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Four Corners Charter School Reviews

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All this school cares about is its grade, not the actual pupils themselves or their well being. Academics is all about focusing on the kids that need help to pass the tests the school needs for its grade ! Barely any qualified teachers in spite of what they tell you. Safety procedures are just non existent.
Do not send your child to this poor excuse for a school . Bullying is rife . Positive reviews are fake put their by teachers or Admin staff
Four corners charter is labeled as a newer school, considering the fact that it opened about 3 years ago, well at least the upper campus (highschool) did. It has its downsides but overall is an amazing school that continuously pushes its students to conquer their goals.
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Four Corners was really good school for when I was there for my first two years in Orlando. It was very different, but welcoming. The staff and clasrooms were really good. The campus and location is AMAZING....The school overall was really good in all aspects.
Four Corners is an incredible schools. Has a lot of education. Students and faculty have good relationship. Everyone participates in school activities. I wouldn't change anything
They take there time to grade an explain there lessons
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