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I liked Forbush because it was different. We had classes that were Yadkin County related but also had the necessary classes. The teachers here are amazing and do a lot to ensure you're ready for college or to enter the work field. Administration stands behind their word to make Forbush the best it can be for students, faculty, parents and alumni. Their guidance department works with individual students to help prepare them for college. This department helps students apply to colleges, fix their resumes, cover letters, and anything else that may be needed for a job. They also assist in finding scholarships for students to apply for and help with FAFSA information.
Forbush High School is a one of a kind school that will bring you lot's of surprises. Whether that be the huge amount of people or the school lunch; this is a high school that unexpectedly gets the job done, and thrives it's students to achieve beyond what they can imagine. There are some flaws at Forbush, but overall I have had a great experience with not any trouble this year.
I was bullied all throughout high school, and they don't really do anything about it. Forbush High School has a deteriorating Band program that needs help, and the school also won't do anything to help them. They probably want it gone.
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Forbush High School is located in the relatively small town of East Bend. Since we are a small town and each grade has roughly 200 students, teachers are able to focus on kids individually. My teachers worked with me and were always there when I needed help and that has helped me with my future career choice.
I would say that over all forbush is a great school. Most of the teachers are understanding and fun but yet strict enough to keep the class in order so you can learn the material. There are many classes you can take and they offer many AP class and will even set you up with Surry community college to take college classes at Surry or online through Surry. The one draw back I would give to forbush is the guidance department is very unorganized and even made many students miss application deadlines and scholarship dead lines.
I graduated from Forbush and now my son is getting ready to graduate. The staff truly cares about the safety and well being of the students. There are so many electives to choose from too!!
Forbush High School has a great academic program with wonderful staff who are willing to help and provide you with the readiness you need to achieve your goals.
I like the close-knit community of Forbush and the surrounding areas, but I wish there was more diversity, inclusiveness, and acceptance of those who are of different socioecomonic, race, and religious backgrounds.
Forbush is a great place to go. Most students are kind and friendly and the teachers are willing to help you anyway they can so you can get the best education possible.
For the past four years, I can proudly say that attending Forbush Highschool was a great experience. I immensely enjoy the community presented on campus. No matter where one glances, one can always see smiling faces, laughter, joy. Though I may not socialize with every individual on campus, students never fail to show companionship with a slight wave each and everyday! The teachers as well are so mindful of students. I’ve come to realize that to their abilities, they will do just about anything to help a student out whether it be in academics or in one’s personal life. I can say though, that I would have really liked if Forbush had more clubs to be in. Clubs like dance, photography, etc. Besides that, Forbush Highschool has given me many cherishable memories to hold on to!
Forbush High School has a very welcoming atmosphere. They have a very hard-working staff. My teaches over the past three years have been very helpful in my journey towards a successful future. They've helped me grow as a person and as a leader. The guidance counselors at Forbush have been very helpful in providing important information for college preparation. I've been provided with many resources that connect me to great opportunities for scholarships. The only thing I would like to have for my last year in high school would be more clubs. I would love to be even more involved with my school, but there aren't many clubs I could be involved with based on my interest. Even so, Forbush High School has given me many fond memories and amazing friends. I'm so proud to be a falcon, and I'm so happy I was placed in such an incredible environment filled with so much school spirit.
Overall it's not the worst school, but a lot of teachers don't really care about the students they're just doing their job.
I have not had a good experience at Forbush. Personally I would change the teaching methods. Some teachers aren't as passionate about their jobs as others and it is difficult to learn when the teachers aren't motivated to teach.
Good friendly teachers with little diversity and focus on technology. There is a ton of use of computers.
Politics shouldn't be allowed to corrupt an entire system due to money being funneled in to benefit a few due to who their names are versus the remainder of the students. Much like our government system, this model prevailed in this school. Thus deterring an otherwise successful story into an alternative path.
Forbush High School has a great Arts Program. They also have clubs for all people. The sports programs are great. This is a school where you have a second family. Teachers care about the students, and want them to succeed. This has been a great experience for me here at FHS.
Drugs are really prevalent at our school. Our previous police officer would chew tobacco on campus, and many students still do with no enforcement. Since it is a ritual community, many people bring pocket knives to school and it is not checked. Most teachers accept it because its they way it's always been.
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Some extracurricular are really good, but there are very few choices. Most clubs are teacher run because students donor have much motivation. About one third of the school participates in extra curriculars.
I am glad I want to Forbush simply because of the friends I have. The school itself is not great, and all of my friends agree that we are "stuck" there.
Some teachers are really great. They put it lots of extra time, and they are very knowledgeable about their subject. The majority of our teachers have good ententions, but are not highly skilled our effective teachers. They teach by the books, and are not innovative with their practices or curriculum. Many English teachers do not allow creativity in written answers, and different text interpretations are not welcome.
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