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Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School - Lee Campus Reviews

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They always there if I need help with anything. Also they have many school activities. FSW has students from everywhere so we get to learn about cutures and diversities. I was actually a shy person and they're helping me on socializing more.
I love how easy it is to apply and get accepted,How many classes there are to signing up for and The teachers. I do wish they would change or have more academic advisors, There are just too many students and not enough help.
My experience at FSWC was unforgettable. I am dual-enrolled into the FSW college campus currently. I am a senior. So far, my experience is amazing. I have met many of my greatest friends from my classes and have learned a lot from my classes. It has been a blast to have this experience as being a dual-enrolled student. It has given me many opportunities that I would not have gotten if I went to a normal high school.
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Florida Southwestern Collegiate in my opinion is one of the best in Lee county when it comes to academics. The classes are challenging, however, the teachers are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The only thing that I feel should be changed is extracurriculars. The school should have sports, pep rallies, etc. to help the students feel like they’re not missing out on the overall high school experience.
The Lee Campus is very big and amazing. They have great tutoring centers, good resources in their library and a good variety of teachers you can choose from for each subject you take.
This high school allowed me to get my AA degree before finishing high school, they push you forward to work hard the first two years so the next two years you can focus on your AA degree.
My school FSWCHS-Lee is incredibly challenging and stimulating. I love that every class truly pushes me to reach my full potential. My experiences in Engineering, Geometry, Algebra II, and AutoCAD have affirmed my love of STEM. I am so lucky to attend this school and have teachers who look out for me and want what is best for me. I can tell that my teachers love their jobs and are eager to make a lasting impact on my life.
What I liked about Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School was how much the school pushed the students. The students were pushed to when the transition to the college side occurs in 11th grade, it feels like it is a piece of breeze.
Financial aid office is useless. They only want your money. The school becomes increasingly expensive for a community college and doesn't care about their students.
My over all experience with Florida South Western Collegiate High School is very well and provides really educated learning within the environment that I'm in. The teachers are really nice and they help their students with their school work and give them a greater understanding of other knowledgable aspects. I would recommend this school to my friends and family members because the education that they provide there is excellent, their main focus is academics and instead of sports and other clubs or activities.
I liked that you can take college course once you reach the junior year, and when you graduate you graduate with your AA degree. The staff is very nice, you are mostly interacting with the college professors but the college staff is also very friendly.
I like that the school gave attention to my needs individually. They gave me the opportunity to do the dual enrollment program which was a better fit for me.
The experience I had at Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School is one I will never forget. Although the curriculum was difficult, everyone was very supportive. The teachers were great and wanted to see us succeed and grow as a person. I also loved how I was able to earn college credit which makes me closer to accomplishing my goals in life. The freedom to make my own schedule and decisions allowed me to better myself and prepare me for the future.
Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School is a good preparatory school to help students attain both their high school diploma and Associate of Arts Degree. This high school helps students gain a flexible schedule, allowing for more independence and time for other activities (work, clubs, etc.).
This school is top notch education at its finest. This is not a school to goof off in. You have plenty of opportunities to succeed if you put the work in. Many students may not make it but if you are serious about your education then you must put your name in the hat. I have seen so many students, like myself, excel when being challenged here. If you are up to the challenge and want to benefit from the reward of hard work then this program is for you.
Florida Southwestern High School is a great high school. I switched into the school my junior year and everyone was very welcoming and helped me get acclimated. Since this high school is at a college, the last two years of high school you take college classes, so I will be graduating with my AA degree. I feel that this has prepared me for when I go to college since I have experienced a little bit of what college will be like. Overall it is an amazing school. The teachers and guidance counselors are very caring and want the best for you. The only downside about the school is since I switched Junior year I didn't get to take any classes with the kids at the high school because I went straight into taking college classes but I have been able to meet a few of them in school activities. Overall Its a great high school!
I have had a very good experience here so far. All of my teachers are very good too. There are a lot of activities and resources for students on campus.
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While this school may push you really hard! It is honestly worth it, you won't regret it. All the stress and hard work is going to make your future successful ad bright! And you always have to remember that everyone is intelligent, its just that some people don't use it like they should!
very helpful staff, very clean, a lot of way to interact with different students. a lot of events to participate and clubs for everyone.
Florida Southwestern has a knowingly diverse and unique Student Body population. It is driving in a new direction and I feel that it is going to get better than ever before. If you are looking for an amazing place to start your education then look no further. This college has added athletics to its repertoire which adds more tradition and school pride to its amazing academics. There are many resources available to students. I can ensure that I succeed from tutoring centers to the library database. However, getting involved with student extracurricular will make this experience memorable if not unforgettable.
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