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I loved my experience at Foxcroft, to this day I feel better prepared in my work and personal life due to my time here. As a girl, navigating high school is so hard and Foxcroft truly takes the time to prepare each girl to be a healthy, compassionate, and strong woman. Then faculty and staff truly feel like family, and work hard with each girl to help them anyone their true potential. I have a specific memory of going to my calculus teacher's house (many faculty live on campus) the week before my midterm in tears because I didn't understand the material. My teacher first gave me some funfetti cookies and calmed me down, then spent two hours with me going over the material. Truly above and beyond education
Many of the old teachers are gone this year, replaced by many low-experience new teachers. Sometimes you will have to read your textbook in order to now what are the teachers are talking about.

Most of the students are friendly and kind. But being silenced isn't the best way. Also, you need to always have a buddy with you, otherwise people will think you're weird.

One of the bad parts of school is the schedule, it's too full and sometimes they require to do things at the weekend. You don't get any relax time after the freshmen year

The clubs here don't do that much activities. If you join a club, your club might do nothing for the rest of the school year.

The dorms here are terrible too, some of them are messy and small. The bedrooms and daily-working room are separated. Which is confusing.

However, the school is nice to international girls. And they have a good barn for the horse-back riding people. So take your time and think.
I went to Foxcroft in the 80’s when it was a pre-Internet era. The friendships formed and education obtained has shaped my life forever.

The beautiful campus in Virginia horse country is beyond gorgeous.

If you want to be transformed in character and excellence, attend Foxcroft!
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Though the school is quite remote and faces difficulties in accessibility, this is a very welcoming and friendly environment. With lots of learning and exploring opportunities, Foxcroft is guaranteed to provide a good education and self-acknowledgement. The food in the dining hall is tasty, and the dining staff are always open to feedback, which I love.
Foxcroft school does a great job with marketing and hiding the enormous flaws in their facilities, academics, and social environment. Girls who are not in a high financial situation and don't pay full tuition are not valued as much as those who are. The school claims to provide vigorous and accelerated classes so girls can be prepared for college. This is true, but sadly the colleges that girls are prepared for are not respected nor impressive. The girls who go to these colleges are intelligent but Foxcroft simply holds them back, claiming to know what's best for them. “ Top boarding school for girls in Middleburg, Virginia” it is also the ONLY boarding school for girls in Middleburg, Virginia, which also makes it the worst. Please before sending your daughter here look at Madeira first if you want her to have a bright future.
A great experience attending for four years. Overall, I would make the same decision again in choosing Foxcroft.
I love Foxcroft! I love everything about it. From the food to students. I thrive here and always feel excepted. Classes are more challenging to prepare us for college. If we ever have a question or need help with a class we can go see any of the teachers after school during tutorial. After tutorial, we have required sports. The coaches make sports so much fun and easy to learn for beginners. The campus is so beautiful and there are so many fun activities to do around campus. We have events as a school and as a community will always support one another. The school is split up into Foxes and Hounds. It's a fun rivalry between the two. We have Fox/Hound gamed such as field hockey, basketball, and riding. Anyone can participate. There are also sing sing which is sorta like a prep rally and it's a fun escape from school. Foxcroft is the most amazing school and I could not have asked for a better blessing in my life.
I don't know what that reviewer is talking about. Foxcroft left-wing??!! That is totally ridiculous. In fact, many people think Foxcroft learns towards being a bit conservative. It treasures its traditions -- some of which go back 100 years -- and focuses on what a prep school should focus on: outstanding (and mostly traditional) academics, diverse athletic and arts programs, preparing girls for college and life by helping each one find her voice, her passion, her gifts and helping her develop the knowledge, skills, empathy and creativity to share it with the world.

IT's a great place where girls get to be girls, meet students from 20+ states and 12+ countries, and develop lifelong friendships.
As Chief Technology Officer for Kashmir World Foundation, I played a key role in revamping STEM education at Foxcroft to include robotics and aeronautical engineering. Over the past few years Foxcroft management has shifted the school to an extreme left wing perspective. It would be extremely uncomfortable for a young lady with conservative values or from a family with conservative values.
In my opinion, Foxcroft is an extraordinary school. Anyone who wishes to get a great education, have memorable experiences, and build life-lasting friendships should attend Foxcroft. Even though it is an all-girls school, the faculty and staff make sure we always have fun things to do, as well as host dances so that we can interact with other schools. One thing I would change about the school is its schedule. I feel as though the students, including myself, are always doing something. There is too much structure and little choice left to the students. Other than that, the school is fabulous.
This school feels like it is in its own world. I know since I have graduated they have even upped the security of each building.
Foxcroft was my home away from home for 4 years and those years shaped my life forever. I made friends here that have become like family even 10 years after graduation. I learned more about myself as a person than I could have in any other environment. I had tough but loving teachers and grew as an equestrian in a way no other school could have allowed. Going to Foxcroft was the best decision I have ever made.
As an Alum and past parent I can say that Foxcroft is a wonderful school that treats each student as an individual. My daughter was well prepared for college and because of her high AP scores received college credit for three classes. School spirt is awesome and traditions are cherished
Graduated and Loved it A Absolutely Amazing experience!!!! Foxcroft is Truly a very special place!!!!
I loved being there. The education I received was excellent. The sense of community was amazing for a teenaged girl. I played sports I never would have been able to.
Foxcroft is such a unique learning environment with a very diverse culture. Foxcorft is an all girls school which allows young women to focus on bettering themselves.
Foxcroft is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a person academically and socially. Foxcroft has many unique traditions that the students and faculty love.
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Foxcroft is a truly wonderful place. The change I saw in myself over four years was incredible. I was more confident, more organized, and more determined. I still keep in contact with the sisters I made there and the teachers we all adore. I will always love Foxcroft as a second home.
foxcroft, its a good school but very closed off and shy, it has good food and a very nice campus. The school dose not feel like a community, you fit in or you dont
The nurses are outstanding, the Health Center impressive and the overall health and safety policies terrific! Personal safety and campus security are also carefully and strategically protected.
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