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Francis Scott Key High School Reviews

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Francis Scott Key is a good High School. It has a very good group of caring teachers who want you to succeed. Every teacher I've had here I've enjoyed their class and their dedication to help those who work for it, succeed.
The teachers at FSK really care, but the overall academic quality of the school is lacking and its funding is poor. There are simply not as many opportunities at FSK as other schools.
Attending fsk you are faced with challenges that make you stronger as a person and make you realize your self worth and capabilities in different aspects of school. The teachers try their best to make you feel comfortable and at home as possible and try to not let your differences put you aside from being exceptional from any other student. Students are not always the nicest or willing but most of them accept you for who you are and accept your difference as a part of who you are.
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I never had any issues while attending FSK which was nice. It is a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the most part. It is a very small school so everyone knows everyone. However, you become very close to your classmates with the activities provided and it is overall a great experience.
The teachers at this school really get to know their students and form close yet professional relationships with them. It's comforting to know there's always an adult around that cares.
During my time at Francis Scott Key High School, I have had the opportunity to receive a great education from well-suited and adept teachers in every subject. Moreover, I believe that my education from this rural small school was vital to my development as a person, further shaping me into an individual that values hard work and a vigorous work ethic in all tasks.
FSK is an ever-evolving and accepting community of teachers who actually want to be there for there students. For the most part I enjoyed my time at FSK however I felt like I needed my extracurriculars to stay afloat.
This was a good school to go to high school in. It is in a calm area in the country. There was low crime and delinquency in the school and it was small enough that the teachers cared about you. It was a pretty christian school with good values.
Francis Scott Key has a good school community. It does not have the best sports teams but if you want to play on a team you usually can. The school is safe partly because it is in the middle of no-where. There is an officer at the school at all times and there is one at most after school events.
As I am finishing my final year at Francis Scott Key high school, I look back at the many great memories which I have made. The teachers were exceptional, as they were extremely effective in communicating course content to us and teaching. My teachers weren't easy by any stretch, however they taught well and effectively. One thing I would like to change is funding. Francis Scott Key High School is in a very rural environment, where cornfields surround the school. With this setting, as well as the fact there are a small number of students, would make it hard to increase funding. It is well out of my control, though I believe with some more money, their could be intense renovation and take the potential for all students to a new level. More technology would help others learn more effectively and efficiently. Again, I know this is a lofty wish, I just think the benefits would be extraordinary.
FSK has grown a lot in academic and athletic achievements. The school has a low population, but that has helped the students by allowing them to have more of a direct relationship with their teachers. For the most part, everyone knows each other so they are all able to connect and be more school spirited. Personally, making the transition of Century to FSK was so easy because everyone was so accepting of me and it was so easy to connect with the teams. Everything we do whether it is a team sport, a spirit event, or a club, has been oriented to make every student or member feel involved. The only suggestion that one would possibly make to this school would be that dress code and disciplinary actions must be taken into action more seriously. Other than that, all of the towns that make up the FSK population have really linked as if they were on big community.
Francis Scott key is a very homey school and we have a lot of school spirit. Homecoming is always the best and we go all out for it. Our hallways are always decorated and everyone goes hard to try and win the spirit stick. I love the atmosphere and how everyone knows each other. The only thing about FSK that is hard to deal with is that we are a small school. We are also a very country school in the middle of nowhere, so sometimes we get forgotten.
I like most about Francis Scott Key is the amount of effort from the staff put into giving students the same opportunity that is offered at larger schools such as programs, internships, and general resources. I would like to see more diversity at Francis Scott Key High School as well as more administration crackdown on issues such as bullying.
Key is a very involved High school that has always encouraged me and my fellow classmates to be prepared for colleges and our futures.Teachers are always willing to help and guide students in the classroom and are very accommodating towards our needs outside regular hours. Parents are almost overwhelmingly kept up to date of school activities and fundraisers through our school website and emails given out every day.Though we aren't all that successful in our sports, coaches and the parents manage to keep everyone involved and maintain a mostly positive atmosphere throughout all sports. Overall Francis Scott Key High School is a memorable and loving place that allows students the opportunities to be better prepared for the road ahead and still maintain a pleasant atmosphere.
It is a really great school. From the first day of my freshman year to now as a senior I have felt incredibly welcome. The teachers are all very friendly and the treat you with the utmost respect and make you feel like you can rely on them. Also, even though it is a small school there is plenty of ways you can get involved. I alone was involved in a couple of sports both playing and managing as well as being involved in drama productions. There are also just a lot of really nice people, both students and staff alike.
Francis Scott Key is a very small school, which allowed me to get the proper academic attention that I have needed when I found myself struggling. Although it is small, I have found that there are still a wide variety of opportunities such as internships, the Carroll County Career and Technology Center, student aids, volunteer work, and career planning guidelines. The teachers are very friendly and do their best to accommodate all students learning preferences. I feel comfortable and welcomed by the staff at the school. Although the sports teams are not well performing, there is a sense of comradery among the students that I think is very unique. As I prepare for college, I feel that the opportunities that I was given by my high school have prepared me to be career ready and marketable to future employers.
Lovely students and people there, although the disciplinary actions and protocol by staff is lacking... Most issues and squabbles go ignored.
The CCCTC is an amazing center though, and the guidance counselors and more than able to help students apply.
Overall lovely experience.
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Francis Scott Key High School is a positive learning environment despite its lack of funding. Most teachers take a genuine interest in their students and strive to ensure that each student learns as much as they can.
FSK was a great school. I loved going there from start to finish, when I graduated in 2015. The teachers there were all so kind and willing to help out whenever they could. The counselors and other staff were the same way. It was a small school, to say the least, which made it easy to find where you were going. For being in the middle of a cornfield, it was extremely clean. Food was good. Overall, I miss going there.
I enjoyed the extracurricular activities I was involved with, such as the drama productions and set builds. Some of the teachers were very nice and inclusive with the student. The students who attend this school, however, do discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community and have a very rude attitude towards them. Though, we do have an Allies club and in that club, we are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ students who attend here
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