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What I like about my high school is how the Color Guard was accepting and never had problems.I was the first guy who ever was in the FJ Reitz Color guard. I got bullied for being apart of something special that I enjoyed. Having my guard friends I never really felt out of palace or left out! I hope to see more students support the LGBTQ+ Community and stop judging a book by its cover.
Reitz is a very unique school. The school spirit that the study body, faculty, and staff all contain continues to amaze me, even after four years of attending Reitz. The education we receive is top notch and every teacher plays a special part. Clubs and sports play a major role in the lives of students, parents, and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on our actions to further diversify the student body, educate those around us, and keep our school safe and respectful.
FJ Reitz High School was a truly great exeperience in most aspects, but not the best in others. There were a lot of trouble makers at this school, which was probably my least favorite part. It is easy to get distracted because not every person here is here because they want to be. Which causes behavior problems, other than these problems, Reitz has been a great school and I have high hopes that it gets even better.
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I loved my experience at Reitz. The staff was very kind and I learned a lot that I know will transfer with me to college.
Francis Joseph Reitz High School is a very good high school in terms of academics, athletics, and administration. However, a few things I would like to see change is the school corporation’s lunches. Also, parts of the building are very old and require more cleaning/bug prevention than they receive. Despite these two complaints, the culture and spirit of Reitz is strong and I am proud to be a Mighty Panther.
At Reitz, there’s so many different opportunities for you to find yourself. I mean, really find yourself. The teachers see you as a person, not a part of their job. With my experience, the classroom has always been an extremely unique environment. Each teacher has their own special way they connect with us, and that is one of the reasons I love Reitz. It’s not difficult to find a club or group that you belong in because there are so many different people. The teachers and faculty really care about what they’re doing and it shows. It makes me want to be at school and want to learn, and I think that’s really a huge part of high school. I haven’t experienced “senioritis” because school isn’t an obstacle that I dread. I look forward to learning and discovering new things about myself that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I really recommend Reitz to anyone unsure about where they want to attend high school.
Francis Joseph Reitz High School is a great school to attend because there are all different types of people so you are guaranteed to find your perfect friend group, there are also a wide variety of classes, and unlimited extra curricular activities as well as plenty of opportunities to be involved in the schools community.
I thought the teachers were very helpful in their curriculums, but discipline issues were not carried out consistently for those who broke the rules.
I liked the sense of community felt at Reitz. The Panther Pride was always felt at sporting events, especially football. I enjoyed being involved in clubs and organizations through Reitz.
School at F.J. Reitz High School has been pretty decent for the past 4 years. One thing I would like to see be changed is the teachers they hire. They do not get as good as teachers as they think. The people who hire teachers hire should go deeper into evaluating their employees they're about to hire.
I like how many opportunities you had there, and all the different opportunities you were given to succeed in certain areas. For example, I was given the opportunity to take a honors English course my freshman year, which led me to take an AP course in English my junior and my senior year of high school. I feel like what could improve is overall building maintenance and appearance.
Food is not good and a lot of sports are political but the teachers and classes are good and prepare you well.
Francis Joseph Reitz High School is a very average or below average school. Teachers are not respected by the students because some of them do not enforces rules. This does not allow other students who want to learn be able to do so.
I absolutely loved attending F.J. Reitz high school. The amount of tearchers and faculty that genuinely care and connect with each and every student and want to see them strive to achieve their highest potential has left a dramatic impact on my life! I wouldn't be where I am today without the staff of F.J. Reitz high school!
I like that there is a lot of school spirit at the school and the people get involved. The school was a lot bigger than what I was used to.
I liked the positive atmosphere from the teachers and administration. Sometimes I felt as if problems were not properly dealt with, but overall the employees are all very understanding and genuinely care about the students.
Francis Joseph Reitz High School is a high school all about tradition. The Friday nigh football games bring the whole west side together. The academics are some of the best in Evansville. The only thing I wish to see change is the diversity.
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Reitz is a very welcoming school. There are many different clubs and organizations, so anyone and everyone can be involved in at least one thing.
I went to Reitz and loved it. My oldest is a senior and my youngest son will be a freshman next year.
I am currently attending F.J. Reitz High School and I graduate May 2018. I like everything that my high school has to offer me as a senior; support as I graduate, help practice professionalism, and most importantly getting ready for college. All my teachers have high expectations for me as a student and as a role model for all the under classmates. I enjoy being at Reitz and I feel comfortable and safe when I am there.
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