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I went here for 14 years. If you are planning on sending your child to this school please make an extra effort to educate them on sexism and racism. It is an incredibly white school and the little diversity certainly has an effect on the kids. Many kids during my time here were very tone deaf and disrespectful to those that are less privileged. The new Upper School Head Mr. Hinrichson is certainly making a huge improvement to the environment at FWC, it is a shame I graduated after his first year here.

Other things to note:
Stay away from the upper school baseball team. They have a sexist and racist reputation that goes beyond FWC and is known by many other private schools in the area.

Mr. Baur is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Take one of his classes while he still works here, even if the class doesn't seem interesting to you. He will bless your life and will teach you so much.
It is impossible to sum up our experience involving the combined total of 17 years with our 2 children at FWC. We can honestly say we never once doubted our decision for them to be here, and it was worth every sacrifice we made to make it happen. To say they felt loved and valued is an understatement. The FWC community becomes like family, and we always felt so thankful to be a part of it. It was apparent that the entire staff was invested in our kids-they felt loved and supported from every level.Friendships and memories were made that will last a life time. We were most impressed with how they handled the onset of Covid 19. The transition to virtual learning was seamless, because of the technology FWC has had in place for many years. FWC prepares your children for college, and our daughter is proof. With the study habits and college-level writing taught at FWC, she thrived. Our son was recruited to play golf at the next level. We are forever grateful to be a part of the FWC family.
Elementary was great. not only was it fun, butI did learn a lot. The teachers changed every year though and I still am not sure why. I think they give too much hoopla to the athletics department and not enough to the fine arts department.
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I’ve loved getting to spend everyday in a Christ centered community. The teachers and students are amazing and are always working hard to do their best!
Fort Worth Christian is a great school that offers the christian environment many look for. With the right staff and administration the school runs very well. I spent many years there and enjoyed my time.
After raising my children within the homeschool community, my youngest decided to attend school. After searching for many options in our area, we decided FWC was the best choice. FWC has a strong and rigorous academic tradition and the family feel to the entire school has made the transition so easy for us. They are truly a Christ-centered school and we feel this from every person we encounter-from Mr. Yowell in the lunchroom, to Mrs. Mackin in the front office. We love this school!
My daughter started FWC in kindergarten and she is now in 3rd grade. She is thriving academically, socially, and spiritually. We love the small class sizes and the teachers are amazing. The teachers love our kids and our kids love the teachers. It feels like a family instead of a school. The best part of Fort Worth Christian is chapel. They start every day with prayer, singing and worship. Our son attends PreK as well and he has so much more confidence now. I’m so excited to see them become Christian leaders and their love for Jesus grow every day. I wouldn’t want my kids to attend any other school. It’s the best place to be.
FWC has given our kids a chance to grow, learn, and try an abundance of things. From Home Economics in the middle school to knitting club in the lower school, there is something for everyone! Ranked in all things athletics to offering a wide range of academics that prepare your student for college and beyond, we’ve been so pleased with how FWC incorporates so many things into a perfect blend. Open houses are starting up already and enrollment starts in early February. Want a school that will give you more? You’ve found it at FWC!
I had the best experience when I went to FWC. I went there for 7 years and it was the best school I went to in all my years. I am currently a senior and it is still getting better every day I attend the school.
As a Junior who has attended since Kindergarten:

Do attend if you:
Are Christian
Aren’t a minority
Can comfortably pay tuition
Like sports

Don’t attend if:
You aren’t Christian (Theology=fact here, harsh on opposing beliefs)
You are a minority (vastly white, republican, upper-middle class)
You can’t pay (tuition=17k/year and gets higher each year (when I was in kindergarten, it was 5k))
You don’t like sports (sports receives adequate funding, fine arts is underrepresented and ill-funded)

I will emphasize this one with it's own paragraph: do NOT attend if you are LGBTQ+. They can and will kick out openly gay/trans students. The FWC environment includes an overload of heteronormativity, teachers dedicating entire periods to "homosexual sin," opposite-sex only homecoming and prom, and students calling you slurs (assuming they know your identity). If this is you, just go to a public school where a GSA is actually allowed.
Fort Worth Christian has been my second home for 8 years. Our school is a family and makes everyone feel accepted. I will be honored to say that I will soon be graduating from this amazing school. I look to my teachers as Christian Mentors and role models for my life. I have made amazing friends that guide me along my path of life. This school offers mission trips, worship time, and academic opportunities and so many amazing things.
Great teachers - new administration changes are breathing life into FWC toward Christ-centeredness and a college preparatory education! The class sizes are hard to argue with - friends know one another better and the teachers really know the kids. We've done public, too, but FWC has been great for us!
I am currently a senior at this school and have been attending it since kindergarten. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that have practically been handed to me just by attending. My absolute favorite part of the school are the teachers. They really do care about their students so much and will do everything in their power to allow to them to succeed to their very best.
do not like the gates the gates are really dumb half the time there not even open and that makes us late for either class or athletics in the morning
Although the teachers are amazing and my experience was enjoyable at FWC, the administration within recent years has slipped and turned this school into a place I do not recognize; unreasonable rules to establish dominance, ignoring the voice of students, and sweeping serious problems under the rug to "save face". The diversity within the school is extremely limited, students live in a bubble that is never challenged. Some of the Biblical teachings at this school are extremely biased, even psychologically damaging. The difficult questions are ignored, most of the time they are shut down completely. Those who defy authority are punished, and depending on who your parents are you may be able to escape punishment completely. I enjoyed my time at Fort Worth Christian, the teachers make this school amazing. My complaints after attending this school have to do with the administration. School values are important, but never more important than the students.
Fort Worth Christian has been an incredible school that offers opportunity. Having teachers who genuinely care about their students and the future of their students helps each student feel valued and loved. At Fort Worth Christian I am always checked on my progress in the college application progress and in my current academic status. I have loved having the opportunity to talk to any teachers or counselors about college advice or advice in life. Being at a college preparatory schools provides me the opportunity to be ready for college and to know what is expected of me.
If i would to change anything at Fort Worth Christian I would change the school culture. Most high school students are negative about going toclass and going to the school. I think it is important for people to realize that Fort Worth Christian offers us so much opportunity that most students wish for.
Fort Worth Christian is more than a school, it is a family. Upon coming here, you are immediately invited by both peers and faculty to partake in "Cardinal Power." There are opportunities presented here that are unique and unobtainable at other schools in the area.
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I love the community at Fort Worth Christian. Everyone is close-knit and loving toward one another. The academics are also very good, and challenging in a way that will help you to focus and excel in school and out. The teacher's are all very invested in their students, and anyone joining the school will find that they are valued by all.
I absolutely love Ft. Worth Christian. I have developed life long friendships and gotten a world class education. Ft. Worth Christian's environment si always welcoming and life changing. Everyone at FWC is helpful and wanting to see you succeed no matter what path in life you chose.
Amazing experience that shaped me into the woman I am today! The classes were taught by intelligent and caring teachers who made you feel at home. Very lovely school.
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