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Franklin High is a new, very clean school with modern classrooms and furnishings. There are a lot of great teachers who seem to really care about the students. There is a lot of extra help available to students with learning disabilities. It s huge school so you get to meet all the other kids from several middle schools.
This school has amazing teachers who are willing to help. Sadly, the school is extremely under budgeted, which prevents many events from happening. Plus, I have experienced multiple racially unjust encounters with both students and staff, which has been hurtful. On the bright side, I have learned an amazing amount and feel supported by most of my teachers.
The almost brand new Franklin high school is a high quality school with very nice facilities and staff. The courses that FHS offer are taught by knowledgable teachers who are well qualified. Although the staff and building are great, there are some downsides. The high school is overcrowded, so its COVID-19 response was poor and ended in many students missing out on proper education. The school-provided Chromebooks and WiFi are also poor quality.
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Franklin High School is a very well furnished and funded school. While the facilities are excellent - especially for a public school, the emphasis on sports, in some cases over academics, is less than optimal
It was okay. Something I'll remember but not cherish as much. If I had the chance to go back redo it I would.
Franklin has very good academic programs as well as athletic programs. The teachers are always willing to stay after school as often as you need to help the students understand the material.
At Franklin High School we have a great athletic department. They give us so much time and energy, not only with our perspective sport but make sure mentally we are handling everything with our lives. They're there if we need them for anything. The academics could bump it up a notch though. I noticed this when taking SATs. I was an honor student in math and social studies yet, when taking the SATs there were problems on there that we never learned in school.
This is a great school to attend. The academics are strong, many teachers and counselors are supportive people, and the extracurriculars are diverse. There are a lot of activities a student can choose from. We have award-winning sports teams, national honors societies, musical and art groups, and scholastic competition groups. The resources are plentiful when it comes to the technologies and library.
Franklin High School is a great school and I am proud to be a panther. There are some fantastic teachers and staff at this school. Personal favorite moments of mine include the Europe Trip and winning states for DECA.
I had a great experience at Franklin High School. If you want to grow tremendously and be successful, there is numerous opportunities to do so. However, these won't be handed to you. You have to step up. Similarly, if you just want to get through high school, that's possible too!
Franklin is a great school. The teachers are nice and great to work with. The Guidance counselor is very helpful with my college search process
I love the new facilities and the teachers, but I would like to see a fewer amount of administration roaming the halls of the school.
Franklin High is a very wonderful high
School that appropriately prepares students for college and how college will work. Some courses may even be more difficult than college courses as the school holds itself to a high standard and most of the students at franklin high school are very involved in academics and extra-curricular activities. For a public school there is a big underlying subtext of competition amongst some, if not most students to do the best, the most and get into the best colleges which translates to be very beneficial to those who tend to slack off or be less academically focused
It is a very involved school who is genuinely concerned about the student's learning and lives. They are flexible with students as well. They are a new school so the facility and campus are generally very nice and up to date.
Franklin High School is known for its academic excellence and its ability to fully prepare students for college. With up-to-date technology, clubs and activities in every category, and staff you can form a relationship with, FHS opens up many opportunities for its students.
Most classes are great, some of the classes are not taught fairly or at a level they should be taught. Good technology, great sports.
The school building is state of the art, however we are always over our maximum capacity limit. The teachers at FHS really do care about their students. However, the phone policy is absurd, students are required to put their phones in a “phone jail” in each class, and the phones are easy to lose or break. The biggest problem with the phone policy is that if there is ever an emergency, then students are unable to text their family and friends. Overall Franklin is a great learning environment but needs to listen to their students a little bit more.
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FHS has a good collection of faculty, administrators and support staff. Occasionally, you do get teachers who are just terrible people but 98% of them are great!
All students are very welcoming and all staff are very helpful, especially guidance staff. Academics are challenging but manageable.
My high school experience has been pretty good. A lot has changed and rules have gotten stricter over the 4 years. I think the school lacks in spirt but has overall good sport rankings. It also lacks diversity in not only the student body but also the teachers.
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