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In a leap of faith, I transferred to Thee Forest Hill and the scholars, teachers, and staff took me in with open arms. Band is a perfect example of how unity at Forest Hill has strengthened my character. Never was there a time when someone wasn't encouraging me or stressing the theme of family. Just as a family, things are not always perfect and we get on each other about things, but we always come back together.
Forest Hill has a lot of activities going on. There is always something being started, which is great for the kids. However, I think there should be stricter bullying rules set in place and more organization throughout the school. It seems like a cluster of things at times. Good potential
My experience throughout the last three years at Forest Hill has been a challenging task. There are many areas that are in need of improvement at Forest Hill. Academic wise, many scholars that attend this school will receive the knowledge intended for success.
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I love everything about forest hill, if i can do it again i will .. I would not change one thing about my 4 years i had at forest hill high school..
The years I spent at Forest Hill will be forever remembered by me. We reached Soccer playoffs and this was exciting. The Senior counselor has been extremely helpful in preparing me for Graduation and with much needed guidance.
Forest Hill is a great high school to attend, but there should be more learning activities, such as Driver's Ed.
Eventhough Forest Hill isn't perfect, I wouldn't change a thing about this school.
In high school the fun fun was everlasting even on a rainy day. The students were fun and the teachers were interactive as well. The lessons we learned were interesting and the teachers always implemented social aspects with the lesson to help us learn.
I didn't like anything about this School. It has teachers and administrators that don't care for students. They don't try to help them get into college or introduce the students to alternatives that will allow them to be successful after high school.
Forest hill used to be an excellent school, but recently they have declined in academics resulting in students being ill prepared for college. Personally I don't feel like I was prepared for college because, even with graduating at the top of my class college is a real struggle for me.
I had a great experience at FHHS. My time there has stuck with me since I graduated. The teachers were always nice and helpful to their students. They had great activities for students and staff. I was very involved , during my time there. My senior i was apart of the cheer team, art, foreign language , and math club. Participating in these clubs gave me and opportunity to bound with the students and teachers within my school.
The education received at fhhs was not quality education. The students in my courses were not serious and often played around. The teachers did not want to push students to learn to their fullest potential which was extremely damaging.
i personally go to forest hills high school.bbefore i joined they school it was a drream school to me.i thought of it as the perfect high school.after i jined the school,i really started hating it.all high schools have there up and downs.fhhs isn't a bad school but it not a good school also.
It's a place to learn and have fun. And be obey to teachers, staffs, other peoples.
and sometimes we be having to many fights with teachers, students. And they be cussing out the staffs, prinplas, and talking about people mother.
The only thing i like about that school is learning and geting back home safe.
At Forest Hill High I have had an amazing experience, the teachers are friends. Students are supportive and administrators work together to give a great learning environment.
My experience about my school is ok but the last three was worst than ever. Fights everyday, parent bring a gun on campus, staff didn't have any control of the students. I call my school Eastside High like the movie Lean on Me. The principal we have now do not play. He has turn this school around. He just came in January. This is a much better school. No more fighting. I am only waiting on May 23,2017. I will be graduating. I am # 2 out of 207 in my class. I will be the Salutatorian of Forest Hill High School. I see great things coming out of my school.
Myeshia Moore
Forest hill high school has shown me that I should want to better than where I came from . They've instilled in me that I'll need more than a high school diploma to be expected into the real word . I would love to see forest hill continue to grow and develop into a great school .
Hello. My name is Alliscia Watts and I am a senior at Forest Hill High School. I've been attending Forest Hill for four years. Overall I've had a great experience. I participate in the band and i'm in the math club. There's only been a few problems such as bad behavior from the underclassmen, but other than that it's a great school.
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It hard to control students when their is no training at home.
Metal detectors are at both front entrances, where you can enter and exit from. As far as a school nurse, we don't have one.
There's a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs to participate in. Once someone is apart of an organization, 95% of the time we commit to that activity and some.
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