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Fossil Hill Middle School Reviews

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Middle school is that weird transitional age where you’re trying to figure yourself out. Everybody goes through this stage, but the teachers at Fossil Hill Middle School really helped me throughout my journey. The teachers really were passionate about the subjects they taught, they were actively engaged in their students lives. I love middle school. I say love instead of loved because I still reminisce on middle school. The teacher who really pushed me to do best were my Avid Teachers Mrs. Harvath and Mr. Burleson. I had them 7th and 8th grade and whenever I started to act out they never ridiculed me, they talked to me and set me back on track. Without their love and understanding I wouldn’t have made it through middle school.
The students really need to be disciplined more. During my years here, the teachers were great, but the other students just made the whole experience awful for me. They were always very disruptive, and some of my teachers, bless their hearts, just couldn't control them. I couldn't focus in school and I developed an unjust disliking for other people. They made me angry and lash out, and they just need more discipline.
It isn't the very best school and a lot of students aren't respectful because of their friends,teachers, or even parents.
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Fossil Ridge is very diverse and there is a lot of student involvement.
There are a variety of clubs at Fossil Ridge and the one's I have been part of have been in my opinion one of my best experiences in high school. The band program every year does very well. Latin club is small at my school but the kids in it are very committed. The other clubs are great too.
Health and Safety at Fossil Ridge is great and I think this school is really safe. Staff and administrators do all they can to keep us all safe and they have good communication.
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