity the school is placed on lock down. The system used to notify parents of any emergencies, lockdown, school closures and etc is very effective. There is no on campus school nurse (or need for one really).
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Extracurriculars.. Sports are fun and can be great. Overall, experienced as school unifying events.

Other non related sport extracurricular are based on tryouts. This involves existing issues with favoritism and long standing nepotism and politics many like myself will never discuss in fear of retaliation..
I need some time here
Multiple experiences throughout the years. The good was so good, it's difficult sharing the bad. My child excelled academically. I can not make an unbiased review based on my experience in this area.
Policies that are in place are clearly to benefit everyone. If you do not agree with a policy you may appeal to overturn it.
The sports generate a fun and welcoming atmosphere. They are supported and cheered for by the school.
This school helps you get a better relationship with Jesus. If you are having problems you can ask anyone for help and they would be glad to help you.
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