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My experience was good. My favorite part was the athletics. They always had a good atmosphere and everyone would come together as one. One thing I would change is the staff. They need more people who aren’t Fort alumni. They need different faces and different teaching styles.
Outdated, racist mascot. Tone-deaf staff untrained in handling students who are neurologically divergent or members of the LGBT+ community. Not many resources or extracurricular activities outside of football, cheer-leading, and track & field. My peers and I did not facilitate a culture of bullying which I enjoyed about the school-- there were no deep divides between "cliques" and social groups.
The school is fairly limited ethnic-wise, but there are so many different clubs and organizations that it feels diverse anyway.
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At Fort Osage, we are Fort Family. We all are family and treat one another with respect. Not only is our principle involved, fun, and eager to change lives, but so are the staff. My four years of high school have been nothing but positively memorable and bittersweet.
I am new to the school system in America, Fort Osage is the only U.S. school experience I've ever had so I am heading off an overseas view on things. I find the school to be incredibly filthy with many students that disrespect others, use slurs in almost every sentence and always looking to pick some fight with someone. The teacher to student ratio, I find to be fine with the 25:1 or 25:2, however it upsets me when I require assistance with a mater, but I do not receive the help from the teacher because some lazy student does not want to do their work, hoards the teachers attention, creating small talk as he gets tutored in class. Overall I don't think it is a very good school.
This is the best school in the Midwest. The teachers really care for their students and want to see them succeed and we have a very tight-knit, positive community regardless of any cliques. The administration really strives to make the school better every day and takes the time to get to know each student and their needs. Our academics are far better than other big schools in the area and students actually try and succeed. I have had nothing but a great experience my entire four years at this school and I wish outsiders could see how great this school is becoming.
Fort Osage was typically a very positive place, felt like a second home honestly. There could be some improvements regarding facilities and resources but overall, an awesome school.
The football team receives almost all of the funding. Every single club is forced to fund raise because we can't even afford buses for some of the activities.
There isn't a huge selection of classes, and there are limited AP offerings. Nearly all classes I've taken have been engaging, however, and there are lots of opportunities to apply yourself to get more out of the school.
Fort Osage High School is one of the better schools in the Independence area. The teachers are very kind and helpful to their students. Fort Osage is a very prideful school.
Fort Osage High School is a very positive and fun environment with great students and teachers, but it would be awesome if they would push the students a little more and challenge them to better prepare us for college.
Located in small town America this high school is well rounded and provides a breeding ground for exceptional academics, sports, and culture. Proud alumni.
Fort Osage High School is overall a great school. Their saying is they do things a little bit better, which reigns true in some situations such as sports and academics.
Forthe Osage Highschool is the best highschool in Independence! Teachers are very friendly and enjoy helping students find the right classes and future job careers. They encourage students to succeed at what they do best and try harder at what they do very poorly at.
Fort Osage has a good teacher base that truly believe in educating their students for the current work force. They change with the times and work closely with the students to help them accomplish the grades and credits to help them be in line to get into a college to further their education. Fort Osage is a tight group of caring high school staff that has the students best interest in mind at all times.
Fort Osage High School is a great school. It's a semi big school and is always there for their students. They give great opportunities for extra-curricular activities. I'm proud to be an Indian.
I have been going to the Fort Osage School District my entire life. I enjoyed my time in each of the school, from elementary to junior high. None of these schools compare to Fort Osage High, though. My high school is not the best statistically by any means. We're not the best at every sport, we don't make an abundance amount of money, and we might not be the smartest; but we are a family. Sometimes everyone doesn't get along, and we fight like a real family does. Then we'll have those moments, when the entire school is crammed into our tiny gym and everyone is hot. We'll all have our arms wrapped around each other, belting the school song as loud as we can and you can look in any direction and you'll see smiling faces. We come together in tough times and rejoice in the good. We are Fort Family, and that's why I love Fort Osage High.
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Fort Osage high school is a great all around school! The teachers generally care about the students and want everyone to succeed.
Fort Osage is a very good school. I've enjoyed my time here and although I'm looking forward to graduating, I'll miss it. The teachers are nice, the student body is super diverse, and I feel like I've gotten a great education here.
The football games are about the only thing that students/families really get involved in.
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