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I have really enjoyed my years at Forsan. I started here my 6th grade year and I am now a senior here. This is a very small school, but that is one of the things that I love about it. The atmosphere of Forsan is unmatched. The smallness of the school allows for each and every student to have a lot more attention from the teachers. My teachers have always done everything in their power to help me learn and understand what is needed to know. They are all great teachers, in and out of the classroom. Many teachers were there to support us in everything we did. Forsan High School has treated me great and I will always cherish the time I have gotten to spend here.
Forsan is a great school for students, but sometimes I feel like not enough effort is being made. I feel like some of the administration could be looser on some of the students. Students act out when under pressure and pushing rules down their throats only seems to make the situation worse. I feel like academics could be better and that more time needs to be spent looking into the IT departments. More attention needs to be paid to the well being of the students and not on specific programs. I also feel like more needs to be done to prepare students for life in the real world as well as the process of looking for a applying for colleges. Many students do not know how to do it on their own and some have parents that cannot help. I also feel as if more needs to be done in the counselor department to further expand the ability to help students. Students should not feel scared or intimidated by administration either.
I have attended Forsan since kindergarten. The teachers work hard to prepare us for exams and college, but there have been a few that I am not entirely sure how they managed to get hired. The school works hard to get students involved in the band and sports programs, as well as academic UIL events. The facility is always very clean and well prepared. I have enjoyed my experiences at Forsan High School and am looking forward to the next three years I have ahead of me.
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Forsan high school is a very small community of people. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone personally because of how small it is.
This area is rural but this school system has a wonderful superintendent and interesting people teaching our beloved kids.
Of course all teachers are different in their teaching styles, but at Forsan most of the teaching staff has a very sound and effective way of teaching. The teachers did great with what they were given!
The teachers are very involved with the students, and are always available when help is needed. They also care for our over all well-being and our quality of life outside of the classroom. Many go out of their way to encourage and teach in the best way possible, by willingly working one-on-one with students who are struggling. I've personally had this experience with my math teacher. She sits beside me all class period and works with me, step by step through each problem until I understand. I have always felt comfortable and cared for in my high school.
I have been a part of Forsan since Kindergarten and my honest opinion is that it is run by pretentious and condescending people who pick favorites and if they are not treated as an authority they don't treat you as a person. They could stand to do a better job with assignments, I'd like to learn something with plenty of time to understand over that memorize, memorize, memorize. They don't focus enough on the arts in my opinion. Art class, poetry, theater, these all need to be further explored. Furthermore, going back to them disregarding mental state, I know many people suffering from depression and anxiety, myself included, and the counselor is always busy and we can't pull somebody out of class to calm them down when they are texting you they can't stand it anymore, they would rather die than anything. In conclusion, here at Forsan there is talk of love and family and friendship, but all I've found is Hell.
We have had an amazing experience at Forsan with all of our children, including one with Aspergers. It is like a huge family that looks out for everyone and helps every child to succeed. From admin to the custodial service, all staff is very involved in the well being of our children.
It truly does focus on the success of the students regarding their education.
The policies are there but not always enforced completely.
We have great athletic facilities, there could be more school spirit though.
We have many great teachers that really care about their students' success.
We have access to many different kinds of technology: computers, iPads, and laptops. Our school is very clean. The only thing I'd change is to have one more counselor because ours is so busy so often.
We have many sports but I think we could have more art related opportunities. The only one offered at our school is band.
For the most part, we are very different, but accepting of differences
Sports are top priority here. Almost everyone is an athlete or involved in Friday nights.
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We have a good variety of food and the menu changes regularly.
The teachers are fantastic! They are dedicated to helping every student.
Being a small school, our resources are kind of limited. But what we do have is top comdition
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