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The best way to describe Frankford Friends School (FFS) is by sayings “COURAGEOUS, DYNAMIC, COMMITTED, and GLOBAL THINKERS!” The fact remains that I went to an open house 4 years before my children (now Pre-K and K) could even attend and they consistently show the high level of functional leadership and culture within each fabric of the school. I went to other private schools for tours and open houses but none topped the continuity like FFS. They do not need to “speak on diversity” and verbalize “numbers” but instead it’s already observed in their daily interactions with one another and with parents. Their is no need to “speak” about it but simply be a reflection of what we see or want to see in our community and the world. I am a PROUD member of this community and I HIGHLY recommend FFS!!
Frankford Friends School is an excellent Pre-K - 8th grade school. My children have attended FFS since kindergarten, and both are in middle school. We are very happy with the education they are receiving, and we highly recommend the school.
FFS not only has a strong academic program, but emphasizes the Quaker values of peace, equality, and social justice. Values are woven into all aspects of the school. At FFS Students are exploring real-world issues in developmentally appropriate ways.
FFS teachers and administrators are very committed to their work, are masters at their craft, and are committed to life long learning, and fostering a growth mindset approach to teaching and learning.
I love teaching as part of this small, close-knit community. The students, families, faculty, and administration all contribute to the type of atmosphere you hope for in a school. Everyone is invested in the work and places the students at the forefront of decision making. As a middle school teacher, I very much value the opportunity to work with students each year through their middle school experience and seeing them grow into high school students.
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I am going on 5 years teaching Spanish (PK-4th grade) at Frankford Friends School. I enjoy getting to know my students and watching them grow and progress into great Spanish learners and caring, dynamic, interesting people. Their social and emotional growth is just as important to me as their Spanish knowledge. I am so fortunate to work with a team of fantastic teachers who all care deeply about our students' wellbeing and academic progress. There is a wonderful collaboration among faculty members, we help one another teach and guide our fabulous students, and that makes me happy to come to work every day.
This school is a real gem in Frankford. The school's mission and values are exactly what I want my kids to be a part of. The school is beautiful and the teachers are incredibly passionate about teaching and doing what's best for the students. They loveee their students!
Mission driven to the core. FFS is truly a mission-led school, guiding students to be life-long learners, dedicated citizens (despite their younger ages), and socially-conscious. Academics are rigourous and students are well-supported. Working with the faculty at Frankford Friends it is evident that all employees are dedicated to the well-being of each child and their growth. Students are regarded highly by faculty and are treated as individuals with strengths, talents, and interests. With Project-Based Learning and the dedication to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the curriculum is authentic, cohesive and engaging. Quite frankly, students love learning here. It's a very special place, and seems to be a little known secret in the Philadelphia private school scene. With the commitment to diversity and such a reasonable tuition (lower than any other Quaker school in the area), the values of FFS align with the school's practices.
Our child just finished Pre-K at Frankford Friends, and it was a great experience. Every teacher seems to know who my child is, and care about him. The academics are rigorous, even at this age, but presented in a creative and fun way. The children participated in many, many interesting activities that brought their lessons to life. Field trips were fun and educational, and the teachers utilized the expertise of community member (parents etc.), when appropriate, to enhance lessons about religion, holidays, social justice, geography, architecture, you name it! So far, we have experienced a true community that embraces each child, puts an emphasis on kindness and compassion.
Frankford Friends School puts its mission and values at the forefront everyday - to create lifelong learners who fight for social justice throughout their lives. Teachers are highly qualified to provide not only a rigorous academic program, but also to meet the social and emotional needs of students. The PBL initiative creates authentic learning that will actually stick with students! Students solve real-world problems to prepare to be leaders in their community. It is a truly cutting edge academic program. Frankford Friends is a reflective community and constantly strives to incorporate more opportunities for students to learn about inequities and fight for justice in their community.
Best kept secret in Philadelphia! There is a sincere effort to create diversity and inclusion. FFS community members are willing to engage in the difficult conversations with the goal of making our community and the world better. When you enter the campus you can feel the difference. Embracing the values of equality, equity, fairness, and social justice are evident. The school is top-notch and administration continually seeks to improve all aspects of the school including curriculum and the everyday experience of community members. Flexibility, creativity, and growth mindset are cultivated.
The depth of learning is profound for both students and teachers and supported/inspired by the Project Based Learning practice of education. The families are great. They adore their own children and care about other people's children, too. If only every child was lucky enough to have an educational/social experience like this one...