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Very interesting and diverse school, met my closest friends there and am an active student there . I am on varsity cheer and varsity dance and a member in key club. The teachers are nice and are good at explaining and really do want the best for you. I am happy that I came to this high school
I enjoyed the various advanced programs the school offered that helped me explore my likings and pushed me to do my best as a student attending Francis Lewis Highschool.
Being a student at Francis Lewis High School is a pretty great experience. I found myself liking most of the faculty at the school. Though I believe that some teachers are lacking in their teaching methods, as it made my peers and I worry about our performance in AP and Regents exams. The school has a plethora of clubs, and it wasn't hard to find a club that I enjoyed. The school culture can be hard to get into/care about, as there is a disconnect between the Student Organization and the students. The biggest gripe I have with Francis Lewis High School is the lack of College Readiness and Parent involvement. The only time - that I know of - when the school reaches out to parents is for Title 1 and PTA meetings, which a large majority of parents are not involved in. With college readiness, the school vastly underprepared their students, while the college counselors are wonderful people, the fact that from my freshman year to the middle of my junior year, colleges were unspoken of.
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All the teachers and students there are very nice. The bathroom near the cafeteria is not very sanitary though. Everything else is good. There are trailers at the back where classes may also take place. There is a track at the back of the school where you can run, with a field in the middle. The vice principal was very nice when I had talked to her before on my first day of school.
I am a transfer student from China. This is a very good school for math. I joined the math team when I first arrived. The teachers at the school helped me a lot, especially the English teacher. When I first came, I was not a person with good English. For nearly half a year, I was ashamed to talk to others in English because I had a serious accent. But my English teacher encouraged me. After I dared to speak once, my English teacher applauded me. The school has many extracurricular activities, such as cultural festivals, dancing, and various clubs. If you want, you have the opportunity to develop your interest here. I found that I like painting very much because of a project. What the school does well is that it is very inclusive. I think what the school needs to improve is to expand the school a bit. There will always be many people in the hallway during class. Especially when eating, the corridors are full of people, and I can hardly move forward. I love it so much.
So many opportunities like Advanced classes , clubs, school events.
Even though its a really big school, it honestly feels like one big family. Most people get involved in the school through teams, clubs( we have so many ), events, S.O, and volunteering. The teachers are really open and willing to help.
Francis Lewis High School was good at accommodating everybody. However, it was somewhat crowded and the guidance counselors are unable to help you at all times.
Francis Lewis is very diverse. You see many different type of races, this makes you feel comfortable and safe. Overall, Francis Lewis is a good school, however it is very packed, they should limit the amount of students that attends this school.
It’s very easy to find a club, sport, or program you’ll enjoy. With so many students making friends is also pretty easy. The only downside would be the crowded hallways and that it’s hard to find time to meet with your counselor.
The school enhances a great learning environment for students! There is a very diverse environment and many extracurriculars to take part in as well.
Francis Lewis High School Is ultimately a good school and is filled with very caring staff members who will easily volunteer to offer help to a student in need of academic aid.
As a student at Francis Lewis High school, I can say that I've had a pleasant time. The teachers have all been very kind. The resources provided like Castle Learning accounts, AP classes, and clubs are numerous and useful. While the school population is very high the diversity among the students is excellent. If there is anything I would change it would be the crowding, many halls would become extremely full at select times of the day.
My experience at FLHS has been a good one and I liked it a lot but I wouldn’t want to go back to it.
What I liked most about Francis Lewis High School was the dedication of teachers. They were highly involved in their lessons and cared for their students. Asking for help was never an issue, they would always figure out a manner in which to help students succeed.
My experience at Francis Lewis High School has been okay. The students and teachers work quite well together accomplishing and achieving many goals together. The school has been me through my four years of education and has provided with enough help to complete my college application. It has been an okay high school experience
Francis Lewis was a very nice and safe school for me. I had the opportunity to get to know many incredible teachers and students. In Francis Lewis High School their is lots of clubs and activities to join after school. This school is a diverse school, I had the opportunity to make friends and learn many cultures.
It’s good but it could be better with some modifications that they could add if they wanted to but they don’t.
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I really like this school. Great atmosphere. One issue about this school is that it is packed. Competition for ap classes is quite competitive
Francis Lewis High School is a school that has a great diversity of teachers. The science department is extremely advanced. STEM is greatly exemplified.
My experience at Francis Lewis High School was great. There are incredible numbers of clubs, teams, and programs that you can join which makes the 4 years in high school full of fun. I'm also in the JROTC program which is academic programs that prepare students for colleges and future careers. And most teachers in the school are very nice and are knowledgeable compare to other high schools. Although the environment in the school is extremely competitive due to a lot more students in the school compare to other schools. Which is great for students who want to be successful and become leaders.
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