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My experience here at Francis W. Parker is overall good. Great academics and resources here. I feel more prepared now for the real world and college.
Parker is a very good school that I have been attending to my whole life. The lower school has it much easier then middle and high school. . Third-fifth grade is supposed to start getting the kids on track for middle school and it really isn't working. In 5th grade we had around 5-15 minutes of homework each night, with the teachers saying that we would have 15-30 minutes of homework each night in 6th grade. In 6th grade we had roughly 30-45 minutes of homework each night and then in 7th grade, around 1-2 hours. In 8th grade, it really starts to try to get you ready for high school. They give us very needed shadow days for the upper school and then more homework. Parker has a great middle and upper school in my opinion. The food on the other hand is not the best. They have similar food everyday consisting of the left over sides from the past lunch. In high school, you are allowed to leave and get food which I would recommend. Overall I think the food has a lot to be improved on.
I can feel that the faculty and administrators at Parker try very hard to make the quality of education and student life the best it can be. Everyone at Parker, including the janitorial staff and security guards are so nice and I enjoy talking to them and saying hello to them every morning and afternoon. There’s a big push to be politically correct and involved and to make sure that everyone feels welcome. The diversity is good, the school could be more diverse but as a student of color, I rarely run into issues. Sports could be better, but they’re generally fun and the PE program is fun and flexible. I do a lot of clubs (Weekly, MUN, etc) and all of them are super fun and interesting. The food is great. Facilities and resources in the school are amazing. There’s three gyms and the library has an impressive maker space. The teachers are really nice and funny and helpful.
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Parker has opened up a lot of doors for me in terms of career exploration and pursuit. They have fantastic opportunities for research, community engagement, and intellectual pursuit. I think that they prepare their students well for life post-graduation, but I do think that the school needs to work on its accessibility to students from more diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
Francis Parker is an amazing Chicago school. I attended throughout high school. They provide many opportunities for students and really prepare them for college. As a Latino, the school is not diverse even though it prides itself in it's "diversity".
I came to Parker as a freshman so it was very difficult to integrate into the community but people were generally very open to new students. The only difficult thing is the fact that it is a Pre-K to 12th grade school, so students who have been there for 14+ years have known each other pretty much their whole lives and for me coming in I knew 20 other people.
Small class sizes, teachers are very open and understanding, and the school as a whole tries to progressive. Parker has many traditions and customs, making the community as a whole very close and involved. When it comes to preparing students for college and the college process, the small student body makes it possible for counselors to work one-on-one with families and students. Parker students are definitely fortunate to have the people and resources to assist in every step of the way.

That being said though, the school, despite talks of wanting to improve in terms of inclusion and diversity, is not great about including all voices, opinions, and prespectives in the student body.
It was an experience that I will never forget. I was the best place for me at the time and looking back I wouldn't change a thing.
Overall the staff and faculty provide a great learning environment for other students but at times it feels as if there is this kind of bubble. It is hard to escape and once certain student go off to college they have a very rude awakening.
Parker has been my second home since junior kindergarten. The past 14 years have been filled with amazing class, teachers, friends, and experiences that I'll remember through my college years and beyond.
Academics are top notch here. They prepare you immensely for college. Lack of diversity and small class size can make for a toxic environment.
I have been at Parker since I was four. I've always felt a sense of community while growing up. I wish that there were more people who looked like me. Being a young black woman there were not many people who looked like me. I just wish the school would further their mission to bring education to diverse group of people.
The teachers are outstanding. Great facilities. the student body is very small and get repetitive seeing as a lot of student's parents attended the school. it draws manly from Lincoln park and the north side by is trying to diversify. the college counseling office is outstanding, best asset to the school.
Francis W. Parker has served as my second home in many respects. With a considerable number of extracurriculars from which to choose, Francis W. Parker makes the task of finding people of similar interests easy. I love the small class sizes, which allow for more student engagement.
I have had an awesome experience at Francis W Parker. Teachers at Parker are creative (and free to make their own curricula because of Parker's progressive philosophy) and teach students mind-blowing ideas, along with critical thinking skills.
However, the unavoidable smallness of each class makes some students too comfortable with one another - everyone knows everything about everyone. Additionally, many reputations stick from middle school.
Yet the education, especially in history and English classes, is great. Parker has, however, been trying to improve their STEM classes - they finally introduced higher-level math courses into middle school curricula, and now high schoolers must take computer programming/coding for at least one year.
Recently, because the administration in the high school has been changing for around 5 years now, some students feel that they have less influence in school processes than they used to.
Overall, though, definitely come to Parker!
I have been attending Francis W. Parker School since I was in Junior Kindergarten; I will be entering my senior year this Fall. This school offers a rich and relevant curriculum to its students with classes taught by some of the best teachers in the country. Francis Parker offers countless opportunities for students to learn in not only different parts of the country, but different parts of the world. In the past 4 years, I have been to Puerto Rico, Belize, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and other locations in and around Chicago and the state of Illinois. This upcoming school year I am looking forward to visiting Iceland with the science department and Mexico with Pride Committee. Parker is a school that encourages students to find their passion(s), embrace it, and share it with the community.
I'm a 14 year alumnus of Parker with a child in school today. Parker has lost much of the magic from prior generations. Today, it is little more than a rich-kid school, with huge administrative staff and no economic diversity. No longer a "complete" community, it is merely an "elite" community.

In addition to having no economic diversity, Park has little political diversity, and administration is unresponsive to the progressive indoctrination that occurs in some classrooms. Perhaps some of the teachers confuse the "progressive educational movement" with the "progressive political movement."

Parker still offers opportunities for a great education, but overall Parker is no longer the magical place it once was - just an expensive private school.
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It's really great. I like it. It's not really diverse (I'm not sure how it got anything better than a C), but it's a good school.
This is quite possibly the most culminating private school in the nation. As a student here I have gained copious amounts of knowledge in all topics. The teachers are absolutely world-class, and are incredibly immersed in their studies and are very easy to talk to.
amazing! this school shaped who I am and how I lead my life. Develops incredible critical thinking skills in students and encourages camaraderie rather than competition.
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