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Foothills Elementary School Reviews

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Not much i would change about this school. The only thing I would change isthe bullying policy
Mostly as before, the only issue I have is bullying. It is not taken seriously and of the two separate issues I've had with it, no students have been punished. I've never complained with any other issues at this school. But the 2 complaints I've fone, none were seen through by any staff
The school itself is incgreat condition and fairly new. The resources for this school is great. The guidance counselor is just wonderful. Parent involvement is at its best and buses are very adequate.
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Teacher are great here. They are very involved and are always available. They cordinate greatly with parents and they respect parents and students!!
I personally would not choose another school. I have had some issues, but overall, its a great school. Multiple school functions have parent turn outs that are unbelievable and the teachers are absolutely wonderful. The bew technology program allows every student a personal ipad. I dont know of any other school systems that has that program around this state as far as public schools are concerned. One of the best public school in state.
The principal is very involved, knowing students by name and you can always find her and the assistant principal around the school somewhere. The guidance counselor is wonderful. The office staff is mostly friendly with a few exceptions. I have personally had issues with bullying and it is not taken very seriously.
I do not know of any extracurricular activities. If there are any, the are not announced. I, as a parent, do not know of any at this school. District wide I woyld say is quite opposite. I know most schools have a lot of extracurricular activities.
Most security issues are great. My family has had issues with bullying that were not handled correctly. The first incident, when reported, was not taken seriously. When I, the parent, went to talk to the vice principal. His reaction was to laugh at the fact that my child was having bullying issues. He did not take me seriously and the child that was bullying my child was never punished. The second issue was a separate bullying issue that happened during school and again , I was not taken seriously and the child was never punished. Supposedly, this school district has a zero tolerance on bullying but as I have told you, it is definitely not inforced.
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