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The variety of classes, electives , and sports & clubs to choose from . The culture created provides for an open and comfortable environment. It would be great to see a varsity gymnastics team added as my younger sister would like to join and represent the town and school. The overall quality of education and the comfortable environment makes Foxboro highschool a very positive experience.
I graduated in 2019 and enjoyed the majority of my high school experience at Foxborough High. The teachers are amazing and so is the education.
Foxborough High School has a positive and encouraging learning environment. I've always felt supported by my teachers to excel and teachers are great about providing the proper resources to allow students to be successful.
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Foxborough High School has many opportunities for students to become involved and discover what they love to the extent of what they may want to pursue as a career in the future. The math department has some teachers with poor reputation, however if students utilize the in school tutors provided, they will see success in those areas of struggle.
Every part of FHS is incredibly inclusive. From the amazing sports teams, world class band, interesting clubs, intriguing courses, and dedicated teachers makes the years spent in high school incredible memorable.
Foxboro High School has a wonderful and renowned music program with a great reputation. The high school staff are well qualified and are professional. Foxboro High School guidance department provides ongoing support to students from transition from middle school all the way through to the next steps after high school. There are many after school clubs and activities to join, some of which are run by students and some by staff. I do not see diversity in the staff or students, although there are some students attending from the inner city. Foxboro High School is well maintained and the school and grounds always appear clean and kept up. Parents are frequently surveyed and offered opportunities to participate in the educational programs.
Most of my teachers were absolutely fantastic and truly loved their students and teaching, and there is an abundance of extracurriculars and electives.
I really like the teachers at FHS! They are really great and all want to see you continue to grow as a student! I’ve had a particularly great experience with the STEM classes and language classes as well! The music program is phenomenal and the athletics are also very good!
Great school for academics, very qualified teachers. Heavy school/town politics, hopefully you're popular
I liked that they were there to help you when ever you needed It. I feel like they should change the starting time back but still get out at the same time 7:33 is a very weird time. They were an excellent school on academics and pushed everyone to try hard and succeed. They definitely made sure we were ready for college.
i had a good experience at foxborough high. in the 3years I attended, i learned the skills i needed to pass my tests, both in school and for the state. i excelled in history and was able to take elective courses that related to what i wanted to do as a career. the teachers were also extremely helpful and guidance was a blessing.
Foxborough High School is a good environment with many welcoming students. I had a fun four years there.
This is a school divided, half the staff truly care about their students, are experts in their fields, and help inspire and grow student's professional and personal selves.
When I entered Foxborough High School, I wasn't sure what to expect since I wasn't a resident of Foxborough. I lived in Boston and had the opportunity to attend FHS through a program called Metco, which gives students that live in the city the chance to attend a middle school or high school in a suburb. Coming from the city, I was aware there was a chance I was going to go through a culture shock and have a hard time adjusting to my new surroundings. Because the Metco program has been around for years, the school welcomes each and every student with open arms no matter their background. Foxborough high school was the best four years of my life thanks to faculty and administration. Each and every single teacher dedicates their time to their students and wants each student to succeed and be the best version of themselves possible.
I would like to see more involvement with the school in terms of creating a more holistic profile of attending students, with more information/opportunities being presented in scholarships, online study, college classes, etc. The environment in the school is helpful and supportive overall.
Foxboro High had something for everyone and really helped me prepare for the rigorous academics of college through AP classes and honor societies. I wish the college fair had a more diverse selection of schools so we would have an idea of what was available. Also, I would like to see the school help students more with the college selection process.
FHS offers an extremely wide variety of educational opportunities, whether it be the countless AP classes or the Virtual High School classes offered.

The teachers at the school genuinely care about their students' success, the guidance office is extremely helpful when it comes to the college application process and course selection, and there are additional resources available to students, such as a school psychologist and college counselor.

There are great sports and extracurricular activities offered as well. If you are into music, this is the best public school in MA to go to. The Foxborough Music Association is celebrated on a national scale as one of the best public school music programs in history.

Overall, a great public school. Couldn't ask for more.
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I enjoy this high school and most classes. My teachers are positive role models with experience in their content areas. I am challenged in my courses and involved in extra activities besides academics. The coaches are great! Very encouraging and positive role models. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with activities.
Foxborough High School has great teachers to teach and a great football team. The music program is very good. Everyone is nice and respectful!
I came to Foxborough as an immigrant and everyone in the community welcomed me. The teachers were very helpful and always tried to help me understand what we were learning since I didn't speak English at the time. As I progressed through the years I met some of the most influential teachers and administrators throughout my years in foxborough.
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