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The school's small size allows for more personal relationships with the teachers, so if you're interested in a particular subject, it's a lot easier to have a conversation about it. The downside of this is that there aren't enough teachers to cover all of the required subjects competently, resulting in situations like the P.E. teacher teaching world history or the science teacher teaching American history. There also aren't a lot of opportunities for more specialized classes, but the school makes up for it with programs that allow students to either go to other schools for specific classes, or to take different classes online. The school is respectable in that administration is always trying their best, even if I don't agree with everything they do. Another positive is that the school is focused on practicality and college readiness. Though, due to its size, the arts are somewhat neglected, the extra classes that are offered are practical and immediately useful within high school.
Most of the students are related to the teachers of staff since they are from a small community. I find that the students with stronger family ties are given special treatments in the class room. Also the sports students are giving more time to complete assignments when the other students do not. Some of the kids that go at a different pace are held back or pushed forward. Some take online classes because most of the class spends the entire day together and don't have a different schedule. Most cdedeits from other schools are left out and when they don't have elective that suit students who do not enjoy sports.
There are no health and safety policies, the only ones are is for the lunch programs
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I enjoy going to this school but there could be some improvements, mainly with dealing with bulling.
I would choose Frederick High as a school over and over again. Frederick High School is small and everyone gets along. If you want to play sports or join the play this is a school for you. My favorite experiences are always with my classmates.
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