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Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School Reviews

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Going to Parker is the best choice that I have made for myself. I love the teachers, my classmates, and a school that feels like home.
Parker is a great school. The philosophy about education is taught so well and really inspires students.
Best decision to send kids to Parker. This is how schools should teach kids. Wonderful and supportive culture .
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Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School is not a typical school. While most public schools are focused on getting their students to perform well on tests, and get the students out into the "real world," Parker takes time to build a connection. Many of my teachers have taken the time to get to know me so that they can teach me effectively. The community at my school is incomparable to many of the other schools I have attended. However, the leniency in my school can lead its students to become lazy, and I find that I am not learning as much as my friends who attend more traditional schools. Parker needs to emphasize academic rigor more in their curriculum because it is up to the student to challenge themselves.
Your grades are based on beginning, approaches, meets, and exceeds for each of your assessments. You have MST )math, science, and technology) and AH (arts and humanities). There is wellness which is broken up into health and gym. There are three divisions, div 1, 7 and 8 graders, div 2, 9-10 graders, and div 3, 11-12. To move out of a Division you must show mastery in all skill areas and display readiness for more challenge while completing requirements. Then carry out a presentation of your mastery in that division. In every aspect of Parker we focus on depth over breadth delving in on important subject matter instead of taking many units and focusing less on each one. In Spanish we are fully immersed in the language and focus more on interaction and activities throughout class that develop and portray your strength in conversation, interpreting, writing, and presenting instead of homework and tests.
Parker Charter was incredible. It's the driven student's door to opportunity. The teachers are all thoughtful and truly care about the knowledge and habits they instill into every student. Each kid is an imprint of personalized instruction, genuine effort, and community values. We help each other and we help ourselves. Though its a bit unconventional; there are no standard grades, no GPAs, no AP courses. But it fills those spaces in with deeper, probing projects that teach the student how to use their learning in the outside world, with a grounded sense of being a community and being the best possible person you can be to others, and much more. It's not just about academics or standardized testing or getting into college. Parker teaches you how to be an extraordinary person in the ever-changing, harsh real world that we step into the minute we leave the comfort of home.
I'm so glad I go to Parker! While the facilities and amount of options for classes and clubs could use some work, the advantages far outwiegh the negatives of going to Parker. I can't picture any other highschool I could have gone too where I feel as though the growth of students confidence and understanding of both academics and the work at large is executed so well. The importance of community and a schooling that keeps us down to earth while still opening up a world of opportunities has made me into a person that is sad to leave but ready for whatever the world throws my way.
This school gave me the independence and confidence to step out of my comfort zone and make opportunities for myself.
I love it at Parker! They focus on building skills while learning about interesting and necessary content. The student to faculty ratio is amazing, and I really feel like Parker has prepared me for college and the challenges that I will face ahead.
I love my school! It is the perfect mixture of quality academics and welcoming community. I find myself easily involved in different communities and all the students are friendly. There are no cliques and lower levels of bullying. Each member of the faculty is dedicated to the student body as a whole and each individual's path of learning.
children are free to be themselves and teachers are passionate educators and create a fun learning environment.
Parker is different than most schools but it has taught me so much more than just academics. I am forever thankful for Parker and can't wait to take what I have learned, academically and not into my next stage of life.
Two of my children attend this school and are very engaged and happy. They are challenged and thriving. It will prepare them for the world and keep them safe and able to step out of their comfort zones while providing an excellent education. We love this school. The teachers are far and above the best.
This school is great! Unlike my previous school, they teach in depth and the teachers are really there to support you. The only major things that could change are the building (new roof and AC everywhere) and maybe some more food choices for luch.
Honestly, Parker changed my life. Parker focuses on getting their students ready for the real world, not just for the SAT's or any other standardized test. I feel like I can make a positive impact on the world because of all of the tools this school had given me. I can present in front of large groups and organized meetings without any thought. If you want your child to grow up to be contentious and independent, Parker is the way to go.
Huge workload come senior year. It seems to make many seniors give up early and not be overly motivated for college. But the work itself is often engaging and very thought-provoking.
The teachers here are stellar. Truly. They're human, and understand the needs of each of their students. You'll make lasting relationships with teachers if you choose to come here.
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Everyone is very concerned with the safety and well-being of the students. The Wellness programs really prepare people for healthy living in the real world.
Horrible theatre/music program. It's basically nonexistent. And most other clubs just don't have enough funding/interest. The so-called "leaders" of them are exceptionally lazy and often times mean.
Bullying isn't tolerated at all, everyone is safe.
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