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Foxcroft Academy is such an amazing school. They offer everything that you could imagine and really help get students ready for college.
I love that the teachers love teach nut grit students and that they enjoy what they do. The engagement between the students and teachers is unbelievable.
I love how teachers at Foxcroft Academy put in so much for the students and truly care for them. The school feels like a big family: people look out for and support each other despite differences. Respect is extremely valued and pushed inside the classroom and in events, along with the idea that we are all one 'herd'. If I'm honest, the only changes I would suggest come down to the students themselves, and their sometimes negative attitudes towards their peers.
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I have had a positive experience here. This school has supported me and helped me so I could succeed. So many great, smart teachers and students
My experience at Foxcroft Academy was good from the start. From when I was in the first grade, my mother worked at the high school, so I spent my days after school exploring the big high school and getting familiar with the staff and area. I have been blessed to go to a school that connects with its students so well.
Horrible horrible school, only care about the students that make them look good, and the ones who for over loads of cash. Sad!
Definitely the best school in the area for academics, resources and diversity, all of which are thanks to the boarding students. Kids from the area are blessed to able to attend a school that gets benefits from having paying students. There are many excellent teachers, but also quite a few who are inexperienced, you just have to know which teachers to shoot for. My least favorite thing was that there is annoying push for teachers to use technology whether or not it is needed. Also small town issues can be unpleasant at times, but are unavoidable.
I attended Foxcroft Academy for all four years of high school. I came in not knowing a single student or teacher, but was welcomed with open arms, and I began to make friends in my first period class. Scholastically, I was challenged everyday by teachers who did all that they could to see their students succeed. I was also able to choose from a variety of electives, from rock band to forensics, from film-making to woodworking. I was also able to participate in athletics as well as theatrical productions. During my time there, I rarely saw any instances of bullying, but whenever a situation arose, it was taken care of very seriously. The administrators, faculty, and staff are also very supportive and understanding of the diverse student body, often encouraging the international or boarding students to participate in activities with the local students.
Foxcroft Academy is a wonderful school in the small rural town of Dover-Foxcroft Maine, the teachers are always here to help you. With a big international community in the school from both Europe and Asia, you will see a very inclusive attitude of people's culture and nations.
Best years of my life!! Everything about Foxcroft Academy is awesome. Proud member of Pony herd. I recommend it for anyone looking for a challenging school.
Foxcroft Academy is a phenomenal school with incredible people in it. I could not have asked for a better high school experience. Its diverse student body and invested teachers create an awesome learning environment.
Overall a strong school with many options in drama, music, welding, sciences, and language. A diverse school with in a small town.
FA is one of the best schools in that area. Dover-Foxcroft is extremely safe which is crucial for student life. People respect and accept differences. Athletics are pretty good but I can't say this for academics. There are around 8 AP courses which taught by the best teachers in this school. Admissions is okay but it isn't a big deal.
I enjoyed Foxcroft Academy. At Foxcroft it really felt like one big family. At Foxcroft there is a huge boarding student population which allows the day students to talk to people from around the world. It is a great school! There was never a time where I needed help and I didn't have some one I could talk to about academics or personal problems.
I really enjoyed my time so far at Foxcroft. My teachers are very friendly and caring. I'm doing very well and plan to get into a top university at the end of my senior year.
I love my school. The experience and education was more than enough to prepare me for college. My teachers were always very helpful and intelligent.
Foxcroft Academy has always offered a plethora of academic and athletic activities in a beautiful county that is the best kept secret in Maine. The stunning campus is the pride of the community. Students aquire strong academics as well as tenacity, heart and courage to earn themselves a tremendous opportunity to succeed. This many years later I still have Foxcroft Academy pride.
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There are plenty of after school programs for students to join if they wish. I believe every student should join at least one program to help prepare for college.
Overall I love my school. I would chose it again if i could. There are small things i would change here and there but nothing that has taken away from the fact that its an amazing school.
So far all of my teachers have been very helpful and professional. They understand how to balance both a friendly and a serious personality to keep my classes engaging.