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Fossil Ridge High School offered many opportunities for me to grow academically and socially throughout my years there. I was privileged enough to be heavily involved in cheerleading, choir, and AP courses all of which have outstanding leaders of those programs. The administration is thoroughly invested in the success of each student and giving opportunities to pursue multiple areas of learning. One thing I feel could improve is the attitude of apathy that the students and I often exhibited at times. Feeling complacent in mediocrity is something that should be discouraged, but the student culture idolized it. Working hard is a trait that should be engrained into students who want to achieve and it was lacking at some points in my high school career. That being said, the staff and students I adored were crucial to my growth as a person and I will forever be grateful for this school for providing that experience.
I love the environment. It feels open and warm like you really belong. I have been to many different schools and this one really feels like a place that I can achieve my dreams.
My experience at Fossil Ridge was overall very good. The principal of Fossil Ridge has his primary focus in making the school successful, either that be picking the teachers he hires largely based off how much they care about being there to doing many things in his power to make the school better. A good example is the event "thanks not pranks" during the last year where students are encouraged to donate to charity instead of commit pranks during the final week. Speaking from experience the teachers are almost all excellent and really passionate about their subject and teaching, Out of 30 or so teachers I had maybe one or two bad ones and the rest were excellent. Ridge is also the most diverse school in the district with students that have twenty six different nationalities going there. The academics are also great with the school consistently ranking in the top three out of forty schools with similar demographics. The only thing I would change is make the lunch a bit better.
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It is a very diverse school, meaning many opportunities to connect with individuals that are different from me, and an exposure to many cultures different from my own. The student body and faculty were fantastic, the teachers showed dedicated to their students above an beyond what was expected of them. The band program unfortunately just did not receive enough funding due to the demographic of the students involved in fine arts at the school. We didn't get to enjoy as many fun experiences as the other schools in our district, but our directors did their best to make up for it. Overall, a great experience that only lacked in a handful of areas.
Fossil Ridge is definitely a great. In the four years I attended the school there has been countless opportunities offered daily. The staff and administration is very helpful and professional from day to day. Overall an excellent choice as it is diverse and does not push others not to join in clubs/activities but encourages it. It's Better at the Ridge!!
Fossil Ridge high school is an incredibly diverse and culturally rich school. You gain so much knowledge of different religions and cultures.
I love fossil ridge because the teachers there make an effort in teaching and there is no teacher that I know of that would not help a student with something
The school is pretty big and nice, the teachers are the best!, but the students who are taking AP classes are under pressure, making them explode and causing fights in the school, the change I would like to see is that security does a better job, they don't see what students see, I've seen students vaping, and I often see inappropriate objects at the restrooms.
Ridge is an amazing school with lots of diversity. The students and teachers all have a great impact on each other, and the experience I've gained from my years there have helped shape the person I am today. All of my teachers were devoted to their students and did anything they could to help a student out. The teachers are great listeners when anyone is having a problem, and they always find away to help. I have made many amazing friends at this school, and had a blast hanging out with them. The school offers tons of cool extracurricular activities, and they give us lots of info about scholarships and tips to help us out in the future. Nothing in this school needs to change because it is already amazing the way it is.
Fossil Ridge is a welcoming school that stands up to bullying and keeps everyone no matter what race you are. The teacher here are the best you can talk to them about any issue that you have. I wish my school could have better things. For example, we should paint the old rusted lockers.
Fossil Ridge High School is a great place to learn due to the diversity of nationalities. This teaches students how to socialize, interact, and tolerate people with different beliefs and backgrounds in a healthy way, which is going to be very useful later in in life.
I would like to review each teachers. Most of them were there for the money or either just wanted to babysit kids. The workload was a waste of time. There are loopholes to only going to a day of school out of the AB schedule.
Hit or miss on the teachers, very disorganized, some strong academic areas. Sports and Art oriented, good facilities and generous budget for the arts.
Don't get me wrong, I believe that Fossil has a massive collection of opportunities for it's students but it's an average school. I wish the on-level class teachers were a little more hands on and passionate for what they teach. That being said, not all of them are like this and are actually very dedicated.
Fossil Ridge is a school full of diversity, I feel like that's what I like most. No matter what race you are, you always manage to fit in. It's a place where the color of your skin doesn't matter. You are free to be you. I like being in a place surrounded by so many different people and cultures, it helps you learn more about the other person and to be honest, in Fossil Ridge, I have grown a lot as a person, mentally. I really enjoy it. At Ridge, not only are the teachers here to teach you, but they are here for you, to help you. Our motto is "It's better at 'The Ridge'" and maybe it is
I like Mr.Hadley but his involvement wasn't enough. Some teachers and coaches were questionable. In my opinion a waste of payroll. College readiness was a joke. Everyone had to accomplish their own agenda and that did not includecollege.
At Fossil Ridge High School the diversity is very huge from the staff to the students. The teachers and staff are really caring and helpful. Fossil Ridge makes you feel safe and comfortable. There are many clubs and organizations to get involved through out the school. The favorite part were the football pep rallies because they were so much fun and enthusiastic.
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Going to school helped me find enjoyment during my roughest times and teachers are the reason I am still alive today. People from every background attend my school, and I have gotten to know many of them through the years. They offer a variety of courses at multiple levels of difficulty so that you may decide what best suits your academic ability. Fossil Ridge provides clubs and extracurriculars that suit every students interests and needs.
Fossil Ridge High School creates an effective academic learning environment which makes it easy for students to achieve academic success. With the abundant number of classes and highly qualified and experienced instructors, the school is able to provide students with top-tier education that allows them to excel and reach their goals. Though it's true that the school has some outdated technology, they truly do make the most of it and in the end, succeed in giving students a good shot passing their classes with good marks. Fossil Ridge is a great school and is definitely one that allows students like me to do well and come closer to achieving their academic aims.
I was a junior, it was my first year there. I had fun I made lots of nice friends. The teachers treated all the students nicely.
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