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Florida A.&M. University Developmental Research School Reviews

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The school is great the people are great, and I love it here. Come heref for an experience like nver before.
I loved the campus and how nice everyone was. The staff was very welcoming. The school had a organized set up. The buildings are easy to remember.

Also, when I walked into the dance building, I was flabbergasted at the hardworking and determination. I loved it.
Great experience when I first visited for orientation. Make you feel like family, never feel alone. It's many options education wise and extracurricular activities wise. Highly suggest, its super fun!
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The teachers there really do care about you and it and are actually geared towards watching you succeed. The only way you can truly not do good is to simply not put in the work effort. At FAMU no one is going to baby you to do your work or to get to class its all own you but if you are struggling with something more there are resources there to help you if need be
Famu is an amazing hbcu filled with tons of culture and excitement. Classes are challenging but not impossible and with the right work ethic everyone will succeed.
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is a public, historically black university in Tallahassee, Florida. Founded in 1887, it is located on the highest geographic hill in Tallahassee. It is the 5th largest historically black university in the United States by enrollment and the only public historically black university in Florida.[4] It is a member institution of the State University System of Florida, as well as one of the state's land grant universities, and is accredited to award baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
I decided it wasn't for me, very close minded and made me feel unwelcome. I felt as though I wasn't welcome as a gay individual.
It was a great school to develop academically and socially. The small classes was a major benefit. Also, the resources that were at our disposal were essential for college readiness.
Its a great college with any opportunities but it's sad to see my friends leave either because of money, or grades.
Attending Florida A&M University Developmental has been a wonderful way of reuniting with people who look like me and have similar interests. Because Florida A&M University Developmental Research School is such a small school in comparison to the surrounding public schools, it is a very close-knit environment. This allows the students to create better relationships with their teachers and administrators, which translates into the classroom. As someone who has always been shy and withdrawn in large settings, at Florida A&M University Developmental Research School I am actually comfortable enough to speak up in class, which has, of course, helped my grades. They also helped me recognize and focus on my passion for writing by allowing me to take English classes at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University through the dual enrollment program, thereby earning college credit hours for Freshman and Sophmore level classes I will need when I matriculate to university.
My experience at Florida A&M University has been very eye-opening. At this university I have been able to meet valuable people and learn more about myself.
Florida A & M University is an exceptional university geared toward STEM majors especially. The university distinguishes itself as one of the top universities to produce African-Americans in the medical field. The research experiences are hands-on and quite involving in terms of depth of knowledge.
This school provides many opportunities and chances to get scholarships based on academia or athletic ability but the staff and administration don’t inform the students about the opportunities as much as they should. Also, only about 1/4 of the teachers actually teach adequate information that will help you in your career or anywhere in life. The school could ultimately be better within the learning and social experience because discipline can be sketchy; they aren’t consistent with instructions and rules.
I have been to the Florida A&M University at least 4 times already because I have decided to attend this Historically Black college with an awesome Architecture and music program for which I am looking forward to. The campus is well layed out and the students are friendly and the class sizes are small and I feel at home walking on the campus.
I am having a really great time learning at FAMU, I like the learning curriculum they have set up and there are a lot of clubs to join and activities to do.
The reasons as to why I chose to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University was because of its diversity, a nurturing environment and a strong legacy and appreciation for one's upbringing.
I like the environment of attending an HBCU. I feel like when attending an HBCU,you already know funding like others schools isn't going to be compatible.If my school received better funding we'd have way better resources and results; but overall we're don good with what we've been given.
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The resources are easy to get, from printing to homework help is always just a few steps away. The tools to succeed are more than available giving every student the chance to excel. The one thing that should change is space given for the actual research. Labs are sometimes cramped as the research professionals are elbow to elbow. Each research professional should be given their own creative space.
I got transferred to Florida a&m university as a senior, since i will be graduating next year spring, and I decided to the research school. And so far so good, my experience has been good. It has broadened my knowledge of science and technology. I also learnt how to communicate better(my communication skill increased). And I hope that one day, after graduating, I will go out to the community to incorporate whatever I have learnt in the school, thereby making the community, the state, the country, and the world as a whole a lot better. And I will also teach others coming behind me the value of research and development to the nation.
But one thing I will like to change about the school is student aid, scholarship opportunities for students, because this will boost students' enthusiasm to put more effort into studying and being a better student. And I hope I win a scholarship on this platform too.
I have been at FAMU DRS since I was able to form a perfect sentence. I am now a senior who has been at this institution since kindergarten. My overall experience has been amazing. I couldn’t see myself leaving my friends nor teachers to go to another school in Leon county even if I had a choice.
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