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Fox Valley Lutheran High School Reviews

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The overall mission of the school is achieved very well as to continue students in their Christian faith and education. The academics are phenomenal as well as the incredible love and support from every teacher there. The new additions to the school add to the outstanding condition of the building itself. Safety is a key part to every day life at Fox Valley Lutheran High School. There is constant supervision by teachers along with strict rules about leaving and entering the building. It is also a closed campus which adds to the safety aspect because students are never allowed to leave the building! We follow a strict schedule every day which includes daily bible studies, chapels devotions, prayers, and required religion courses. The very demanding class schedule makes every student college prepared although opportunity for actual college credits are limited.
I love the fact that I have the opportunity for a Christian education. Fox Valley Lutheran High School has excellent programs, whether it's fine arts or STEM. The school supplies laptops for the students which help with communication and college courses. FVLHS has great opportunities to come together with other students, like the Outdoor Club or even our ESports team! Our resources are new and improved and they offer the best quality of education.
I absolutely have loved being at FVLHS! I hope that I'll get to see the teachers again after I graduate.
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I love the cleanliness of the school. The staff are amazing and always willing to help. We have fresh food daily. The only thing I'd like to see IMPROVED in the school is MORE ways for students to get involved, I.E. more clubs, intramural things, activities after school, etc. I'd also like for their to be more tuition assistance to allow more students to go to school, with a wider variety of races as well.
FVL is truly an awesome place to go to school. The fact that I can go to a school that supports my beliefs and that has the resources and activities that I want is amazing.
At Fox Valley, there is such a good environment. People there want you to succeed, especially the teachers. Because of it's small size, you are able to get involved in many things and you get to know the teachers on a personal level. If you are looking for a school with a good environment and good culture, I highly recommend FVL.
I started at FVL when I was a freshman. I had just moved to Wisconsin and starting high school is scary enough, so I was genuinely afraid to start this new huge school. Over the years I had met friends who had come and gone. The school gave me a lot of experiences that I will hold with me forever.
My experience at FVL has been truly great! I have met so many really amazing people that have helped me learn and grow. I have also been given many opportunities to use my gifts and abilities in many fun and exciting ways including the choir, show choir, Forensics, and theater productions. All the directors of these activities are so helpful and encouraging! The teachers are very supportive and help me achieve to the goals I strive for, in whatever they might be. They have helped me to grow in knowledge and also as a person in order to prepare me for life beyond high school. I am so thankful to get to go to such an amazing school!!
My school experience is the best I could ask for. I am constantly around supportive teachers and peers who believe in the same things I do. The environment at sports games and other big events is electrifying as everyone is supporting the players involved. Each class is centered on growth and our Lutheran faith as we learn everything we could possibly need to strive in whatever career we decide to pursue. There are many opportunities to connect with others in sports, drama, arts, and so many other clubs and groups that allow us to use our talents to glorify God.
I really enjoy FVL because of the close knit classes and the faith based learning. I entered this school as a Junior, and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The teachers are helpful and make me feel very comfortable approaching them with anything I need.
Its a great place for all students! It provides ideal leadership from faculty as well as the way for students to make many decisions on their own. Sports are also an awesome part of the culture here and usually, the teams are very good. The coaching staffs are friendly and most of the time everyone gets a great time out of their season!
I really enjoy Fox Valley Lutheran. I am graduating soon and am ready to move on but the friendships I have made and the teachers that have inspired me to be better was probably the best part of Fox Valley Lutheran. I also enjoyed the chapel we had each day to learn about God. Even though sometimes school can be hard and not likable overall Fox Valley Lutheran was a great school and a great choice for anyone in the future.
Fox Valley Lutheran is a very good school for a faith based education. All of the teachers are willing to help any students. Classes and teachers really prepare you for college.
Fox Valley Lutheran has a kind atmosphere and tends to have a large amount of information to teach. The only real gripe I have against the school is the unnecessary strictness of certain rules such as the dress code.
Great school for a Christian education. Nothing special about any other form of education. The teachers are average and so are the classes. I always wished they offered for the career I want to go into. If you want to be a pastor or Christian teacher go here!
At this school I not only received an excellent education, but also an opportunity to learn more about Jesus. With chapel and religion classes every day, I got an in depth knowledge of my Savior. The people here are also very warm and welcoming. I never felt afraid to ask a teacher for help.
This school focuses on college prep. If this is your focus it may be fine for you. They say they are Christian but those values are not evident outside if religion classes and chapel. Their real goals are not about love, but about test scores.
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I loved all of the AP classes that were offered as a student. I was able to be a sophomore credit wise after my first semester of college. The teachers were all very kind and wanted everyone to succeed. I would like to see the food change, unless it has since I have been there.
Fox Valley Lutheran is a very home-like environment. Everyone seems to know everybody and they are very welcoming. By senior year, it seems like they have turned into your second family. The academics are very well taught and really prepare you for your future. FVL has a lot to offer to prepare you for college and your intended major.
Fox Valley Lutheran High School has been an absolute blessing. The faculty is superb, providing students with a premier education that is Christ-centered. The student body is absolutely amazing. Despite the class sizes being in the mid-100's or higher, everyone feels like family.
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