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As a current senior at this school, I have been through 3 different principles at Forest Hills high school. the administration has improved over the last year and I'm happy to see the change. The music and art academies are the pride of mine at this school and the teachers of all subjects care about their students and their education. this is a great school to attend and I am proud to graduate from.
Forest hills is a very diverse area , and so everywhere you look you can see all parts of the world represented. This school has a lot of different types of classes to choose from. For example, various electives(music appreciation, band, nutrition, and health etc).
It's a good school, however, it tends to be overcrowded and sometimes the teachers can't accommodate all of the students.

On the other hand, the music and drama program is really good, as well as the science program.
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I’ve been in forest high school for four years now. Most of the teachers are great but some not so much. The school helps you achieve your goals in the best of their abilities we’re offered multiple resources and provided with multiple accesses. We have multiple clubs and we come up with new ones very frequently. Every Halloween we have a very tight security to ensure everyone is not in the sake of being in danger. This school is very diverse and very culturally open and the teachers do the best of their abilities to provide the student with the best college environment.
The school can either be really good or pretty bad, in the end its which side of the spectrum you decide to be on that can define your high school experience, In my experience some of the best teachers I've ever had are in this very school and are the reason why I am who I am, and for that I am truly grateful. I am part of the carl sagan program in the school, and having career pathways really helped me grasp an idea for what I want to do in college, I wish the school could incorporate a similar idea for the rest of the school and not only for a select 200.
I liked the teachers and the ability to make new friends. The tests were challenging, and they made me feel like I had to work to be a good student.
I like how there are many clubs and sports with many options to participate in extracurriculars. However, overall the school culture is a bit melancholy and there isn't much incentive or focus on academics. Some teachers are very good, and others are decent. The hallways are very crowded and while they have tried very hard to minimize children from skipping class it is still very common. Overall, if you try hard you can achieve good things at this school. But most of the effort has to be your own choice.
Forest Hills High School is a very diverse high school located in New York City. FHHSl gives their students many opportunities to enhance their learning by offering many programs.
a pretty good school, lacking a bit with clubs and some teachers are sub par. Students can do kind of whatever they want. Music department is pretty nice though.
Almost all the teachers and staff are good-hearted, caring people who truly care about the students and their wellbeing. The atmosphere is welcoming and it truly is a great school to attend.
Good teachers and many clubs. Also, the student government takes students ideas into consideration, which keeps the students involved.
As a whole it’s a pretty good school in my experience as an honors student. Most teachers are engaging and try to work with the students. There have been one or two “bad teacher”, for a lack of a better term, who have not excelled in teaching enough material to students or have brought bad attitudes with them throughout the day. It’s very rare to get these bad teachers though.
This school back in 2016 had a nice vibe to it with nice teachers; however overly crowded at times can be difficult to get to each class on time.
Forest Hills is pretty alright. When you have good teachers and the right support, it can be a very fulfilling school. The school is really diverse, likely to do with the large population but there’s a lack of school spirit due to this as well. There’s also two different bell schedules depending on what year you’re in. Food is what you’d expect for free NYC public school lunch. The programs in the arts have a floor dedicated to them. Sometimes it is difficult to find information regarding college trips or other opportunities if you’re not on top of it. The honors program grants an opportunity of applying for a hospital internship in your senior year. I’ve had good opportunities within the honors program (the AP of science who aids it is amazing), but am giving 3 stars as I know that not everyone lives the same experience.
Forest Hills High School is an amazing learning experience for students. The teachers are amazing and love to help out there students. I would definetly recommend this High School
I made lots of friends who are welcoming and fun to hang with. The classes are really serious which prepares you for the unexpected. However, there are too many people that attend the school.
I loved my years there, but many teachers did not care about their students. School is overpopulated.
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Forest Hills High School has provided me with a great high school experience. Although there may be a handful of terrible teachers, there are many great ones!
The teachers are great and very helpful. There are a lot of programs available for the students to take with a high chance of getting admitted into your dream college.
This school provides numerous advanced placement courses and College Now classes that can help you prepare for and get a head-start in college.
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