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My experience at Florida Christian School was overall good, a lot of teacher support academically and they are all christian so that makes it easier for me to communicate with them because they love God just like me. On the other hand, Florida Christian School lacks mentors that will reach out to students that are quiet and introverts, they show favoritism to the class clowns and baseball players. A good mentor would've made a big difference on my life at Florida Christian School.
FCS is a bizarre, MAGA bubble which attracts the worst fake Christians I've ever met. Do not be fooled by the "nondenominational" label, it is Southern Baptist. I was bullied from the 6th grade until the day I received my diploma. Attending school could only be described as soul-crushing. Chapel had blatant sexist and homophobic messages. Little known secret- women are not allowed to preach for chapel. People say heaven is a place on earth, but so is hell, and it's in Westchester. I give FCS 1 star only for the fine arts, which in itself was very problematic and shaved years off my lifespan.
Before attending Florida Christian in 9th grade, I had gone to public schools only. It was very different and a lot smaller. There were more rules to follow. The school definitely had an impact on my behavior throughout the years. The teachers cared about all their students, even the bad ones.
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My experience at Florida Christian has been nothing short of wonderful. Throughout my years at Florida Christian, I have been taught how to keep myself steadfast in the Lord and have been prepared for the world beyond high school. My teachers have constantly poured into my life and taught my multiple life lessons that will aid me in my adult life. I have made countless memories through the many events Florida Christian provides for its students and faculty. I have made friends through the provided clubs and been involved in countless ways. I have had the opportunity to try out many sports and arts to see what fits me best and gained a love for the arts through FCS' award-winning choir and outstanding drama program. Thank you to Florida Christian for some of the most amazing years of my life.
I enjoyed my whole experience at FCS. I was there basically my entire life and loved it. It has a wonderful Christian environment that can be seen all around the campus. I was able to make multiple friends that I still talk to and see. The relationships I made with teachers still have an impact on my life.
The community is great and very friendly, however, it totally needs to be more multicultural!! I would love to see more international students come in and share their cultures with us.
I came to this school for high school it hard to make friends because this school goes from pk to high school so most of the people have friends. Their are not a lot of clubs and the don't have many other language all they had was Spanish while others have more options. Also the parents are involved, but in all in the good why they tell the school on other students for having a party and then they would get suspended or expelled. The college readiness was okay the classes that help me the reading and math classes.
I am a rising junior at Florida Christian. Since my 10 years at the school, I have had a wonderful time at the school. With the help of exceptional teachers, I have reached more than the best of my potential in my studies. I have also made lifelong friends. A change that I recommend is that they have more college prep classes and more sport teams to join. Overall, this school is awesome and I recommend this school for parents looking for schools in Miami Dade County.
The best two things about Florida Christian School are its safety and the one-on-one experience that each student gets with their teachers. Every classroom has a maximum of 30 students, making it easier for students to ask questions, pay attention, and have a personal relationship with your teachers. Safety is also a priority in this school. It is gated and all visitors must wear a visitors pass after being background checked. All students must also turn in cell phones at the start of every class and there is an on-campus police officer and multiple security guards.
its a great school in general just don't listen to dumb kids saying its not cause it is. Do all the research that you must, we have an amazing staff and students all together. we also have great academics and Wonderfull clubs and sports.
Florida Christian School is academically well centered and athletically balanced. The teachers always focus on the student's interest. The school fine arts are among the best in the state of Florida as they frequently place 1st in state.
The Elementary school provides your child with an excellent foundation. Their reading program is second to none. It changes drastically in middle & high school. Most of their teachers have been there for many years or are previous Alumni. I'm not sure if it is a financial issue but they are in need of highly qualified instructors. The curriculum is awful; it's sometimes impossible to distinguish between core classes and bible classes since they offer a biblical curriculum and it is integrated into all subjects making most subjects especially history and science very weak academically. There is also a lot of favoritism that the administration and the teachers display for staff and alumni children. If your child is not an exemplary student, especially behavior wise than this is most definitely not the school for you. Your child will be treated very poorly by the admin and staff. I've heard horror stories from other parents and my daughter on how these students are targeted.
I started attending Florida Christian my freshman year of high school. I honestly hated it at first. Throughout the years i have learned to love it and have realized that it is a great school with a great learning environment and a very safe place for anyone to attend. The sooner the better!
i would like FCS to teachers to be more prepared in many subjects more involved with students daily classwork not so much as a self study class. Have more opportunity to participate with more school functions for the the student body to have more school functions.
I thoroughly enjoyed the small classroom settings because I got to know the teachers and was able to connect to them much better than I do in my university now. I had fantastic instructors, particularly my AP English, Yearbook, AP Calculus and Choir teachers. They were incredibly passionate, patient and knowledgeable about their subject. Highly recommend going to this school for its curriculum!
I love it there. Everyone is very positive and welcomes you with open arms. I have met some of my closest friends and they are like family too me. There are some staff members that don't know how to control the class and barely teach.
I have attended FCS since 3K. It provided an enjoyable learning and spiritual experience for me. I am glad my parents decided to have me attend all these years.
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They provided an excellent education along with a safe and fun learning environment. During my time, I gained a better knowledge of different courses. I also connected with others and formed bonds with other classmates. The school provides a friendly environment for others to learn and meet new people because of how welcoming everyone is.
I did not like my time there. I believe the education was very limited and every class taught you the same things about the religion. I went to the school to be open about religion and to have a quality education, and I only had half of it. Either way, I could not be completely open about religion because if you did not have the exact same view as everyone, they did not like you.
I love what the christian values and morals it teaches the kids. However, there are some of what some might call "fake" but that is everywhere nowadays. Teachers are kindhearted but sometimes forget they are teachers.
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