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Fountain Valley is an overall nice school, where the teachers are willing to help. The diversity is barely prominent since the student body consists of a majority of asian or white students. The school is known more for academics than sports, although there is always the thrill of a sports event. ASB tries its hardest to incorporate activities interesting to all students, but the amount of participation is usually low. Most clubs or activities or sports cost money and limits the amount of students who can actually take part in school functions.
Lots of smart kids, so it's pretty competitive if you are wanting to get to a good school. If not, there are plenty of dumb kids that exist just to get through high school too.
Academics mostly outstanding, kids pushed to excel n thrive reach their potential. Most Teachers available to help. Administration not so much. Prime objective to look good in paper not so much to reward those students that put the effort to reach their goals.
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The incredible high school student and faculty spirit is undeniably enjoyable throughout all four years of the high school experience.
Great students, great teachers, great programs. The student body was overall really nice, bullying isn’t an issue at FV. There‘a close to 100 clubs on campus, there’ll be one for everyone’s interests. The majority of the students are prideful or happy to go to this school. I’ve had great teachers throughout my time here. No matter what subject, the bottom line is that they care about their students. They’ll push students to be the best versions of themselves. There are “hard” teachers but at the end of the day they’re preparing students for what life in college would be like. The AP program is very extensive and is very well taught at this school with the majority of kids passing and earning college credit. There is a dedicated special ed program that provides those students with all their needs . Athletics programs are improving year on year and will only get better
Fountain Valley High School has excellent academics, and although it can be a challenging and high pace environment, it really is a great school. The staff and students and kind, fun, and make high school tolerable.
I was exhausted the entire time and I'm pretty sure I didn't go one day without a headache. It was ok. Most of the teachers cared about school as much as the students. We all had a mutual agreement that we were always in a state of I-wish-I-was-at-home.
As a sophomore attending Fountain Valley High School, my experience at this school has been amazing. I am on the Fountain Valley Basketball Team and the coach and staff do a great job at coaching and showing us what we need to do to get better. My teachers are also very great. They are very helpful and are always willing to do the best to help each student. I would definitely recommend younger students in Middle School to think about attending Fountain Valley High School because of our Baron pride and Baron community.
Fountain Valley High School was a great school to attend. Students felt safe at this school the majority of the time. The activities were fun and provided great memories for students.
I liked the lax atmosphere at fvhs, but wished that there were more student led activities. Most of the teachers are personable and understanding.
It is a great school and a very competitive school. Not for everyone because there is a lot of people who would normally get As in the class but there is a lot of competition.
The spirit at Fountain Valley High School was always to the roof. Everyone is nice, I never had a bad encounter. When I mean everyone, I mean everyone. From faculty staff to students.
Love this school, excellent services, teaching methods, staff, student body, campus, and freedom. Great school
I like this school because it is very diverse and full of all different types of people who are mostly willing to help others. At fountain valley high school, there is a very competitive educational environment and it really pushes us students to work hard and strive to be the best versions or ourselves.
Fountain Valley High offers an amazing education to make up for their lack in sports talent. The overall atmosphere is inviting and safe for students. I personally don't see bullying as an issue in this school. There are many opportunities to volunteer through the clubs provided at this school. The student body put a lot of effort into school activities and to have the school come together.
Honestly, I enjoyed going to this school for the past 4 years of my life. I don't regret it, there's this amazing school spirit in the people that has united people. I loved going to football and basketball games to see the support of students, teachers, and administration. We all had pride in who we were, BARONS. They've provided amazing resources from Chromebooks, the internet, college representatives, and more to improve education for their students. I love that the staff here actually care about their students' success and would be willing to help any student no matter their circumstances. I like how they have psychologists that are open to talking to because it helped anybody with any issues they needed talking about.
This high school is great. The teachers are well informed on the subjects they teach and are very nice. The students at this school are also inclusive and seem to care a lot about their academics. There is a great positive learning environment at this school.
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Most of the staff members and teachers are amazing and very nice. The campus is very diverse and there is rarely any serious problem. The school spirit is unmatched and the school is like one big family.
I've attended Fountain Valley High School since I was a freshman. In terms of academics, it is a pretty good school, but it's very competitive. The school is crowded with a lot of students and you would see large groups of people standing in one area during lunch. I would say our dance teams and our band is talented.
The poster school for a safe suburbia environment. It is very difficult to feel unsafe at Fountain Valley High School as the staff and student body work together to create a calming working environment. The location is central suburban Fountain Valley and there is very little crime risk in the area. The worst encounter with school safety I have faced in my three years of schooling is a lockdown enforced by the Fountain Valley Police department over the fear of a robbery happening more than two miles away. The only negative aspect of this school is the highly competitive studying environment. It is difficult to find yourself standing out when every single student here tries their best to take the highest AP offered classes while packing in clubs and extracurricular activities. However, some may enjoy the competition as it can help you grow as a stronger scholar.
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