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Frank S. Greene Jr. Middle School Reviews

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The district uses this school as a test bed for administrators, none of whom hang around for very long. Because the focus is on the short term, administration is under constant pressure to ram home some sort of initiative that has no real benefit for students. The goal is to pad the resume, and move up to chain either within the district or somewhere else. Students have grown used to this constant disruption, and have learned that they can get away with a lot because no admin wants to do or say anything that may taint their resume or harm the imminent job search. Many students look to the few remaining veteran teachers, as well as some strong newer teachers for leadership, because it won't be found in the front office.
Many teachers good and caring, location good The 6th grade set up is good, kids learn to survive among 1000 plus. Reality is in 7th and 8th most teachers have way to many students to notice and effectively reach. The bottom few get attention and the upper few - if you are in the middle good luck! Large class sizes (the low teacher student ratio does NOT reflect reality) mean teachers have too many papers/projects/tests to review and provide timely and constructive feedback. After school sports program is broken - needs a overhaul, currently can't meet demand. Bullying goes un-noticed or un-addressed way too often. Been a revolving door of principals - and it shows!

Dont let high Niche score fool you - this school has many issues, all carefully hidden under the rug! PAUSD is focused in high school and elementary.
My son has blossomed at Jordan. His enthusiasm for learning has increased, he had a role in the school musical, discovered he loves to sing in the choir and the field trips inspired him to take the whole family back to the museum so he could show us how he earned a junior docent badge.
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just google pausd & jordan lawsuits and you will see Jordan is sued quite often. they only focus on star athletes and smart kids who cheat by the way (google that too). No transparency and if your parents aren't important, you get pushed around and no support. for IEPs you have room #1 or room #2 irregardless of your needs.
Teachers are so busy and tired - they just don't care about one more student. They don't ask you questions - just penalize you. Emotional health here is sick! very sick. If you have a normal happy kid then don't come here cuz you will get someone else back.
It's bad when the teacher is your first bully then it says its ok to the other kids to pick on you too.
The students get to learn new things from the cool teachers and the teachers teach the students in a fun way for a better understanding of the lesson.
Bullying is not seen. Ditching class always happens but security is always monitoring the school and sending them to detention after catching them.
I believe that if you sit with the teacher and come in during nutrition or lunch that teacher will help you in any way possible. Ms. Lopez which is a math and avid teacher has always been so joyful with us coming into her class so welcoming everyone can honestly open up and have a conversation with her.
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