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I can appreciate Fluvanna County High School for many reasons --the academics is not one of them. Surrounded by a diverse classroom of peers and a beautifully designed building, the atmosphere is something enjoyable. The difficulty, however, comes when attempting to take classes with any more rigor than the standard honors curriculum. There is an immense shortage of teachers with AP or Dual-Enrollment (DE) credentials, leading to most AP and DE classes being offered online. Students that choose to take these rigorous online classes are situated in a computer lab for most of the day, if not the entire day, the presiding story of the top 10% of the Junior and Senior class. Aside from this, however, the extracurriculars are often well represented, with a Nationally ranked Speech team and a state champion baseball team being just a few of the accomplishments of the school of recent years.
The clubs here are absolutely terrible. The yoga club is all a bunch of rude, skinny, white girls who make fun of anyone over a size two who dares to join.
The closest thing we have to culture is rednecks who wear hunting gear and dirty boots.
The coaches don't know how to keep their team together. The athletes have no clue what they're doing and lose just about every game. Somehow, they still end up the most funded activity in this school.
The arts classes, especially photography, are super underfunded.
We have zero diversity, food I wouldn't even feed to a pig, and unless you take the AP classes you are not prepared for college.
Last year the school decided that having us all in the cafeteria was a safety violation because if a shooter came in they would have no problem getting us all. This year they have decided that our safety must not mean that much because they are making us all sit in the cafeteria again.
my experience at fluvanna couty high school, was great the school enviroment was great the administrators an staff were so friendly.
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My experience at Fluvanna County High School was a very good one to say the least. The school focuses a lot on preparation for those who are going to college and their academics are great. One of the biggest issues though is their lack of cultural awareness and how the art department could definitely have improvement.
What I like about Fluvanna County High School is that their academic choices are very wide in class choice options. You have a variety of choices to choose from. Saying that, there are also very willing to help you when you need assistance on almost anything. The very best part about the school’s structure is that there’s a huge football field, baseball field, track, softball field, and even a tennis court! I would definitely recommend new parents that are deciding between schools, or just moving into the county, to look into what Fluvanna has and what the child is willing to accomplish!
Fluvanna County High School has many Dual Enrollment opportunities for the upper class students. As a senior, I will end up graduating with one year of college credits completed - which is very impressive for a public school to have accomplished. I really enjoy the clubs and activities that my school offers, specifically Student Government Association and ACE Team. My counselor, college adviser and all of my teachers have been wonderful and are always available to help me and answer any questions that I might have.
I absolutely adore Fluvanna County High School! With the town being fairly small the class size is as well. This means that everyone gets to know each other and you are surrounded by people you are familiar with and some you have known for your whole life. It's always an exciting day when there is a pep rally with a big game that night. The teachers are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable in guiding you through your education. It is a perfect high school experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything else!
Had a love hate relationship with this school, very boring, I actually hated highschool so much!! So happy to have graduated, but i will miss going to highschool if that makes sense
Fluvanna County High School is a pretty average high school, but there are some changes that should be made. They should regulate punishments and rules better.
My five years at Fluvanna County High School have been amazing. All the teachers I've had have been very helpful and aware of every students needs and abilities. The facilities are top of the line, and all the sports fields are maintained perfectly and are almost brand new. The culture at FCHS is friendly and inclusive, with several clubs like the Multicultural club and Alliance Club, an LGBT+ club that provides support for students that are a part of this community. While the school isn't very diverse, the school has different activities that help teach different cultures and languages to students. My overall experience at FCHS has been very positive.
Best school ever, I graduated a while ago and I miss it so much. Best people, best teachers and a really nice place
I really felt like I got great academic opportunities here, and was able to take challenging classes with like-minded peers.
Fluvanna itself is a very small county, but the high school strives to show it's students the world that lies ahead by providing rigorous classes of all topics and class discussions that circulate current events further filling the minds of students of what they can do to understand and change the world. This little high school is taking a big step forward in education.
I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. I like school because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love seeing my friends.
I like Fluvanna because it's a very giving school. we give back, we're invovled, there are so many oppurtinities. Great leadership and service.
My experience has been overall pleasing. I’ve had great opportunities to take classes that allow me to challenge myself, as well as explore some options for career paths.
Fluvanna County High School has its flaws, but lots about Fluvanna is very charming. The athletics are pretty good, some teachers are more like college professors, and the school really does care about the students. Improvement can be instilled in the areas of nutrition, safety and respect for diversity.
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Fluvanna County schools get kids ready to take on the challenge of college with the AP classes and dual enrollment PVCC classes. Schools are a caring large family that offer kids everything to take on college or to take up a trade, very happy to have my kids attend Fluvanna County schools.
Fluvanna County High School is fairly new building that is much larger than its original. However, due to cheap contractors many of the utilities have already had to be replaced and can sometimes disrupt the learning environment. Overall, most of the teachers I have encountered care about the success of their students and are willing to take extra time out of their personal lives to give help to those who are struggling with the material. Our school provides several programs such as the BRVGS and Engineering tracks that promote STEM courses and a high education. They also encourage students to take higher level classes and to push themselves to do better in their academics by paying for AP Exams, PSATs, and SATs.
Wish they would've prepared me more . teachers don't understand the student . my senior year for sports was horrible.
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