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This school is amazing, the teachers know what they’re doing and will actually teach and help you understand.
Overall Franklin Central is a good high school and offers rigorous classes. I liked being able to have many class options to fit my future college and career goals. The downside of going to Franklin Central is the large class sizes and the lack of school spirit. We were often denied more fun, school wide events and activities that would give the school a better sense of fun and spirit while also maintaining our academic standards.
I started Franklin Central in 2015 and I was brand new to the district as well. I was extremely nervous because I did not know anyone. Little did I know I would meet my best friends and the best teachers while I was there. The school was big enough for me to meet knew people and to interact with different crowds, but small enough that everyone knew each other. Even if I was having a bad morning, I knew that would change when I got there. My favorite sport season was fall. During the fall I played all four years of varsity soccer and made the best memories with my teammates. Friday night lights were my ultimate favorite because our student section was filled with so much school spirit. If I could do my senior year all over again I would in a heartbeat. It's true when people say those four years fly by.
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Currently, I am a junior at Franklin Central High School and I honestly have enjoyed my 3 years here. Many people struggle to realize that any school you go to will suck. There will be times when you just want to graduate and start your life all over again. During high school is when we teenagers are growing, whether it's physically or emotionally, this is the time where there will be hardships. It's hard to balance school and our personal lives and we're the only people who can control it. I've heard multiple people say they hate the school I attend, but what they fail to realize is that they might be the issue. When you sit back and realize what's going on, it's not the school that's the problem, it's you. And with me personally, I've enjoyed my time at Franklin Central. I think the staff is overall amazing and engaging. I don't regret going to this school and I'm glad that part of my adolescence journey is spent here.
My experience at Franklin Central has been overall good. The food is quite good and the teachers are amazing. Many teachers are ready to lend a hand in your success and help you to reach your full potential. Then again it still is a high school, so high school sucks.
I like the supportive and very smart teachers, but
I think there should be more class options for people with different interests.
I like the amount of general supportiveness that the environment of the school has, however, the overall culture and stress-creating and drama-creating environment is very toxic.
I really like my school and enjoy it very much, but there are some aspects about it that make me upset sometimes. For example, I feel super rushed when at lunch because of how little time I feel like we get, and with the constant reminders, I feel very rushed to eat and finish quickly.
My experience at Franklin Central High School was absolutely fantastic. Being a part of a school that gets involved with everything that goes on extracurricular and academics is amazing. This high school I felt the love everywhere around with the students, the teachers, and the rest of the staff. I would encourage any student of Indianapolis to go to Franklin Central.
This school has wonderful educators. The only downfall are athletic coaches and the administration. Your well-being does not matter at this school, all they care about is their test scores.
At Franklin Central, I have had so much support from teachers, counselors, and peers. They are behind me with every step I make.
At Franklin Central, I have made lifelong friendships and have had amazing teachers. The AP program here is set up for student success but does require effort from students. The only thing I would like to see change is the prevalent favoritism toward select students over others.
Franklin Central is all about upcoming change and new tactics everyday. Every year there is something new as in a sport or a club. The teachers change their techniques to keep the students in their toes and ready for something new.
My experience at Franklin Central high school has been a decent experience. The teachers, staff, and students made my experience excellent. I love the way the teachers teach, and the way the teachers are very positive and are always down to help even, if you were not their student. Some thing I would like to see change at Franklin Central high school is the security. I would like to see less fights and more protection towards the students. School shooters are a big threat in American schools, and I do not like that they risk students lives.
I feel that FCHS has a lot of academic opportunities, i.e. all of the AP courses to help prepare for college. The after school programs allowed me the opportunity to get to know other people with similar interests. I enjoy the orchestra program, as it has helped me with my self-confidence. Overall, I feel that I am receiving an excellent education at FCHS.
I liked that my school had much diversity. But I did not like how my school handled their finances. For example, they took away the males bathroom stalls, added in a 25,000 weapon detector at the main entrance. Which I understand is for safety, but there are plenty of other entrances into the building where someone can get in with a weapon.
I really enjoyed my experience at FC. Honestly some of the best years although I didn’t always think that in the moment. The only things I feel are negative is that the school itself could use more improvement. We have extremely crowded halls and the condition of the classes in the main are not the best. The Freshman Academy is very nice. One other thing is that I feel some of the teachers did not help me when I needed it. They would be there for questions but when you asked them you didn’t always get an answer. Some teachers didn’t understand that some students have different learning styles which caused them to mainly focus on one way of learning and it caused the other students to not benefit from the class as much as they could have. I genuinely love the school and most of the teachers and I do not wish I went anywhere else, but like every school they still have some things to work on!
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This school is a very well put together school in southern Indianapolis. They have very good sports program. The administrators will always ask and see how your day is going. They care about how you feel and what you are doing with your life. The kids will always push you to be better. and the teachers care about how you are doing in school. This is just and overall good school
Personally to me I love Franklin Central. All the teachers are respectful and when you need help they will always be there! Every Friday we get out earlier and from 1:22-3:00 we have something called college and career readiness. You sign up with a teacher you need help with and you can make up a test or simply just ask a question. From the students I've asked... they love it.
I enjoyed Franklin Central High school for many different reasons. The staff and faculty were, for the most part, helpful in my endeavors to achieve academic success as well as looking out for my well being. Student wise, like most schools, there are its good and bad students. Some I came to greatly enjoy, others not so much. Once you put yourself in the right group for you, its smooth sailing and I can safely say that I have enjoyed my time spent at Franklin central.
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