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Doesn’t do background check on teachers. I’d give it a 0 if I could. NOT SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. Do not let them get away with this!!!
Framingham is overall not too bad. There are a lot of extracurricular activities, including sports and clubs. There are many choices on classes to take, and many AP courses. The one subject that does not have a lot of variety is English. The elective choices are great. The support staff (school counselors and college and career counselors) are great resources.
The teachers were amazing. I would like to see changes in the way the schedules work. I would also like to see a change in discipline actions within the school.
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I love FHS for our diversity and extensive class offerings and clubs. We also have excellent music and theater programs along with welcoming sports programs.
My experience at FHS was awesome, especially due to my caring peers and the supportive faculty and staff. The diversity of FHS allowed for dynamic class discussions that involved a wide variety of individual perspectives and life experiences. As a larger high school, FHS provided me with many opportunities to take advantage of, such as the practical and fun classes in the Family and Consumer Sciences department. Overall, the people and opportunities at FHS contributed to my positive high school experience there.
Pretty good school with lots of courses offered. On the other hand, the school is very overpopulated and the building is crowded.
I like the diversity of the school along with the opportunities they constantly provide. They could definitely work on getting students to be more motivated with studies and more prepared for college.
The school is okay. Would’ve rather gone to Rivers but people there are weird. FHS is decent but cant wait to go to college.
Framingham High was an amazing experience. Going to a school with over 2,500 kids and graduating with a class of 500 students really puts your world into perspective. You build a bond with the faculty and they are always there for you. High school was a great time and the four years flew by.
Framingham High School is a very diverse school with a good Academic and Sports track. It also boasts a variety of extracurricular activities, and I participated in the Robotics club, which gave me some experience in design and coding. Since I am currently an engineering major, I would say those experiences came in handy in college.
The education at FHS is standard. I have met a handful of teachers at this institution who genuinely want to see their students succeed and excel post-high school. However, there are a great deal of teachers who are rather harsh on their students, specifically the English and math department. I moved to Framingham after middle school and I have to say the school is not as welcoming as they seem to be. As I lived in a predominantly white and Jewish neighborhood in MA prior to moving to Framingham, the hospitality and gratitude of my former neighborhood does not compare to Framingham. The high school specifically praises its diversity that they overlook that they are not inclusive. As a student of color, I received experienced several micro-aggressions at the HS. Framingham has racial incidents outside HS too. Overall, I received the education I needed to succeed in my post-secondary studies but Framingham has some serious work to do. They could start by getting a bigger high school.
My experience in Framingham High School has been excellent so far. In being an immigrant from a third world country, the High School made it easier for me to adapt to the syllabus and the system. The teachers are very kind and helpful, the school has good resources and it is a wonderful place with wonderful people that willingly want to help you achieve success.
I enjoyed the relationships I built with many different people while at Framingham High School, however, the overall infrastructure of the school system, the programs within it and the facilities are less than desirable due to a lack of funds.
My high school experience was pretty good, but since I knew what I wanted to pursue and study by late sophomore/Junior year, most of my classes didn't interest me and a lot of the work was busy work. There were very few classes about finance and economics, which is what interested me and motivated me the most. On the other hand, I was able to have some great relationship with teachers who truly cared about their students, which i will always cherish and remember.
Framingham High School has a rich culture because it has so much diversity. The electives and after school clubs and activities cater to a wide range of interests. Also, you can build amazing relationships with teachers, other adults, and other students throughout your years there.
I've had a good experience at FHS. As a general trend, people are very accepting. The teachers are good overall. Some are outstanding and some not as good but this is to be expected. I feel like I've had good luck with teachers. There's a wide range of electives available to juniors and seniors.
Your average high school, not much fun. The classes are ok but they are not designed to make you ready for the real world.
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It's a great school and offers great academic rigor and a diverse community. With regards to academics, it offers a variety of courses at various levels. Students have an opportunity to explore various academic and non academic areas.
I liked how teachers actually care about students and are ready to help at all times, they have a great English and math department but need help in their science department
Framingham high school is an extremely diverse school and it is something you can easily notice once you enter. One of my favorite things about the school is the extracurricular activities such as sports that get you involved in the community
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