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So far my experience with this university has been nothing but positive. All of my professors are very kind and have been very passionate about their job and their students. The campus is beautiful, and the environment is very friendly.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Florida State! Between the professors and the advisors in each college, I feel prepared for my future, and equipped with all of the tools I need to succeed. Throughout the years, I have felt that FSU has only pushed for me to strive for academic success and success in extracurricular actives - like clubs, jobs, or internships. There has always been someone to help and match you with resources. Our student life and culture is not only fun, but encouraging. I have always felt safe - and our facilities are always in mind in terms of renovation in order to give students a positive experience. I genuinely believe there is a place for everyone at Florida State - as there is something for everybody!
I have just finished my first year at Florida State University and all I can say is that choosing this school was the best decision I have ever made. The environment is so positive and friendly, I have met so many incredible people and have so many opportunities to get involved. The professors and programs are so helpful and have led me to my major and passion. This is an amazing school and I think it is a perfect fit for anyone!
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I love Florida state with all my heart. Everyone at FSU is kind, open, and welcoming. When an FSU needs help, there will be at least 10 students willing to help. I believe FSU is like no other university because it has made a small community feeling with some many people. The professors care about the success of the students and are always willing to help students study, plan, or edit so that the student can be more successful than before.
I am now a senior at Florida State University and I have absolutely loved my time here. I started at FSU Spring 2018 and I have been taking classes ever since. I have had many opportunities for growth here and I am very excited to see where my last year takes me. I have many things I like about FSU and recommend the school to all.
The campus is beautiful and the students and faculty are very welcoming. I am a biology major and the biology advisors are amazing! The professors in lower level classes leave some to be desired but the higher you go the better the professors get.
Florida State is a great school, and it is only getting better. They could be better about advertising clubs to incoming freshman.
FSU was the greatest decision I have ever made. Located 7 hours away from home, it provided a change of scenery but still maintained elements of south Florida since most of the student body is from South Florida. There are over 650 student organizations so there is something for everybody. The campus is beautiful and easy to travel. Tallahassee actually has changing seasons and the locals really cater to the students unlike some college towns. The cost of living is lower here than other schools in FL (UCF, USF, UM). They just rid most of the dorms on campus so we are more modern than other schools I considered (UF). The alumni base here is really strong and you can move to anywhere in the country and find a Nole. FSU is an amazing experience that everyone should try.
The campus is stunning and well maintained. Everyone is so pleasant and freiendly. However, I feel as though administration could be more helpful . By this, I mean those helping you switch majors, answer questions about classes and class scheduling, etc. Some people make it seem like it is a chore to help you even when it is there job. Janitorial staff is very friendly.
I very much enjoy the environment and community that FSU has, however convenient is a bit of a problem on campus.
I just completed my first year at FSU. After experiencing my first year of college, I can confirm that it is academically and culturally an excellent school. Professors are welcoming to students and engaging in the classrooms. The school also offers a great variety of resources like free tutoring and social events to meet other students.
I like FSU because even though the classes are difficult and its hard the first two semesters you can always receive help when you need it.
My time at Florida state University schools was crucial to my growth and development as a person. I may still have one year left but this school will help me continue and grow until I go onto college. There are so many opportunities and student activities. Everyone’s experience may be different but Mine was great.
The students there are very friendly, the staff want students to succeed, and the scenery is beautiful.
Florida State is a large school with ample opportunity for everyone to find and create their own path. From Greek life to honor societies to the music scene there is a community for everyone. The administration is there to help students and so is the faculty.
I really appreciate the involvement from every adviser every step of the way. Student success is clearly at the forefront.
It is a great school with many resources! The only thing is the location in Tallahassee is not ideal. The surrounding areas are not nice and have a lot of homeless people. So if you are not used to being around that type of scene, I would not recommend this school.
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Best 4 years of my life were spent at Florida State University. The involvement and support from students and professors in academics and athletics was the highlight of attending.
I love that they accepted me and the campus is gorgeous. Even just from the emails i can tell they really care for their students.
My experience at Florida High was a great from sports to academics I wouldn’t choose any other school over Florida High because this school helped me become the person I am today. I was very excited that I was accepted into Florida High because of course all of my friends were accepted and I was nervous because I didn’t think I was going to fit in but when I arrived for my first day it felt like I belonged there. I wouldn’t change anything about the school but I wish I would’ve took my academics more serious in the beginning of my high school career but I’m thankful for my family for guiding me and encouraging me to excel in my academics and sports.
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