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Flour Bluff is a pretty high tier high school. I've had no big complaints and things are about as well ran as you could hope for.
Flour Bluff has an amazing teaching staff for any child that would ever walk through their doors. Students definitely learn proper knowledge of modern life as experiencing Flour Bluff. At Flour Bluff, the athletics department are full of great people. The head girls director is such an inspiration to the girls. Academically speaking, this school has great advanced placement courses for students. The food could be somewhat better for this school and even all schools. The best part of Flour Bluff are the hardworking educators providing students with reliable resources and education.
I really liked the University Prep program because it gave me a head start in college and gave me an understanding of what it’s like to go to a university. The one thing I would like to change is the fact that UP is closing in a few years.
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Growing up a military brat, I never had the chance to really connect with a school and have roots somewhere. Being at Flour Bluff for 7 years and being able to grow with it as well as watching it grow and expand was truly a life changing experience. I have true and long memories and impacts on the community around it. The teachers are amazing and the education is strong. I don’t think I would change a thing. I found success here in many ways than one.
I love my high school because every person there wants you to do the ebst you can and be the best you can. The teachers always want what's best for you as well as your fellow students so you can succeed and further your education.
At flour Bluff high school I love the environment we are surrounded by. I also love the teachers there, they give you their undivided attention and help you with anything that you may need. The people at flour Bluff were amazing. In the small little community of flour Bluff we always had a homecoming parade with all these floats from all different types of clubs and activities from different ages. It was the one being everyone can always look forward to you in October. There’s nothing better than flour Bluff.
The school offers variety of programs to help you on the path to what you want to do when you grow up
It’s a calm,relaxed atmosphere, some cool people to talk to, best in sports and overall just safe place to be in my opinion. I’d like to change that rules the administration is really unecessacry because, it’s just getting to strict especially with our phones and we should be free to listen to music and text n call in the hallway!
Flour Bluff High School is a great place to learn. The AP classes and the DC classes are very rigorous and challenging. The counselor's are excellent to work with if you have a problem with your schedule. The only thing that could be better is the food at lunch.
Flour Bluff High School has a diverse student population. Most of the teachers are wonderful, caring and inspirational to their students. The athletic programs are very successful and the clubs also excel in competitions. The buildings, sports facilities, technology and programs are excellent. The school also has a variety of protocols to keep the students safe.
A simple school with a lot of academic opportunities. Most teachers want to see you succeed and will do what they can to help you and other students. The curriculum is somewhat challenging but if the teachers weren't set on reaching a deadline for every 6 weeks in the semester most students would actually understand the lessons and reach the criteria for the subjects. It feels like the teachers are constantly shoving information at the students without making sure they actually understand. Along with college readiness, they have involvement in trying to get students ahead with resources such as their University Prep and their involvement in Delmar, but not all the students sign up to those programs so not everyone gets involved or at least well and truly informed.
I like that my teachers always tried to help me and we’re very understanding . I always had a guidance counselor help me when I had a question
I liked the teachers and the clubs that were offered, though I would like to see more projects done outdoors and more STEM related activities.
Flour Bluff has multiple academic programs, all of which are fantastic, and excellent athletics. It's fine art programs aren't bad, the students are pretty decent people, and the buildings and facilities are clean and well organized most of the time. My biggest complaint is the food, though I can't say they aren't trying really hard to improve this. They have to work with what they got. I am a Senior graduating with honors, but so are 158 of my fellow seniors while my class size is somewhere around 370. Flour Bluff definitely challenges students in their program but encourages the students and gives them plenty of resources and opportunities to succeed. This school district is known nationally, and some of its alumni are very important and successful people. I am excited to be joining the Flour Bluff alumni as the class of 2018.
Flour Bluff High school has been an honor to attend. The school is an environment that welcomes everyone with open arms. The school takes safety and the success of its students very seriously. However, there is always room for improvement. The schools lunches should be made healthier to the students to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Flour bluff highschool is over all not a bad school to attend and has a pretty good environment for teens wanting to have friends and play sports. The school is not a big school with student body of usually 1500 students. In which you can easily make friends with. The teacher at the school are really caring about their students and understanding that school is not the only thing going on in a students life. The enviroment of the school is that of a giant friend group in which you quickly become part of. The staff are great in a sense that they are strictly there to help your student get into school and further their future by principles speaking to students personally and advisors or counselor’s taking time to talk about your future beyond highschool wether it would be college or something else. Their goal is to insure that you would at the least have a plan or an idea of a plan for what you are going to do after highschool.
I really love the sense of community in Flour Bluff, but one thing I would change is the way administration puts athletics over every other club. Especially the fine arts clubs.
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I've been with Flour Bluff since the Pre-K and I am glad my parents never made me change to a different school while growing up. You'll definitely meet different kinds of people and that is one of the greatest things. The school has many wonderful programs/clubs students can take to help them with their future career. (Ex: Debate, Medical, TAFE) I personally take debate and the class has helped me so much with my speaking skills and it gave me more motivation to strive what I want to accomplish. The teachers wants you to be the best version of yourself. The counselors will help you if you ever come across a problem. I adore Flour Bluff but I can't help but worry about the security, for the future of the school and the future of the students. The only thing I'll change about the school is stricter security and I know nothing has happened but no one would get hurt with tougher security. Just a recommendation for all the things that are happening around the country.
I like it overall. Arts programs could use more funding, but it's not bad. The Athletics programs, football specifically, get an enormous amount of funding that's frankly unjustified. Yes, they do okay, but they never make it past district, and Band and our UIL Math & Science teams do much better in their respective competitions.
My experience at the Bluff has been alright. I have made lasting friendships, been involved in extra-curriculars like UIL academics, National Honor Society, and Science National Honor Society, and I have been prepared for college by several amazing teachers. There are lots of classes to take and clubs to be involved in. However, the bathrooms are often dysfunctional. Sinks, toilets, and paper towel dispensors don't always work and many locks on stall doors are broken. In addition, more than a few students buy and sell drugs like marijuana and use things like vape pens when they are not allowed. There is also a lot of PDA that is often not visible to teachers, but visible to me. Overall the school is good, but things like cleanliness and actions of the students themselves could stand to improve.
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